Thursday, May 15, 2008

Be Anxious For Nothing

Yeah, right. I wish I could! I've been waking up at 4 or 4:30 for at least a month now and just would love to sleep until 6am.

I'm thinking about the house, cleaning the house, decorating the house, moving away from the 'ham (that's Birmingham), and worrying about jobs and such. I'm breaking out like a teenager and my house is a wreck. Poor Corin is having a hard time with moving away from everything we've ever known. Last night, I went to his class at church to make sure he had made it there and he looked at me and said, "See ya in three years, Mom!", which, ironically, is the amount of time that Quinn has left in Seminary. Silas is totally fine with everything, which means that he hasn't thought about it long term yet. In about a month he'll look at me with tears in his eyes and tell me he misses his friends. Felix is.... hungry. "Momma, I want a snack." He'll probably be more sad to move back to Birmingham because Jackson will be the place he remembers.

Today, we are heading off to close on the house. We're taking a whole bunch of boxes (thank you, dear friends, who've helped me pack) and I hope to bleach the toilets and windex the counters and shelves in the closets. I WISH I could have the carpets cleaned today, but we do not have power or water at the house yet. We need to take care of that today. It's a packed day! Better get started.


JBL said...

You could just let sloob stay with me. I'll take good care of him. At least Jackson is better for everyone than St. Louis! or California! BLEH! We can pack all your friends up and take them to G'ma's.

Missy said...

Hope it went well today.
Such a yucky weather day. :(

Kimberly said...

I haven't commented lately since we are just "blog buddies" and the roller coaster you have been on seems like it is more of a time for family & friends. However, I just wanted to say the house your family got looks great and I am sure you will turn it into a "home" soon. Take care and you are in my thoughts!