Friday, May 23, 2008

Things I hate...

Not having internet access. Monday. 12 noon.

Peeling wallpaper.

Faux wood panelling.

Missing Alabama.

Saying goodbye.


Waiting to meet new people.

Sitting still. It only makes me feel guilty with so much WALLPAPER TO PEEL.

White carpet.

White walls. I KNOW they're practical and neutral. Super boring.

All of the wet, soggy boxes in my backyard. Oh yeah, the neighbors are loving us.

How high gas is. Seriously folks in big government buildings, the conspiracy must end.


E said...

I SO know what you mean about wallpaper! And white walls! I'm currently in the middle of redecorating my wee little home, and every single white wall HAS to be gone! That wallpaper peeling took for-stinkin'-ever, too. Wow.

Virginia said...

Things I Thought I Would Never Hear Kim Hill Say:

"I hate not having internet access."

Love you girl. Wish I could come help you peel wallpaper, because I actually secretly love it. (Are y'all doing it with the secret formula of fabric softener & water?)

Amy said...

How are the boys doing??

Burt said...

so i guess the cold showers aren't all that bad

Missy said...

Ummm have 3 boys that can peel wallpaper!
And with the 3 boys, why do you hate white carpet? I'm pretty sure it won't be white for long ;)

Gas, well don't even get me started.
You missing Alabama? Don't get me started on that either. We miss you too!

Paladinos9801 said...

Ugh . . . I'm with you on the peeling wall paper and faux wood panelling. Mmm . . . nothing says 70's like that. It will all come together, eventually, and then you'll sit back and emjoy.

Abbey said...

I'm with Virginia... I secretly love peeling wallpaper too (and sunburns...) I know, "Eeeeewwww!!" Everyone just go ahead and say that now. But I do love it.

Are you getting settled at all? I can't wait to call you when I go sometime to visit my aunt. Won't that be fun? I mean I never called you here that much, but it feels more fun in MS for some retarded reason.

Paige M said...

We got home from the beach last night. I wanted to call you all week to see how things were going, but I know you are super busy. My email is still down. We hope to get it working this week. Is your cell # still the same?

We Miss y'all!!

Laura Leigh said...

Things I hate:

* Waiting for Kim and Quinn Hill to get Internet service so I can read Kim's daily post.

I'm wondering where you guys worshiped yesterday, and wanting to know that, wherever it was, God met you there.

Update us all as soon as you can.

I'm gonna break down and hound you on the cell phone soon