Thursday, May 29, 2008

Will Work for Seminary Classes

Quinn got the job! His hours will be from 4 until 8AM. So it IS possible that he could have 6 to 8 hours of sleep, just not likely. I am trying to build up piano students to start when school starts in August. There is a need for piano teachers in the area we are living in and so I hope to have 20 (or so) students by late summer. Here's to wishin' and hopin' (and thinkin' and prayin')-go ahead sing it, I'm actually doing the choreography in my head.

Today we went and got tags for the vehicles which was SUPER fun. Remind me when I do that again that three little boys do NOT enjoy standing in line at a government office.

Along that same line, why do children see an aisle in the grocery store and think, "I must run as fast and as hard as I can. NOW!"? Not sure how many countless "conversations" I've had with my children about not doing this. Ugh. I have a headache. I think I'm just going to start being the crazy lady who people stare at in the grocery store who screams at her children relentlessly. I just need to get some pink sponge rollers and allow them to go with no shoes on. "BOY! How minny tiiimes do I haf to tell yew to stop yer running! Don't make me pull off da big belt. Ya know I'll do it, tew. Now, go get yer momma some uv dat der chocolate-brownie ice cream. Der ya go. Tank ye."

Today I also ventured to our neighborhood park, on foot, with the children. This was also not a good choice on my part. They were so exhausted and I was exhausted by screaming bike-riding instructions at them the whole time. Next time I'll drive. I did meet my other new friend, Melinda today at said park with her three little ones. The children played in the mud to their hearts' content while we chatted about seminary and stuff. It was good.

It is only 6pm now and I am ready for the kids to go to bed. I keep looking at the microwave clock waiting for the time to change to 7:30. Please.

Need to tidy up and think of something wonderful to make for the Bible study tomorrow...

Good night, dear blogger friends.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to you, I think of Bubba teeth now every time I hear that song! Also of you and Linda Barker trying to hurt each other... very funny. Well, I miss you all, just know we love you and I look foward to seeing you at Camp Cornerstone!
Wendy Russell

Laura said...

Classic Kim Hill! The mental portrait of Mom in Curlers couldn't have been funnier!

And anyone who showed up for a 3 a.m. interview SHOULD get the job! (I shamelessly stole that line from someone else I heard say it yesterday -- because it's so true!)

I'm calling you TODAY!

Crissy said...

Hurray!!!!! Quinn has the job! Answer to prayer.

Expectations and reality are almost always seperated by a vast chasm of disappointment. Such is life.

Miss you. Call me sometime... I haven't talked to you in like 24 hours.

Amy said...

Hooray for the job!

Don't ya hate those tasks like tags and such when you move! Especially with kiddos in tow.

Kimmi said...

i'll have you know that i don't wear my curlers to the store anymore, thank you very much! my grammar has also gotten much better. LOL