Friday, May 16, 2008

Are you kidding?

Well, we didn't close yesterday. And we've been waiting yesterday and ALL DAY TODAY. So now at 4:30 we are HOPEFULLY going to close in the next 30 minutes.

ANYHOO... the party that was planned for tonight has been changed to tomorrow night. Come if you can! Go here for more details....

Or e-mail me.

Out the door now...


Paige M said...

I bet you haven't been anxious at all, huh? Poor thing. Someone is testing your patience! Miss you. See you tomorrow. Have a safe trip.

Missy said...

Oh good grief! I am sorry.
Well...better late then never I guess.
We are going to come out to your CHurch Sunday for lunch so we can see you guys. :)

Phamilyof6 said...

Congrats on the house!

Are you going to share pictures? Do you have a lot to do to it on the inside?

How in the WORLD did you close on a house in a week. I have never heard of such a thing. :) What about and inspection and praisal?

Are you as excited about this house as you were the last one.

I know the feeling of moving away from those you love and I will be praying for you. At least you are close and can visit often.