Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Poop, poop, poop

No, no plumbing problems. Just poopiness, in general. So far, being in Mississippi has felt a wee bit like vacation and now it's beginning to feel like, well, like we live here.

I know we actually do live here.

I miss the 'ham. I got an e-mail from our Moody Church today announcing a potluck lunch on Sunday for the Jennings, who are missionaries in England, who are also home for a brief visit. I can't go. Poopiness.

I've been taking a few days break from peeling wallpaper. Secretly, I'm waiting for Crissy Sharp to come back and light a fire under my butt. Peeling endless wallpaper is not fun for me. I have hung up pictures in my butter-colored kitchen. They look good. I know I've promised pictures, but I don't feel like doing anything right now. Poopiness, remember?

We went to the party the other night and had a good time. I forget that it takes time to become friends with people. I've been invited to a Bible study on Friday morning. I will attend.

It's raining today and I'm watching the pine tree in the back yard, waiting for it to fall on the house. Pessimistic? Nooooo...

We went fishing this morning with our new friends, Mike and Andrea. Andrea and I are a lot alike. We both run and love to bake. We will probably become better friends. Except that she likes to fish (and lots of other outdoor things, bleah) and I don't (way, way, way don't). We got rained out at the pond and she was helping the men load stuff in the vans, soaking wet, while I comfortably waited (warm and dry) in the van for the stuff to be loaded. I may have pointed and laughed at her. Maybe. And then felt bad because she doesn't know me that well and she just figured that I'm a lazy jerk. I'm not a lazy jerk. I just don't like to get wet. And I didn't fish, right? Okay, I'm a lazy jerk.

I'm making potato soup in the crockpot for dinner and it smells good. Potato soup and Elizabeth McGinnis's cornbread recipe sounds divine.

I'm re-reading (for the millionth time) the Anne of Green Gables series. I can never get enough of Anne. I wish I were friends with her. I also wish I were more like her. Yes, I know she is pretend.

Well, I guess I'm going to try and organize some stuff upstairs. I wish somebody would pop in and ask for a cup of coffee. I may make some anyway.

Maybe the poopiness will go away when the rain subsides.


Crissy said...

I literally stopped and tried to figure out if I could come over today. Alas, 4 1/2 hours there is a bit far.

And let's remember that the wallpaper should be DONE when I come back. D-O-N-E. Get to work. No lame excuses like being homesick or being lonely or living too far away from me. I'll stop now... I don't want my tears to damage my keyboard.

P.S. You are such a girl. Rain won't melt you, you know.

Burt said...

well, poop! glad y'all are settling in and finding friends ... sorry they won't be as good as the folks at Community!

laytonfamily said...

I love this blog - the truth about moving! I hated Orlando when we moved here, and the poopiness stayed for almost the 2 years we've been here. Mostly because I didn't want to let it disappear, it was easier to be homesick than make new friends! Cause at 31, it aint easy making new friends! And our move was only 2 hours away, and I missed my friend Carin (similar to your Crissy) so badly.

I pray it gets better for you quickly, and you don't allow the poopiness to linger, because if you allow it - it will!
p.s - if you don't like to get wet, how on earth do you shower? It may help to get wet a bit to cultivate a friendship!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your poopiness...I totally get it.

j_webb said...

Yea, Burt has a good point.
But, I am sure over time you will learn to lower your standards to make new friends.
Andrea will have you baitin' up a trot-line before you know it!

Kimmi said...

poopiness?! the word is crappy! lol i miss you. i'm supposed to go to the poolhouse tomorrow, and i have this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. i know that it won't be "going to kim's," but i know it'll be a shock to walk in and you not be there. can't type more. gettin' a little misty-eyed. go peel some wallpaper, and know that we love and miss you!

Missy said...

4 1/2 hours? I thought it was 3? 4 1/2 is longer than 3. Just in case you didn't know.
I miss you though.
I mean really right now I am so incredibly in the middle of getting ready for VBS so I think of little else. But when I stop and think about the week after VBS and coming to your house for swim day and you and I making fun food for it because thats what we do...then I am sad.
So I will go shower now and think about atoms and molcules and Jesus Miraculous Power because that is what a good little VBS director does, but secretly I will be thinking about Good times, yeah, good times!

JBL said...

Fishing already? I've been in the ham for almost 10 years and nobody has asked me to go fishing yet. Sounds like you're off to a good start. Anne of Green Gables? Our CG ladies have been getting together lately to watch that (sans michelle). I'm happy to have missed that one. We'll be going to G'ma's in june. See you there?

heather said...

Miss you. Moving away and being new is no fun. But I agree jump in and make friends don't let it feel temporary because then you will hold back. But I miss you all the same and I also can't seem to bring myself to go to the pool house yet either. P.S. what is the half way point? We need to find a park and meet.

Rachel Garcia said...

oh please email me that potato soup recipe..

can't wait to see the pictures of the after.