Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Party, Party, Party

This is Scott. He likes to fish. Can you tell? He calls me Hollywood occasionally. I think he called me Brittney Spears once when I wore a white linen suit. Yeah, he's like an older (much, MUCH older) brother. He has a lovely wife. Her name is Melissa. I do not have a picture of Melissa. She is funny, sarcastic, and endures Scott for a husband. They have a good story. They are also throwing a Bon Voyage party for Quinny (as he occasionally refers to my husband) and me on Friday night from 6pm until whenever. He asked me to post the info on my blog for all of my non-Community-Presbyterian-Church-friends to see and to let them know they are invited. Hop on over to his blog to get more info. Just click on his name.

PS... There is no childcare... hence, I need to find a babysitter.


Marsha said...

Missy...when you see this, remember you will have child care Friday evening if you care to go. Just remember you're a Baptist.

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah, we need one too. I may just have to come see you during the day.

Dollar General said...

Kim, I wish we could come - we have dance recital practice. I was just wondering if anyone was doing something for us that don't go to your church and NOW, we can't even come. I know Jason would love see Quinn off. We are excited for your family on this new adventure and I have NO DOUBT that you will make PLENTY of friends in NO TIME! Praying for you today as you undergo this change! May the Lord be gracious to you (and your whole family)!! Love, Page

j_webb said...

Yea, that Melissa is a trooper for sure! haahaa
See you guys there!