Sunday, May 04, 2008

Being a Girl

I love being a girl. I like heels. I like make-up. I like to wear a dress. I love wearing an apron when I'm cleaning or cooking. I like hot rollers and hair spray. I like being told when I look pretty. I like shaving my legs. I don't like plucking my eyebrows, but I don't like a unibrow even more. I actually enjoy the strenuous effort I put into making myself up. I love shopping. I love finding an incredible deal. I like standing in my closet trying to decide color combinations and shoes. I like listening to pretty music and imagine myself running through a field somewhere with my arms spread open wide (no snakes or bugs, of course). I like to do a random cartwheel. Or cheer. Or dance. I like to sing broadway tunes and songs from Disney movies. I like being romanced. I like costume jewelry. I love that it's me who does the mommy thing. I like being the nurturer. I like crying over girly movies. The whole thing. I love it. I love being with girlfriends who know me. I love to laugh with them and be silly. I love to talk about real life and struggles and know that they will encourage me and help me see Christ. I love being treasured and loved and held. I love that my husband loves me. I love being a girl.

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