Monday, May 26, 2008

Up and Running

I'm currently sitting on the floor of Quinn's office typing a new post. We have internet now. Uh, woo hoo. There are a couple of kinks still, but hopefully we'll get everything settled out in a day or two.

We are getting settled and the house will be a slow go. Go here to see what we've done so far. Crissy put up some great pics and a nice list of what we've taken care of. We DID get a lot accomplished with the Sharps here. It's nice to have slave labor. I do LOVE the house. It's big, BIG, and it has lot o' storage. I've jogged around the neighborhood and think, "um, we are not supposed to live in this neighborhood; it's too nice." I'll have to give the illusion I belong. The neighbors have been lovely and the streets are quiet. The inside of the house is really great. I love the big, open kitchen and dining area and Quinn has a small office upstairs that just suits him to a tee. The boys are adjusting well (so far, so good) and hopefully we'll be making some new friends soon. We've actually made a couple of friends; Andrea and Mike, who came by last week to welcome us to Mississippi. Andrea is the head of the "welcoming committee" at RTS's Mrs. in Ministry. We went to church with them yesterday at Redeemer Pres and tonight they invited us to a BBQ with some families from RTS. Woo hoo! I've made my Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake to woo them to be friends with me.

I hope to post pictures soon. We've painted the kitchen a lovely, butter yellow (not SUNSHINE yellow, Scott) and I love it.


Abbey and Virge- I do love peeling wallpaper that comes off easily, however the bathrooms have MULTI layers and the sheetrock is coming off, too. They will have to be spackled and sanded. I also (secretly, shamefully) love to peel sunburned backs. Quinn calls me a monkey.

Must go get ready for the BBQ (and friend-making).

More later (because I have internet now).



Virginia said...

Oooh yay! Glad you have internet! I can't wait to see pics. :)

I also secretly, shamefully love to peel sunburned backs. No fun on the multi layers of wallpaper- ugh!

You do not need to woo anyone with Triple Chocolate Bundt cake- peeps love you regardless. However- it IS super delicious. ;)

Scott H said...

I am SOOOOOOOO glad you did not opt for the Sunshine Yellow! It is as regretable as wallpaper!

I doubt ya'll will have any problem making friends.

Peeling wallpaper is the reason cuss words were invented!
It's true!

Missy said...

I wonder how many friends you and I have "made" over the years just through that yummy chocolate cake!
Yes, yes, take the cake and people think you are the wonderful June Cleaver lady of the bunch. BWA HA HA!

Paige M said...

You ARE the new "wonderful June Cleaver lady of the bunch". They will learn very quickly! Don't forget to wear your dress and pearls with a cute apron.

Kimmi said...

chick, you make me laugh! to read your post is to hear you saying these things. lol i will still be your friend, even though you didn't leave me the recipe for the killer chocolate cake. :0

Amy said...

God is so good! Friends to help with the house...lots of help! New friends and a party to boot! I can't wait to see more pics of the house.

Anonymous said...

You don't need the cake to make friends, my dear! Wanted to let you know my mom has asked about you and wants me to tell you she has been praying for ya'll.

Glad to hear you are getting settled. We miss you. But I'm ever so grateful for internet!