Friday, May 30, 2008

A Guilt-Driven To-Do List and a Wee Bit of Random

Peel more wallpaper.. yes, yes maybe tomorrow.

Write some thank-you notes... I am HORRIBLE about thank-you notes. No really, ask my mother-in-law. Cringe.

Clean the bathrooms. Let me remind you, I am the only woman in a house with four males.

Go to the Post office to get stamps for said unwritten thank-you notes and to mail Chris Sharp's MP3 player back to him.

Mail a recommendation someone asked for me to complete.

Clean kitchen and vacuum. These things will get done tonight. They involve no thought and are instantly gratifying.

Some random thoughts:

I read somewhere that people who have blogs are narcissistic. Well, Matt D has called me narcissistic, I guess. He has a blog, too. This information has made me think about why I blog (since I constantly must defend myself). Maybe it's because I require constant affirmation and validity. Maybe because I find it therapuetic to see my thoughts. Maybe I just like it. Hmmm. Why do YOU blog? Are you narcissisitic (like me)?

I went to my Bible Study today with the ladies and enjoyed it. I took a Pecan Pie, ham sandwiches, tomatoes, juice boxes, and 2 pounds of strawberries. The girl who hosted the study looked at my food and said, "Why did you bring so much food? Did you bring lunch for everybody?" Um. Because? "I thought we were supposed to bring stuff for lunch." She smiled and said, "oh, well it looks good!" I think they usually bring food for their kids and a little something for a snack for the ladies. Ah. Now I know. I did feel a little silly. There was a lovely girl from England there and she said, "Oh, what a feast!" I felt like I looked a little desperate for people to love me. "Please love me; look I have PIE. And sandwiches. And strawberries. And juiceboxes." Sigh.

Today, Andrea, my new friend (how long do I have to call her my new friend?), asked me if I played soccer. I replied, "Well, my boys play soccer. They were on a league in Birmingham." I loathe soccer season but know it's good for them.
She shook her head and said, "No, do you play as a family?"
I do not know why she is asking me these absurd questions. "Um, well I WATCH them play." And gripe about the too cold or too hot weather. "But, no, I do not play." I do NOT play sports that have a ball flying around in the air. I am one of those people who get hit in the face. I like to run. And in highschool I did rowing. No flying balls aimed at my face. And then I looked at her. With incredulousness. "Do you?" On purpose?
She says, "Well, yeah! That was my sport in highschool and college. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that some families play behind the seminary on Friday nights at 6:00."
Oh. "Thanks. I'll tell Quinn." Quinn was interested, but had decided to mow the yard. Maybe next time. And I will sit on the bleachers, in mortal fear of being asked to join the game by another woman. Because then I will have to play. Until I get hit in the face. hmmmm...

Well, I am being entreated for a trip to the potty with Beex. Must be off now.


Marsha said...

I'm glad you are stepping out and working at making Mississippi home. Even though I hardly saw you when I was in B'ham, it feels strange knowing you are not there!

Praying for you all, Kimmy!

Anonymous said...

It will get easier! I'd come sit on the sidelines with you. I was always the one who dodged the balls in volleyball! There's a group of moms here that have their own soccer team.

laytonfamily said...

I don't play soccer either, maybe you can fake a groin injury! And I wish I went to a bible study where they offered pie! I bet they're just thinking how silly its taken this long to get a REAL feast for bible study!

I'm praying your wallpaper jumps off the walls!

Ginger said...

That was hysterical! I can just see your expressions and hear you saying those things and it makes me smile. I miss you girl!

You are the queen of food! You must find friends who like to eat as much as us! And I don't trust women who are athletic and play sports. Its just weird and unlady-like. Like eating meat...

Rachel Garcia said...

oh girl.. i am with you on the sports. and i married a man who loves to play them... but he knew what he was getting before hand. lol.

I would love to go to Bible Study with all that yummy goodness.. especially tomatoes. that is my snack of choice.. well probably because of the diabetes.

anyway.. have fun cleaning.. i never do.

Crissy said...

Maybe we should get together a bit of a resume for Andrea. I could do it for you... Likes: chocolate, shopping, affirmation, using the word 'kicky' in reference to shoes,and chocolate. Dislikes: woods of any kind, backing out of driveways in the dark, playing ball of any sort and wallpaper. It might save time. And keep her from asking ridiculous questions that make me laugh.

Missy said...

Must add thrift stores to the "likes" page.
I agree with Crissy a friend resume is a wonderful idea.
You could also add
"I think camping means staying in a cabin".

I'm still not wrapping my brain around them looking at you for brining "all that food"...I mean that just sounds like a standard taking lunch to somebodies house fare.

I knew MS was going to be a strange place.

Now that I have had a morning chuckle, I must get back to my crazy life. :)

Virginia said...

Re: your ? about blogging and narcissism... yeah, actually, I kind of think it is narcissistic, but not as in that each individual is narcissistic. I think our society is very much geared toward that public display of introspecting in kind of a knee jerk reaction to the closed off-ness the prior generation has had.

I think it's a really gratifying little thing to hit "publish" and to see your words out there on the WWW... it makes your words seem like they are validated and important.

And thus- why I blog 50,000 times a week.

(You know you would get a serious, deep answer from me on that, right? hehe)

On the other hand, it's just dang fun and a good way to keep in touch with close friends. :)

P.S. I agree with Chrissy on the resume type thing, because clearly your "new-friend-Andrea" needs a little cluing in. Heheh

heather said...

I also don't trust people who don't have enough food. My old Mom group never had enough food until me that is.

Amy said...

Hey Kim, Keith said he wants to see a picture of "Queenny" wearing the brown short shorts for his new job...he is laughing so hard right now! You know he loves to pick on him.

MattD said...

I didn't say you were narcissistic because you blogged, but because at the time you had like 4 HUGE pictures of yourself on your blog. And as for me, well yeah. When you look this good you can't help it...

oh, and because you kept looking at yourself in the glass trophy case

JBL said...

Agree w/Virginia. A friend of mine hesitated to start a blog because of this. He then decided he would post but not necessarily about himself. Another friend confessed on a post that he was considering giving up blogging b/c he thought he may only be in it for the comments. Comments validated him. So, in answer to your question, yes. Again, agree with Virginia.

Kimmi said...

a few thoughts:

you can never have too much pie

can't picture quinn in the brown shorts

did bren leave his medicine at your house?