Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Moss Rock Preserve

Yesterday, Kristi and I took the kids (and Sarah and Annika) to the Moss Rock Preserve in Bluff Park. It was very cool. And full of laughs. I especially liked the part where my sister was exceedingly annoyed with me for taking the picture of her when Kamryn fell in the water. The longer that I'm a mother, the more I see how much children can survive. Corin climbed a rock wall to show me that he could and Felix and Connor really made it the whole 2 miles without too much fuss. Well, Felix's foot got wet and the whole way back to the car he told me that his foot was wet. Persistent little booger.

We had a good time. It's fun having my sister here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bah, Humbug.

Okay. I've looked at everybody's very Christmassy blogs and I think " Why isn't everybody grouchy about Christmas like me?"
I don't know why I'm grouchy about Christmas. Except that my kids don't need more crap. Maybe that's it.
Quinn said to me last night, "Should we take out the Christmas tree this week?" To which I responded with a shrug, "eh."

I do love to do Advent.

And my house does look pretty with the tree up and the Advent wreath on the table.

I'm very annoyed about Christmas music on the radio.

If I hear the Carpenters sing one more song I think I'll toss my cookies.

What a poop I am!

Okay... I had to do the elf one, too... First my sister's kids...

And then, of course, my kids...

And then, I couldn't resist...

And, lastly, my sister and me...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Bubba Gums, Momma?

I'm watching my two year old eat ice cream.

Now I'm watching him pick ice cream off the carpet and pop it in his mouth.

He's poopy.

"I's poopy, Momma."

He has a giant spoon.

And he's covered in chocolate.

He's driven me nuts today.

He's asked for "bubba gums" all day. It's cute. The first five times three weeks ago.

While I was teaching piano lessons, he bugged the crap out of Angie Wilkes and she ended up giving him three pieces of "bubba gums".

Then when we got home he ate three pieces of "bubba gums" out of my purse. He was chewing it really fast. Oh yeah, like that's going to help.

He's a very persistent hugger. And kisser. He makes other children cry.

Now, he's trying to take off his diaper.

I'm sure it's not uncomfortable to walk around in poo.

Now he's eating ice cream off the floor.

That would be the carpeted floor.


That's my sister, yelling at my chocolate covered two year old.

Yeah, like her kid is clean.

Oh yeah, he is.

Time to bathe him.

......BTW, he managed to get the poopy diaper off before I made it to him. lovely...

Now he's clean and smells like baby shampoo. Now I remember why he's so cute.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Flight Of The Conchords - Jenny

My Uncle Randy introduced me to Flight of the Conchords on Thanksgiving. Hilarious.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Fun!

Things I loved about yesterday:

Making crafts with the kids. We made Indian costumes and Thanksgiving Day thankful cards.

Making butter. We've done this since I was a kid. The mothers usually end up finishing it though, which we did.

Eating my favorite foods. Pecan Pie is my favorite.

Sitting outside, watching the kids play and chatting with my cousins and Aunts and Uncles.

Watching Youtube and laughing hysterically with my Uncle Randy and Dylan.

Eating more pie.

Watching the guys play Boccie Ball and football.

Visiting, visiting, visiting...

Staying up til 11:30 (that's right) playing Mexican Train with Uncle Wayne, Quinn, Cari, and Nick. Mom played Michael Buble's new CD while we played. Awesome!

Had a great day!

Coming home tomorrow....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Good times with my family...

Two slideshows in one day! Just wanted to post some pics of our happenings and good times. My parents live next door to my mom's sister and her family and they have a beautiful backyard that they share. We frequently will all go outside to play and chat. This is one of my favorite parts of coming here. The weather here has been gorgeous (Florida in the winter is always beautiful) and so we have had to opportunity to do this almost every day. There is always lots of laughter. I'm enjoying spending time with my family!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are about to do some crafty things (I love when other people plan crafts) and some bakey things with my mom and Grandma Jessie. More pics later!

Happy Thanksgiving!

A Day with Joy!

I spent the day yesterday with my very first college roommate, Joy. We had such a beautiful time! She lives two blocks away from downtown Winter Garden, which is THE cutest downtown. We sauntered downtown for lunch, pulling the little ones in a big, green wagon and had a fabulous lunch at a pizzeria and then ice cream at Downtown Brown's (I had coffee ice cream with dark chocolate chunks- um- yummo). After lunch, we walked it off (probably not) and spent the afternoon in the back yard. There was a huge tree with giant Tarzan vines wound around it that the kids could swing on. And they did. For hours. When her husband, Jim, got home from work, we cleaned her girls (Lily-4 & Emmy-2) up and went back downtown for family pics, which was fun. I haven't seen Joy in two years and we haven't spent much time together since college. We talked about the gospel, children, Africa (they lived there for almost a year), concussions (she had a number of wooden giraffes in her house... eek!), and, in general, laughed ourselves silly. A day with a good friend leaves a pleasant taste in your mouth. I smiled the whole way home.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Anyone? Anyone????

Would anybody be interested in cleaning my house tomorrow (or Friday?)

These are things that need to be done:
Clean bathrooms
Clean Kitchen
Sweep and Mop kitchen and bathrooms
Wash sheets in the baby room (where my sister will be sleeping)

Not baseboards or anything, just a tidy clean-up.

We could do cash or barter (piano lessons or whatever you think I'm good at that you want me to do). It would be so nice to come home to a spotless house. Let me know!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Don't Wanna

I am dressed to exercise and I don't want to. I feel like I need to, mostly because I'm WAY OCD, but also I eat like a cow when I come to Florida. There's always something good to eat. My sister made some White Trash the other day and it is divinely delicious. What is White Trash you say? It's regular M&M's and peanut M&M's, pretzels, and cheerios all stirred into melted white chocolate and then broken up after it hardens. Addictive. I literally cannot have one bite. I almost ate the whole bag yesterday. Hence, exercise is necessary. I've also had some that consists of peanuts, pecans, raisins (none for Ginger-weird non-raisin girl), Rice Chex, Pretzels, and maybe other stuff stirred into melted dark chocolate and then shaken in a bag of powdered sugar. Also addictive. Yesterday I also had Pumpkin Cheesecake (yumm-o) and a piece of chocolate cake. And a burrito. And a bowl of cereal. I'm mentally tallying up calories as I type, almost in a panic. For real, my hands are sweating. Hello food issues.

I also am not wanting to educate my children. School is out down here for the week (extra Hurricane days- go figure) and so I'm feeling lazy. We were supposed to go on a field trip today to a swampy place where there are lots of alligators, but my sister is sick. Maybe we'll go to the park and walk. I'm always a little nervous about this park because it is on the lake that is heavy laden with alligators. No one seems to worry about the alligators here, but I have had nightmares twice since coming down here about the baby not being able to get away from one. I think it is strange that there is such a casual atmosphere about alligators. I'm not sure I like it. I must have lived out of the state too long. I don't ever remember worrying about alligators when I was younger. I probably would've been a nervous wreck if we would have gone to the swampy place. A friend of my sister's lives there with her family in an old cracker house. Her husband works for the state, testing water and surveying the wildlife on the swamp. When the hurricanes went through here a couple years ago, their land flooded and she could hear alligators croaking outside of her window. Um, no thanks.

Well, I should get going. To the alligator park. To run and worry about my children getting eaten by alligators. We'll run fast. Are alligators fast runners?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Baby Andrew

I got the opportunity to visit with my best friend from childhood, Kelly, yesterday. The last time I saw her was at her wedding in 2004. She and her husband have been trying to have a baby since they married and have at last been blessed with a son. It has been beautiful to look back over this process and see how the Lord has truly used this experience to show His sovereignty. There were several miscarriages and the heartache of month to month infertility. How my heart ached for her! On the drive to her house yesterday, I could hardly wait to see this little legacy! Perfect and beautiful was he as he lay asleep, still curled up from being used to being in the womb. How wonderful is the God whom we serve!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Brain Waves

I'm missing my husband today. A lot.

It's weird blogging on another computer. I don't like it.

It's like my creativity is blocked.

(Lofty English accent) "Oh, my creativity is blocked! Oh, oh, oh! Um, tally-ho then."

Hmmm, maybe I'm just being lazy.

Nah, that cannot be it because I'm certainly NOT lazy.


Maybe I need a muse.

Felix is amusing...

Bwa, ha, ha!

Yeah, I'm sleepy.

Today I took my Grandmother to the dentist.

Fun times.

I also looked for a pair of shoes. Black, pointy- toe ones. Yes. I'm aware that I have lots of black shoes. But I don't have non-patent-leather-pointy-toe ones. Very important. Also, I did leave one of the black heels I did bring to FL on the driveway in Alabama. I do LOVE shoes. I bought nine pairs this summer for $5 a piece. They were cool. No black, pointy-toe ones that aren't patent-leather though. I want to find a really cool pair that are like, Nine West or something for $5. Maybe that's why I haven't bought any yet. They don't exist. Actually, I live in the thought that they DO exist and I WILL find them. I just have to keep looking. So what usually happens is I think, "I should get a pair of black, non-patent-leather-pointy-toed heels!" (Ding.) So I go to the thrift store (always look there first, rich people don't have foot fungus- NO FOOT FUNGUS STORIES), they're not there anyway so hush. Next I go to Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall's. These places usually have what I want, but they're over my "price-range" ($5). So then I go to Payless, Cato, Target, and Walmart. But these shoes are also above my "price-range" ($5- in case you forgot) and I liked the ones at Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall's better. So now I'm in a canundrum. And I'm confused. Should I just go to Saks Fifth Avenue and buy the ones for $300 that I saw in a magazine? No, I should just get the $50 dollar ones I saw at Ross. Hmmm, why can't I just get the clearance cool, strappy ones at Ross for $11.99? Remember? They're above my "price-range" ($5).

I didn't but any shoes.

I need to go make a cake.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Drive Down

I woke up at 1:30 AM on Sunday morning and groaned inwardly. Why? Because I knew it would be next to impossible to go back to sleep. You see, in my brain I had already planned on getting up early so whether that was at 3:30 (which is what it I had planned for - didn't even have my alarm clock on) or 1:30 I knew I would BE awake at whatever absurd hour I woke up at. 1:30 it was. I forced myself to just lay there for two more hours and I did doze for a couple of minutes here and there, but in the end I finally got up at 3:30 to take a shower and get ready for the day. The kids all got up relatively easily (they are my children, after all) and we ate breakfast, packed up the car, and were on the road at 5:30. Great!

The first half of the trip was pretty uneventful. When the kids were awake, they would ask how many hours until we get there. Every 10 minutes or so. Starting at Pell City. At about Anniston, I told Corin to watch for the little green signs that had the cities and mileage to get there on them. He loved that. We'll probably learn how to read a map while we're here. I think I was about Corin's age when Mom taught me how to read a map. I was obsessed (still am) with knowing how far we were away from our destination when we traveled. Atlanta was a breeze. I took everybody's advice and avoided I-285, which was fantastic. So I am just sailing along, really hoping to see a Starbucks sign because, by now (9:00 AM), 1:30AM is starting to catch up with me. I keep on plugging, stopping at a rest area just north of Macon to go to the bathroom and get Cheezits and a juice box. This was at 10:00 and I am pleased because this was our first stop! Man, are we gonna make good time or what! I am sure I have passed a Starbucks at this time, but decide to just keep driving on to Tifton which is a little more than halfway to our destination. And there's a Starbucks. My estimated time of arrival to Tifton is 11:30, which is perfect because we can get some lunch while we're there. Bam!

At about 10:50, I hear Silas calling me. I couldn't hear him so I turned down the radio and asked him to say again. "Momma, I think Felix is throwing up."
I frantically turned the rear-view mirror on to Felix and, sure enough, throwing up is what he is doing. NO, NO, NO! Why must my children have the most excellent gag reflexes known to mankind? Felix starts asking me for a napkin, when what he needs is a good hosing. So, like a good mother, I keep driving on to Tifton. It's not going to hurt him to sit there for 25 more minutes. And I'm just a little bit mad at him for throwing up. Rational thinking is not one of my strong points when I'm sleepy. We do get to Tifton, where I pull into the Starbucks parking lot and strip and clean up my baby, who is very hungry and happy by this point. "Eat, Momma?" Did I mention that I parked right next to the drive- thru where a big truckload of men are watching me strip and clean up my child? Oh, and laughing. Thanks. We trudge inside, I order my triple-shot of espresso- capuccino and ask for a garbage bag from the guy with mo hawk, go to the bathroom, and then head back to the car to go to Sonic for lunch. It's noon now. We eat lunch and then head back on the road at about 12:20. And then Felix throws up again. Grrrrrrrr..... Stop at Adel and clean up second puke mess, which is a LOT more messy and causes the car to really smell bad, fill up car with gas and get the kids back in the car. I'm irritated because we're behind schedule and I hate cleaning up puke (surprise, surprise). I'm also mad because somehow we manage to bring a stomach virus or some other disgusting disease to my family when we come down to Florida. I'm tearing up a little (serious self-pity going on) when Quinn calls me to see how I'm doing. Now, I haven't spoken to him for a few hours and the last time I had talked to him I was ahead of schedule and looking for a Starbucks. I'm crying on the phone and he is being sweet and sympathetic because he's a good man. We hang up and then my mom calls and is sweet and sympathetic, telling me Felix is probably just fine, just a little carsick. He IS congested and he always throws up when he's congested. So, we keep on trekking and the rest of the drive is uneventful, except for my nervous habit of watching Felix in the rear-view mirror which is now permanently fixed on him. He's fine for the rest of the trip.

We get to my parents house at 4:30 in the afternoon, which is an hour past the time I thought we'd get there, but I'm so relieved to be there that I don't care. I am greeted with love and hugs and my children start immediately running around the yard. There is a birthday party for two of my cousins' babies and my uncle, who live next door to my parents and the evening passes with laughter and good times. It is good to be with my family, despite the drive down. Looking forward to a good time!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Nervous Grumblings

Well, it's the Friday before I leave for Florida and I'm relieved. Today is the last co-op day (woo hoo), Children's Choir is taken care of, I'm packed and nearly ready for our trip on Sunday. The bazaar (Virge, bazaar is now your word- I think your name when I spell the word- every time) is tomorrow and I'm ready for that, too. Great. Fabulous. Except...

Today my children woke up with runny noses. This is not a big deal, everybody has runny noses this time of year so we just deal. However, it seems like everytime we go to Florida we take illness with us- and spread it to my family. And how fun is it going to be driving for 9 hours with whiny, runny-nosed children? I'm nervous about driving anyway. I've never driven by myself to Florida before. I shouldn't write that, it'll make Quinn nervous. I think he's nervous about me driving, too. I dislike driving in Atlanta VERY much. And I drive slow. It doesn't bother me that people pass me a lot (probably giving me the bird and cussing at me), I just keep on going. It probably doesn't bother me because I'm talking my head off to somebody and am not paying attention to the fact that I'm dring 65 mph in a 70 mph zone. But, I don't have anybody to talk to, eeeeeeh! I am nervous. I've always got to find something to worry about.

Well, I guess I'll Zicam up the boys and myself and hopefully knock this cold out by tomorrow or Sunday. If you've never tried Zicam before, it is the most amazing product. I am a walking commercial for them. The boys even know it: "Momma, are you gonna zicam me up?" It's the medicine I always have in my medicine cabinet, right next to Motrin and Benadryll.

Don't Forget! The Christmas Bazaar is tomorrow! It's going to be great!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Request

Marsha, her link is to the right, runs a program to help pregnant teens in the area where her and her husband live. She is looking for extra copies of the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" to give to these girls. She needs twelve of these books! If you have an extra copy of this book, she will be in town this weekend. If you are coming to the Bazaar this Saturday, you can bring it then. There is more information on this ministry on her blog. Check it out!


My Candy, Momma

I was standing at the front door this morning saying goodbye to Quinn when it occurred to me that I hadn't seen Felix for a few minutes. "Felix!" I called to him inside the house and got no answer (he usually comes running), so I stepped outside and called him as Quinn was driving down the driveway. I didn't remember seeing him go outside. I stepped back inside and called him again, a little more frantically,"FELIX!". This time he came running, with his mouth barely closing because there was so much candy in it. Peanut butter candy, of which he is allergic to. I immediately pulled it out and threw it in the garbage, hoping that it wouldn't cause him to break out. I went into my bedroom and saw that he had been hiding on the opposite side of the bed, sneaking candy. The little sinner. I shook my head and was relieved about my candy decision.

The candy left in a big bag this morning to go to the church with Quindy dindy do. Thank goodness. For some reason, every year I desire to go trick or treating for an hour to two hours so we can "stock up" on candy. I do achieve this goal. And then one week later, I'm so sick of seeing the candy that I want to throw it away. I'm also tired of every 30 minutes to an hour the boys asking me for more candy. Felix doesn't ask; he demands: "My candy, Momma" or "I need candy, Momma!" He tries to sneak it all the time. Stinker. Lately he's started this new thing of trying to force his way upon me by looking at me sternly, doubling up his chin and telling me in a deep (baby) voice what he wants and pointing his finger at me. It's hard not to laugh. Anyway, I am generally tired of waking up feeling like patootie because I ate so much chocolate the previous day. I'm ready for it to go. To the church. Where I'm at almost every day. Hmmm, maybe not such a good decision. Anybody want some candy?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Christmas Bazaar

Hey Ladies! Come one, come all to the Community Presbyterian Church Christmas Bizarre this Saturday, November 10 from 9AM to 7PM. Admission is Free (unless you want to contribute to the "Kim wants a new pair of jeans- not from the thrift store, but from a real store- before she goes to Florida- fund... I take checks and cash). Bring cash, there probably will not be any debit thingy things there. Get a chance to support local crafters and artists and get something unusual for your family there for Christmas.

Vendors you may know:

Virginia - Famous for her beautiful work in stationary and scrapbooking; she will be hawking her wares.
Michelle and Abbey - Christmasy stuff and cool, crafty things they know how to do.
Maja Clayton - GORGEOUS, handmade stockings that will make your eyes pop.
Jessica - her photography is second to none!

There will be handmade pottery, fabulous artwork, and beautiful handiwork that you'll just have to see. Come and check us out!

We are in Moody. The address of the church is: 825 Oak Blvd. Moody, AL 35004

Saturday, November 03, 2007


The concert was fabulous last night. Workplay is an excellent venue for small concerts. Now if we could get Over the Rhine here.... I did not realize that Sandra McCracken would be playing with Derek Webb (they are married). She was great and had such a unique voice. It was such a good time. We got there very early to be able to get good seats and got to chat with the Littles and the Soileaus. The Sharps came, as well as the Boykins and the Morgans. It was so nice to be all grown-up(y). I enjoyed riding in the car with my husband without the kids. We joked and laughed and told stories. Sometimes I forget how good of friends we are. He is gracious and kind to me and makes me feel pretty and unique. He is always speaking the gospel to me. I adore him. We've been having a hard time this year (eight years hit us like a ton of bricks) and it's been painful to reevaluate and see how selfishly I think about things. Learning how to communicate with someone you thought you knew how to communicate with is difficult. However, I see how it is helpful in our relationship and will be healthy for us in the coming years. We definitely don't have it all figured out, but will we ever? I wonder if there will be marriage in heaven; it would be nice to have a perfect relationship without all the infallibility that goes along with being in this wretched skin.

On a completely different note, I changed my playlist. Something about romantic crooners seems very November to me. Early evenings and good smells in the kitchen remind me of this kind of music for some reason. It's interesting thinking about Queen Latifah singing a Nat King Cole song, but give it a listen. She's got an amazing voice. And really, Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr. make me think that I should be in a red dress with strappy high heels with my hair up, dancing on a rooftop somewhere by candlelight. Somehow the baby is chasing me in that vision, telling me he wants to eat. Shake it off. I really would love to take dancing lessons someday. Norah Jones and Rosemary Clooney have completely different styles, but both seemed right on the list. There are old standbys, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole and Perry Como, and Nina Nastasia doesn't really belong, but I loved that song. Squirrel Nut Zippers and Over the Rhine are on every list for some reason and I've been in love with George Michael and Sting since I was 13 years old. That Miles Davis song is, um, very nice. I've noticed that I really like themes. I love a tidy little box with matching things in it. I spent three hours making that playlist yesterday and I loved every minute of it. Enjoy my love songs; I am.

Friday, November 02, 2007


I'm always so relieved on Friday afternoons. Today especially. Let me be more specific. I am wallowing in laziness on the couch, having just finished a lovely smoked bologna sandwich (Lebanon bologna from Maryland-WOW) and am now feeling the lovely Alabama breeze and blogging. What could be more perfect? Oh, did I mention that I'm munching on some delicious dark chocolate raisins? Mmmm, perfection. They are from a little candy store in Leeds (that, btw, has candy half the price of that one in Homewood - same candy) and they are DELISH. The lady that owns it is very sweet and so generous. I am devoted to keeping her in business. (How unselfish of me).

I'm very excited today, because Quinn and I are going on a true, bonafide date tonight. And not to Mickey D's either, but to a Derek Webb concert and maybe coffee later. High heels and lipstick baby! Well kicky boots, anyhow. Love me some kicky boots. I probably should take a little rest, since I am unreliable to stay awake after 10 PM. There will be lots of people we know at the concert, so it will be a grand time. If you've never listened to Derek Webb, then Google his name and listen to some of his stuff. He's fantastic and loves to break the ideals of what American thinks a "Christian" singer is supposed to do. He makes me think outside the box, which is sometimes very painful (and convicting), and is always a good brain exercise.

And now for something completely different.
A list of things I like about today (I told you I like lists):

1. I have good hair today (it's dirty, but it's good).

2. I have so much chocolate in my house and I'm loving the variety.

3. Co-op is nearly done AND I don't have to plan for next week. (hello, class party)

4. I have on dangly earrings and I like to listen to them dangle.

5. I'm getting fried chicken at the grocery store for supper.

6. The baby is taking a nice, long nap.

7. It feels SO good outside.

8. I love to have something to look forward to. ie... date with my husband.

Let's not think about unpleasant things. Laundry, dirty dishes, more laundry, cleaning house, lesson plans, and uncomfortable feelings about how long it has been since I've mopped are not things we are thinking about today. Just one more eensy, teensy handful of chocolate covered raisins. Ah....

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fun times on Halloween Night!

Things I loved about yesterday:

1. We woke up and immediately put on costumes. Corin was an escaped convict, Silas was a police officer, Felix was a cowboy, and I was (ahem) a pirate.

2. We went trick or tricking at Food Giant and downtown Leeds with Virginia and her babies. Good times by 12:00 PM.

3. We came back to the house and had frozen pizza and let the kids play forever.

4. I made white chili and bleeding finger cookies for the Potluck. (bleeding finger cookies- sugar cookie dough rolled up like a snake, press fork on for knuckles, cook for 9 minutes, let cool on wire rack, put a bit of red icing on the end then press a sliced almond on the end, very cool)

5. Crissy Sharp came over for a bit and we laughed at the Airline Poop entry.

6. We got re-ready at 4:30 for the big night.

7. Left for a little bit of trick or treating, then went to the church for Reformation Celebration. Had a great potluck (Presbyterians aren't known for great potlucks, Baptist potlucks are better).

8. Trace Donahoo did a fabulous job on talking about the reformation and what it means to our faith. He talked about what Martin Luther did and reminded me of what a great history our faith has. Awesome. My favorite part of the whole night!

9. Rushed to clean up and then went trick or treating in the Nold's neighborhood, which was fantastic because not a lot of people were trick or treating there. It was fun going with several families; we just watched the kids and laughed and chatted with each other.

10. I loved watching Felix and Ansley trick or treating. They were absolutely fascinated by the process. Sprinting from house to house. They were adorable. Felix kept dragging his heavy pumpkin bag on the road. Ansley came from every house yelling "I got two candies!" It was fun.

11. Came home, put babies to bed and konked out on the couch. What a great day!