Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An Interview

Quinn has an interview at 3AM at UPS in the morning. 3AM? yeparooski. He's hopeful to get it.

Pray that he does.

Off to kiss the boys goodnight.


Paige M said...

Anyone who will go to an interview at 3am deserves the job! :)

We'll pray for that tonight!

MattD said...

I'll pray that you find and awesome job and he can spend all of his time studying...technically going to school 40 hours a week is like a job, right?
Can't imagine going to school all day and then working all night...when's he planning on sleeping?

Cheryl said...

Up to a certain age and time in life I would agree with MattD. Once you marry and have kids though, some decisions are made for you...Dad is responsible for providing for the family and Mom is the best choice for running the household and nurturing the family - not 40 hours, 24/7.

The Heltons said...

I'm really glad Quinn got the job. I pray he does well there and it doesn't overwhelm him. I also pray you won't be overwhelmed with more work than you can handle.