Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I know you all are just WAITING by the computer to hear my news. What IS she going to say? We are waiting on a closing date. We have agreed on a price and will hopefully close soon. Wow. As promised, here are some pictures of the inside of the house.

It's a great house and I'm excited. We are in no lack of dark panelling, as you can see. And textured, gold wallpaper in the master bath. I do not have pictures of the bedrooms (there was one of the master, but I can't find it in my pictures) and I have not seen the house personally. Quinn says that it has big bedrooms and that the living area is very roomy. I did go look at Pergo yesterday and I like the hardwood (looking) floors. How can they make it look so real? Anyway, we will paint the kitchen cabinets and the panelling. The bedrooms, foyer, and hallway also need painting. The Pergo will go from the kitchen, through the dining rooms, into the living room and foyer, and then down the hallway. We will replace the carpet in the three bedrooms. We will probably use all neutral colors (for resell), but neutral colors do not make me happy. Life goes on.

Speaking of going to look at flooring yesterday, remind me next time I want to go shopping with no stroller and my other two kids, that it is NOT a good idea. Just tell me, "Kim, why don't you wait until Quinn comes home?". Pretty frustrating. I think I actually growled at the children.

Last night, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo (we're all such big celebraters) with the Claytons. We had fajitas and other yummy latino cuisine. And then dessert. Maja made something called Chocolate Swiss. It was chocolate merengue with cut-up (non-cooked) apple, a scoop of ice cream, and homemade chocolate sauce. Delicious. The apple really added a touch of tartness that was surprisingly good to this non-apple loving gal. It wasn't that hard to make (who doesn't have chocolate merengue lying around their kitchen) and I wanted to lick the chocolate sauce out of the sauce pan. Maybe I did, a little.

I'll let you know more details of the house as they come.


Paige M said...

YEA!! I'm excited. I knew it would all work out. So when is the "paint party"?

What are y'all doing today?

Brandon E said...

Its a picture of a hardwood floor laminated to a backing. If you want to see how it looks throughout the house, give me a call.

Textured wallpaper will be fun! No clue there.

Melissa said...

Great news on the house! Dude! I was having flashbacks to my childhood looking at the pictures. My parents still live in the same house my brother and I grew up in. It is all brick with a spanish look to it. Mom said that was popular in the 70s. A couple of years ago they did some major changes. In it's orignial form, the house had black, yes black, panelling, red shag carpet in the living and den rooms (remember the extra sitting room that you were not allowed in, yeah ours was called the living room). And throughout the rest of the house was golden shag carpet. Golden wallpaper in the bathrooms and kitchen. Harvest gold appliances and tile in the hall bath. Mom and dad had avacado green in their bathroom. Today, the house looks nothing like it used too. They have pergo floors, and they look fabulous! The kitchen has new counter tops and white refaced cabinets. And the panelling is painted a neutral tan color. I can remember painting panelling and it's not fun! Good luck with the remodelling. It will look great. I'd take an older house I can fix up any day over the new ones they sell these days. More size for your money.

Darin said...

Congrats on the house!

Missy said...

Woohoo! If I know you, ya'll will do a great job fixing it up on the inside.
Do you want my recliners?
Your welcome to em.

care-in said...

Congrats! You should call one of those TLC shows and they can do it all for you! That would be my solution since remodeling doesn't appeal to me at all! Or like Paige M said, a paint party would be fun!

heather said...

You know you licked the bowl and enjoyed it. And also when can we come over and paint?