Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Inside

Well, indeed, we did close on the house on Friday and I have brought home pictures. I am excited to get in the house and make it our home. Here are the pics...

Some ideas for the house:

Ripping out the carpet downstairs (in living room and dining room) and putting in Pergo wood floors. BTW, if you have a Habitat for Humanity thrift store in your area, I would definitely check them out for new Pergo floors. I bought our floors yesterday and saved over $900 buying them from there ($50 dollars a box at Home Depot vs. $22 dollars at the Habitat for Humanity store).

Painting the fireplace.

Painting the chair rail and panelling a darker color for contrast and a more modern, finished look.

Painting the kitchen a sunny yellow.

Repainting all the bathrooms.

This is all we can do right now. The upstairs paint looks good (even if it is white, white, white) so that will stay as-is for now.

To answer some questions: we bought the house as-is (it's a foreclosure), there was no appraisal or inspection (it would not have changed the price of the house because it was as-is), and, yeah, we are crossing our fingers a bit as we move in. Quinn is very handy.


Phamilyof6 said...

WOW! Praise God! Your house is AWESOME. When I was looking at the pictures I seriously was thinking how nice it is and how even if you didn't change a think what a blessing and great home God has provided you with. That house would be a very "rich" like mansion over here. I am very happy for you and hope one day we can have our own home again, too.


Laura Leigh said...

Love the size of the living room and kitchen. I can so see you entertaining lots of people in that house.

Kimberly said...

Wow, for that being a foreclosure it looks to be in really good condition. I have been through a lot of foreclosures around here and most of them are absolutely gross and required sooooo much work from the get go. It looks like this house will be awesome for you and your family.

Melissa said...

The house looks really good, you have tons of space. The cool thing about decorating is you can change the look of the house without sacrificing your space. I'm sure when you get in there and work your magic it will look awesome.

Anonymous said...

You will make it a beautiful home, I love how you decorated the B'ham house, I will miss you all so much!

j_webb said...

You really couldn't have ordered a home any better for you guys. An office for Quinn even??......sweeeet.
Looks good like it is.
Afterall, FAMILY make a home.... it's a nice HOUSE....but soon to become ...a HOME.
Two very different things!
I think it is awesome and looks very user friendly.(Esp. with 3 kids...sometimes distance is nice!)
I'll say God has once again provided indeed.

Thank you guys for being such an inpiration to me and my family. And thanks Quinn especially for taking your time with me. I have learned and grown alot. We'll miss ya'll. Hope to see you back soon!

Rachel Garcia said...

its awesome! I am so excited for you.. i know you are going to love getting everything in order! please post before and after pics as you get them..

Dollar General said...

I can't wait to see it after you put your touches on it! You do such a great job at decorating! Congrats on your new home!