Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crazy DOES Come in a Bottle

I ventured to Sam's last night with Felix. We listened to Cake and Citizen Cope all the way there and he was dancing and singing. "Hey Momma, why you tuhn from dat song? It's my favrit." Very cute. I would catch him in the rearview mirror with a serious dance face (white man's overbite) and swaying his arms to the beat. My goodness, I give birth to cute children. Anyway, as you well know, I have a love-hate relationship with Sam's Club (if you do not know, well then, I have a love-hate relationship with Sam's). I've known I've needed to go for nearly three weeks, but have put it off, knowing it was going to be an expensive trip. I am offended that I buy a 36-pack roll of toilet paper, and then, four months later, I run out. Hello, 36 rolls of toilet paper should last forever. I am the only woman who lives in my house, so this should be a reasonable request. The same is true with paper towels, napkins, Q-tips, kitty litter, and cat food. I get very annoyed when we run out. I do not know why, in my mind, I think that dispensable items will not run out. We use them and they are, in fact, dispensable. Perhaps I need counseling. Perhaps I will be crazy when I'm fifty. I do not like running out of stuff. Except for shampoo. I do like to run out of shampoo so that I can smell different shampoos to see what NEW shampoo I would like. Sniff, ah. Sniff, ah. I get excited when the shampoo bottle is almost empty. Woo hoo! Time to smell (I mean buy) more shampoo! I like to spend a good ten minutes on the shampoo aisle. And (don't tell Quinn) the boys have gotten into it. "Momma, let me smell it. Ooh, that smells good. Are you gonna get that one, Momma?" It's a fun mother-son thing to do. For crazy, neurotic people who like to "smell" stuff.

This morning I woke up at 5am. This will be standard procedure starting next week (running at 5 before work), but this morning it was because I have a busy day. I am running at 6:30 (did over 4 miles yesterday, I am SO going to run that 10K), and then rush back to shower and take the boys to register for school. I had nightmares last night that I kept showing up at the school without any of the information I needed. When I'm done with this post, I am going to pile what I need by the front door, so that I won't forget stuff. My in-laws are picking up the boys today for a fun time at G'ma's (we'll meet them tomorrow night) and Linda is going to watch them for me while I work next week. They are super-excited. And school? Well, Silas was also up at dark-thirty ready to go register. Corin is nervous, but has mentioned that he is getting more excited about school. Felix says, "I go school, too, Momma, my teachuh Miss Jean. I go school, too. Wight, Momma?" He was very offended that we went to the school the other day and he did not get to play on the playground. It just wasn't right. He let me know how unjust I was, believe me.

Well, I'm off to complete all of the necessary checklists for the day. Good morning to you all! (cut to Kim flying off into the sky-with a cape). And scene.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Der

This is Bucky. He's a deer, otherwise pronounced "der" in the great state of Mississippi. Isn't he cute? Some friends of ours have this sweet little thing in their house (that's right- in. their. HOUSE.) and let us have come and have a little looksee. Scott's friend rescued the deer (it still had it's umbilical cord and seemed to have been abandoned by its mother- unless she was killed) and so he called Scott (because he's apparently a sucker for a baby deer) and Scott took it home so that it, too, wouldn't die. He said when he saw it, the poor thing was listless and weak. He and Woodman took him under their care and he's getting bigger. They'll have to find somewhere for him to go soon, but now he's darling and cute and we got to see him.
He (Bucky) was very nervous with the boys and me, but he was coaxed into licking my hand and then Corin's. He really took to Corin and tried butting heads with him and chewed his hair. It was very sweet. Silas got to see him, too. Felix couldn't get close to him without squealing and startling him, but he did touch him two times. We then watched Woodman feed him a bottle.

It was very cool. It was really neat to see such a tiny little thing thriving. Thanks Scott and Woodman! And thanks Bucky!

Good Reading

I have a troop of boys whooping it up in my house. Instead of being perturbed by an exorbitant amount of children in the house, I rather like it. They choose to play with each other, being boys (or Indians or animals or what have you), and I read blissfully alone. The baby (of course) is asleep in his bed. When he wakes up, I will be the coolest mom ever and take all the boys to Sonic to get a Happy Hour slushy. This is the greatest promotion that Sonic has ever done. We go every week, just about. Today, I will be scrounging up change. I love me a lemon-berry slush. Mmmmm... Cool mom... Cooool...

I have finished Pride and Prejudice and I love it. It makes me want to watch the movie again. And I will, as soon as I'm finished with this post. I must say, my obsession with Pride and Prejudice is beating the pants off my former obsession with Phantom of the Opera. Understand, I still love Phantom, but I never (tried) to read the actual book and have limited knowledge of the subject. With P&P, I have now read the book and seen two different versions of the book in movie form. I have a hankering to read other novels by Jane Austen (Persuasion), and to know more about the author, though I have found out a little information on her on the Internet. Jane Austin never married. Crazy. I cannot dive into Persuasion yet, though, because I have Charlotte Bronte's, Jane Eyre waiting in the wings. I have a long time admiration of Charlotte Bronte (I met her, you know), but have never tried to read Jane Eyre. That will be remedied this week. I have asked to borrow Crissy's copy of the latest BBC version of the novel (EXCELLENT), which she said she would send me. Eagerly awaiting it. (send it today, send it today, send it today)

Well, I have lots (and lots-have you seen the size of Jane Eyre?) of reading to do. I encourage you to drop the vacuum cleaner, the dishes, or the baby (what???) and get to reading your favorite book. Or a classic...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dazed Idleness

I'm idle today.

Not doing much.

I've had a bit of a headache.

Need to be doing more. Like unloading dishwasher. Reloading dishwasher. Changing out laundry. Vacuuming popcorn kernels from the carpet. Removing rings around the toilets.

Reading and messing around on the computer instead.

And shaving off "slivers" of chocolate cake every 30 minutes or so.

Kind of down and nervous with the anticipation of the school year. What will it be like?

The only good thing I've done today is run and decide on Felix's school. Morrison Heights Baptist Child Development Center is where he'll be going. It is expensive-ish and I'm having a hard time with the whole thing.

I've been having food "issues", which is my first weird thing I go to when I feel like I'm not in control of what the heck is going on. The whole summer has been "food issue" summer.

I wish friends could come over for coffee. And a laugh. And to tell me that it's okay for me to not be in control.

Must get off my butt and do something. The house is a wreck.

Edited later:
Quinn came home to find me a weepy mess and, upon my explanation for my tears, quoted
1Thessalonians 5:16-18
16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

In Greek. From memory. How sexy is that? I'm encouraged by him.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

P&P, a Haircut, and Leisurely Chit-Chat

I am watching the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. Forgive me, my Pride and Prejudice purists, but I rather like the more concise version of P&P with Kierra Knightly. The BBC version is more like the book, but I like the reality of the newer version better. For instance, I like that every hair is not in place and the lighting seems more pre-electricity. The women seem less made-up and their clothes seem more realistic. And I prefer Kierra Knightly as Lizzie. And Donald Sutherland as Mr. Bennett. Mr. Collins and Mrs. Bennett are equally annoying in both movies. Quinn keeps commenting that the women in the BBC version look like men. "Isn't that a man?" or "Look at that jaw!" Okay, I'm done.

I cut my husband's hair yesterday. Yes, you may EEK!. I did. It did not turn out as badly as I anticipated, however. This is before:

and this is after:

It's not too terribly shabby. The cost of the haircutting kit was cheaper than getting Quinn's and all of the boys haircuts together, and so I'm resigned to the fact that I will be the one providing their trims. And maybe I'll get better.

Some random stuff:
Last night, we had some of Quinn's friends from Greek over, with their wives. We had a wonderful time and stayed up late chatting and laughing. Two of the couples are planning to go to the mission field after they graduate, one couple to Thailand and the other to the Philippines. I love being the hostess and I'm so thankful for this large house, where we can do just that.

This morning, Stokes called Quinn between Sunday School and Worship and told him that he was coming through Clinton, MS for lunch with the youth (from our church in Birmingham) and could we meet them? We left a few minutes early and ran up to our local Mickey D's to catch them before they continued on to Texas (for a youth trip). I nearly cried seeing them and hugged all the girls. They plan to stop by on their way home Friday and spend a little bit of time here before they go on to Birmingham. I miss home, even though I seem to have adjusted well here. Once again, I remind myself that three years is not that long of a time. Though, by that time, I'm guessing I will have developed some very close relationships here and will be sad to leave.

I'm enjoying my Sunday afternoon lounging about and ignoring the great pile of clean, unfolded laundry heaped on a chair in my room. That is for later. When I'm not lounging about.

Enjoy your family. And your Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pretending in Real Life

I am reading Pride and Prejudice again. This is approximately my 5th time trying to read it. Before, I would get very frustrated with the characters' dialogue and just stop reading it. Now, I SO hate to admit this, since I've seen the Pride and Prejudice movie with Kierra Knightly, I understand the gist of the book and am following along nicely. I feel slightly moronic (even more so since I have admitted my ineptness on here), but I get it and am enjoying the reading of it immensely. Last night we went to dine with our friends, Lincoln and Melinda, and she loaned me the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth (yes, Crissy, I know he's your favorite), as well as some other movies. She also lent me Persuasion (BBC version of Jane Austin's novel), Emma (with Gyneth Paltrow-which I've seen and loved), and Sense and Sensibility (with Emma Thompson-which I've seen bits of). I'm very excited. Melinda told me that before she and Lincoln married, she would have Jane Austin days, where she would play Jane Austin movies all day. Different people would stop by throughout the day to watch with her. I think that is brilliant and want to have one as soon as possible. Except that, for me, it would be "Kim Hill's Movie Extravaganza", followed by the tagline, "movies that Kim loves, has seen a gazillion times, and wants to watch with you. Come on by for some chocolate cake and coffee." Perhaps I would even print up a schedule of events:

8am: Coffee and croissants with Phantom of the Opera (I would do this one first, since I know that I've exhausted this one with all of my friends, and only the truly dedicated would come at 8am)

10:30: Fresh coffee made and snacky foods set out, in lieu of lunch, for a loooong movie.

11am: Jane Eyre (oh yeah, baby-four hours of chicky-flickiness)

3pm: A quick jaunt to the mailbox and fifty jumping jacks to stretch my bones.

3:30: Emma or Sense and Sensibility or Persuasion (I will generously allow my guests to choose)

5:30: Set out new snacky foods for dinner, a big, fat triple chocolate bundt cake, and make some kind of delicious, drinky concoction.

6pm: Pride and Prejudice (with Kierra Knightly). I know that this is the more concise rendition, but it's my pretend movie day and I want it. I love it. I've watched it twice this past week and I'm suppressing the urge to watch it again until after I finish the book.

8pm: Open for discussion.... I want to see Becoming Jane (with Jane Hathaway, but I've not seen it, so I cannot justly choose it to put on my schedule until AFTER I've seen it).

10:30: You all may be laughing at me for thinking I can stay up this late, but, again, it's my pretend movie day, so perhaps I'll do what I wish. Oh, and the movie is Clue. Yes, it does not make sense with the preceding movies, but I love it and it's SOOOOO funny. I'll also admit to you that I like to quote this movie while the movie is running, so be prepared. Melissa will come and we will quote the movie together. And annoy the crap out of everybody else. This, of course, pending that I have not fallen asleep on the couch.

Doesn't that sound like fun? Maybe I could even do a "Favorite Musicals" day. And a "Favorite Shakespeare Movie Day". Can you say Mel Gibson in Hamlet? Or Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet (LOVE that movie)? How about a "Charles Dickens Day"? So many ideas, one tiny post. I'll spare you the schedules.

Thank you, Melinda, for the idea. We had loads of fun last night; Melinda keeps me in stitches. And she is a good, good friend. I'm so glad I've met her.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Running Errands

I'm procrastinating with running. Wednesday I left at 7:30-ish and it was absurdly hot and so I want to leave by 7:00 so that I'm not sweating like a maniac. Mmm, July in the South. I'm excited about training for the 10K (and possibly more) very early in the morning with Andrea (and possibly a couple of others). That will be so much better and I won't have the children with me (they come with me now because of Quinn's job in the middle of the night). The children do NOT enjoy riding their bikes for three miles, as I had hoped they would. Apparently, it's a lot more fun to ride in a driveway with a lot of other children for three hours in the middle of a hot day. However, since I'm the slave driver (and since I'm MILDLY obsessive compulsive about exercise), we go.

Yesterday, I had to go shopping for some unmentionables, with my three darling boys, and this was the conversation before we got out of the car at TJMAXX:

me: Alright, boys. We are going to go in this store and Mommy is going to get some stuff that I need. I need for you to NOT run around and to be mindful of me.

boys in chorus: Yes, ma'am.

me: I do not want you to try on women shoes, throw stuff at each other, use hangers for guns, or hide underneath underwear racks.

boys (with groans) in chorus: Yes, ma'am.

me: I do not want you to take underwear OFF THE RACKS AT ALL. You may not scream and say, 'GROSS'! when you see the underwear. You may not pretend to wear the underwear and walk around doing a funny dance. You may not take bras off the rack and try to capture each other with it.

boys (with laughter) in chorus: Yes, ma'am.

me: Any questions?

No questions and so we got out of the car and filed into the store. The big boys did pretty good playing thumb war and sitting against the wall, where they were instructed to sit. Felix wanted to pull everything off the rack and throw it in the basket. "No, Mommy. I help you!", he would scream when I would put stuff back. "Felix, I don't need you to help me with this." He conceded to this and proceeded to still pull stuff off the rack and ask me if I liked it. "Momma, you like dis one?" After I got onto him again, he proceeded to start kissing my arms, "Momma, I kiss you. Der. Der. Momma! I need to kiss you!" This is also with me interjecting to the big boys to stop screaming "1-2-3-4, I DECLARE A THUMB WAR!" Their thumbs were apparently not enough and so they were standing up and wrestling in the aisle. Then they tried to teach Felix. "Boys, please don't teach Felix 'Thumb War'." Felix screamed, "MOMMA, I WANNA PWAY THUMB WAR, TOO! ME TOO!"

I'm amazed I got anything done. I also got a haircutting kit (ran to Sally's Beauty Supply, bought haircutting scissors, saw that their clippers were really expensive and walked to Marshall's to see what they had, bought a clipper set that included scissors for 25.00, then ran back to Sally's to return the other scissors-all the while grasping at Felix's hand because he wants to "wun to the van, Momma, I hungry!") because Quinn is convinced I can cut his hair. I can cut the boys hair (because they are children and they don't care what their hair looks like), but I'm quite nervous about cutting big man's hair. He's kind of picky about it, but says he's not. I guess I'm going to try and learn. My prediction? He'll be paying for haircuts by January.

Now it's 7:08 and I guess I'm going to broil this morning on my run. Gotta go.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Anticipation of Creepiness

This morning, I'm listening to Laura Clayton's playlist. It's very good and I listen to it everyday. All day. Quinn loves that about me (read: sarcastic). I get excited about something (new CD, new movie) and I'm all about it for weeks. "Are you listening to that, again?" Yep. I enjoy kicking a dead horse, baby. Understand, not a real dead horse, it's just a saying.

Thank you, my friends, for your encouragement. I do not often like to blog about my insecurities and struggles (what a downer!), but I feel that if I am using this as a true journal, then I MUST be honest. As Colonel Mustard says on Clue: "There's safety in numbers, dear". Of course, he's saying that while shaking a wrench at Miss Scarlet. Anyhoo, somehow, there's encouragement in being honest and knowing that others struggle, too. Part of feeling so utterly alone is the fact that we are not honest with one another; fearing looking weak and powerless in front of others. So, I must be honest, lest I wander too far down the helpless path by myself.
Which is sure to be met with more discouragement and temptation for my melancholy heart to despair.

Other news:
Quinn has one more day at UPS! He's very excited and starting in the Admissions department on Monday. Selfishly, I'm glad he won't have to go to bed at 7:00 anymore. I get creeped out at night when I'm sitting by myself. Ever since childhood, I have never liked being the last one to go to sleep in the house. I hear every creak, and jump at every noise. Last night, I watched CSI: New York and was thoroughly terrified that somebody was sitting in my attic, waiting for me to go to sleep. Oh yes, I'm quite morbid.

On morbid thoughts: Now that we are ending summer (I know not officially, but school starts in two weeks), I'm thinking about fall and all the fun, creepy things I like to do in the fall. I'm always reading an Edgar Allen Poe story and quoting The Raven with wide eyes to the terrified children, who ask for it again and again. What can I say? They're my kids. They're already asking about Monster Pizzas and Caramel Apples. Fun times. It's my most creative time of year. I hope to continue the same tradition of reading an Edgar Allen Poe story out loud outside on Thursday nights in October. I loved that. I love fall. Maybe I'll use this picture again soon:

Bwa, ha, ha! Bring on fall!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sensational Glorification of Self

I've been in a lonely state of mind of late. There has not been a great lack of friends (though much less than pre-Mississippi) and I have enjoyed my time with Husband, who is a friend and a great comfort to me. My trouble is, well, it's me.
I've been feeling the depth of my humanity and frailty, and have been caught up in the despair of knowing that I will always struggle, in one way or another, until I kick the bucket.
Romans 7:14, 15
14 For we know that the law is spiritual, but I am of the flesh, sold under sin. 15 For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.

I feel exactly this way. I struggle with my own lack of discipline, concerning things that are of true importance (lke my relationship with Christ), and not meaningless activities. For with meaningless activities, I have great discipline. I obsess over the food I put in my mouth, the size of the skirt I put on my body, the goals that I obtain concerning running, to these things I am dedicated. No fiction that I desire to read goes unread and no blog goes unchecked for some new tidbit. My e-mail is checked constantly and my children are well-dressed with name brands that glorify me as their mother. LAAAA! Look at me! I am to be envied and desired by all! AUGH! Why am I this way? Why must I constantly fight (or give in) to this flesh? And, the thing is, it's not horrible to want to eat well, it's good for my body to be well-maintained by exercise and proper eating. I ENJOY these activites, as well as, reading and blogging. My children are never underfed (have you met Felix?) or underdressed; I care for their needs as their mother. I have no balance. If I were to swing in the opposite direction with my food, then I would be gluttonous; if I were to stop exercising, then I would feel lousy and have no energy. Must I worship these things? Must I create these mundane activities for idols? I make my own rules to live by and guard them with my life. I do not require that you keep them, but I fight judging you when you don't. Even if you don't know my rules. I love the law, but know the law convicts me because I cannot keep it. Even though these are MY MADE-UP RULES. I will fail against them as well. I cannot keep straight, I will constantly fail. And do, everyday.

Aside from Christ, there is no good in me. It's interesting that I desire praise and glory, because they are so temporary and have no lasting importance. Even to me. They are forgotten 10 minutes after they are spoken because I am seeking NEW praise and adoration for the glorification of myself. Sigh.
Romans 7: 24, 25
24 Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? 25 Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, I myself serve the law of God with my mind, but with my flesh I serve the law of sin.

My only comfort is that I am covered by Christ. He knows me and knows my altars to sin. Romans 8:1,2
8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. [1] 2 For the law of the Spirit of life has set you [2] free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death. 3 For God has done what the law, weakened by the flesh, could not do

Today I'm disgusted by my own inadequecies.
Nothing unifies like a common enemy
And we've got one, sure as hell.
He may be living in your house.
He may be raising up your kids.
He may be sleeping with your wife.
Well, he may not look like you think.
Derek Webb
A King and a Kingdom
My own worst enemy is me.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

High Hopes to be a Domestic Goddess

I have a messy kitchen. My dining room chairs are in the kitchen, because I vacuumed under the table. I have laundry folded on the couch, ready to be put away. I need to dust the fans and furniture downstairs. HOWEVER, today I have acquired this chair and I've just finished cleaning the slipcover and vacuuming the whole chair. Despite my best efforts to de-rid the chair of mustiness, it still smells musty. I acquired it through the seminary Clothes Closet today. It's very comfortable and the chair underneath actually is in very good condition, it's just hideous. Very hotel-ish. And now I'm sitting on my couch and admiring it. Pretty cool, huh?

These are in my refrigerator. They are (do you not know?) rotten bananas. More like banana soup. Gross to look at and they don't smell good either. I cannot throw rotting bananas in the garbage. When they get a little spotty and start turning, I throw them in the freezer. They make great banana bread. They've been thawing for two days and I need to make the bread. But I'm blogging instead. Which is excellent for you because I'm about to give you the best banana bread recipe known to mankind. I dare you to find one better, and if you do, then you have to make one for me so that I can REALLY see if it's better or see if you're just trying to show me up. I know you. You're like that.
Banana Bread
1 cup oil
2 1/2 cups of sugar
4 eggs
1/4 cup milk
3 cups self-rising flour
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 salt
4-5 bananas(2 cups mashed)
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup chopped pecans

Mix wet ingredients in small bowl. Mix dry ingredients in big bowl. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix just until ingredients are combined (mixture will be lumpy). Pour into two greased loaf pans. Bake at 325 degrees for 50 minutes to an hour (or until toothpick comes out clean).
It's very good hot, but it's even better if you remove the bread from the pan, let it cool for about 15 minutes or so, and then wrap it up with foil or cling wrap and let it "sweat" overnight. Mmmmmm...

Try it out.

Black Coffee, Angels, and a Chair

I have coffee, but no creamer. I want creamer. I feel rather surly this morning after taking a Benadryll last night because my legs felt like a million bugs were crawling underneath the flesh. Nice. I do not know why they were so itchy. But it was very annoying. After rubbing all kinds of lotions and other remedies on them for two hours, and nothing working, I popped a Benadryll. It helped a little, but really just knocked me out. My legs are still rather itchy this morning. Grrrr...

As a spur of the moment idea (and 'cause that's just how fun I am), I took the boys over to the pool yesterday evening to swim with friends. That's when the itching started. hmmmm... Does anybody else ever get itchy swimming in a salt water pool? I've never done that before, but Silas does occasionally, but only after swimming in the salt water pools. Maybe I'll google it. When I'm not grouchy.

I found heavy whipping cream in my fridge, substituting for Coffeemate's Creme Brulee. Not an excellent substitute, but workable. I've been wanting to switch to black (for caloric reasons and to try and cut back on unnecessaries at the store), but I never want to switch to black when I wake up in the morning.

We've been cutting way back. I've been trying to make more stuff from scratch (soooo much cheaper) and not buy unnecessary, highly processed snack foods. We have been spending more on fruits and vegetables, but a lot less on the cracker, chip, and cookie aisle. Now if I could just relinquish my love of buying corndogs. I do not know why I like to have corndogs in my freezer. I do not like corndogs. All of my boys (including hubs) like corndogs, and it is my easy way out of a meal (or two) a week. I also had developed a VERY bad habit of not feeding my children before running errands and just pulling through a drive-through for a "bite". This can range from $8.00 (if I only order from the dollar menu with waters to drink) to $15.00 (if I go to Chik Fil-A) and, even though it is a cheap meal, it can (and has) hurt our skimpy purse. Going out to dinner is now a humongous treat, not just for the busies, but for me as well. We've also started doing something called Angel Food Ministries. This ministry is across the United States and is for everybody who wants to participate. There is no paperwork to fill out and no "appointment with a mean government worker who hates her job". They are usually through a church, but the service is non-denominational and non-profit. Basically, what you do is sign up for their food package, which is $30.00, and then, after purchasing the initial package, you can sign up for extra specials. This is the menu and specials for August:

August 2008

Download Menu
1.5 lb.
Ribeye Steaks (4 x 6 oz.)
5 lb.
Chicken Leg Quarters
28 oz.
Chicken Breast Nuggets
28 oz.
Salisbury Steak Dinner Entrée
32 oz.
Breaded Chicken Breast Filets
16 oz.
Smoked Sausage
16 oz.
California Blend Frozen Vegetables
16 oz.
Frozen Carrots
16 oz.
Frozen Chopped Spinach
10 ct.
Frozen Waffles
16 oz.
Bean Soup Mix
1 lb.
9 oz.
Instant Potatoes (14 servings)
15 oz.
Sliced Peaches
32 oz.
Borden Shelf Stable Milk

One Dozen Eggs

One Dessert Item

* includes applicable sales tax and administrative costs.


** One or more specials available only with the purchase of a regular unit. **
7 lb. Family Assorted Grill Box - $20.00
(1.5 lb Baseball Cut Sirloin Filet (4 x 6 oz.) (Thick-Cut)
2 lbs Juicy Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
2 lbs St. Louis-Style Ribs
1.5 lb Hamburger Patties (4 x 6 oz.))

4.5 lb. Steak and Meat Combo - $20.00
(1.5 lb. New York Strips (2 x 12 oz.)
1.5 lb. Bacon-Wrapped Beef Filet (4 x 6 oz.)
1.5 lb. Bacon-Wrapped Pork Filet (4 x 6 oz.))

4.5 lb. Stuffed Chicken Breast Combo - $18.00
(1.5 lb. Cordon Bleu (4 x 6 oz.)
1.5 lb. Broccoli Cheese (4 x 6 oz.)
1.5 lb. Chicken Breast Kiev (4 x 6 oz.))

Fresh Fruit and Veggie Box - $18.00
(4 Red Delicious Apples
4 lb Bag of Oranges
1 Cello-wrapped Lettuce
1 Large Cabbage
6 Russet Potatoes
2 Cucumbers
1 Cantaloupe
1 Honeydew Melon)

We plan, for August, to get the initial menu (you have to) and then get Specials #1 and #4. That's just under $70.00 for a ton of food! What I love about it, is that it is available to anyone who needs or wants to use it. What I don't like is the processed foods, but you really get a lot of fresh and frozen fruits and veggies and staples. You just have to sign up for it. You can look at the website to see what church near you participates and find out their sign-up dates.

Ah, on my second cup of coffee and, this time, it's black. Sssiipp. So gross. Back for the heavy cream.

Today will be a fun day. I'm taking the boys to the playground at eight to meet some friends (before it gets sweltering) and then to swim, then home and then to the Seminary Clothes Closet to see what's new there. Our red chair (my most favorite red chaise lounge) keeps breaking at the leg and I need to find some other kind of wing chair (or something) for my living room. The seminary provides the "Clothes Closet" (even though it's a lot more than just clothes) free to seminary families. That's great because the thrift stores in Jackson are not good. Or maybe they're okay, but Birmingham's are spectacular, super-amazing! (not exaggerating) Here's to a great chair (clink)!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cypress Trees, Susans, and a Reality Check

A few weeks ago, I went to G'mas by myself (the boys had already gone over with Quinn's mom) via the Natchez Trace. If you've never had the opportunity to drive on the Natchez Trace, I assure you, it is a treat. It is a two-lane road with no gas stations, billboards, stoplights, or traffic. It is only beautiful countryside, with an occasional pull-off to look at more pretty nature scenes. These pictures are from the Tupelo Bald-Cypress Swamp. I've always wanted to stop and since I wasn't in a hurry, I pulled into take some shots. I actually drove past it, thought, "why did I drive past that?" and then turned around to take advantage of being alone and take some pictures. I love cypress trees. There's something about them that doesn't seem real. I was by myself on the bridge in the middle of the trees and it was so quiet and still. It seems so trite to try and put it into words. I enjoyed myself.

I'll say I enjoyed myself until an elderly man appeared at the top of the bridge and asked me if I had seen any alligators. And, I'm done. I was at the top of the stairs to the bridge WAY faster than I had made my way down. My romantic revelry was over. I hopped back into my car and continued on my way, stopping twice more to take some pictures of Black-Eyed Susans.
It was a good trip.

On a completely different note...
I went to Wal-mart today to righteously return my items and complain to the manager. The manager was very apologetic. I accepted her apology and left the store, Wal-mart flier in hand, headed out to other stores to get the rest of what I needed. The thing is... Office Depot had notebook paper for .15. Target had notebooks for .10. There is no Staples in Jackson. And no store would match Wal-mart's advertised prices. Two different managers, from two different stores, actually said with a laugh, "Wal-mart prices? No, we don't match Wal-mart prices." Almost word for word. How annoying. And I'm picturing the Wal-mart big wigs sitting around their very important table and curling their fingers saying, "Come back, dear. You know we're the cheapest. Why would you drive around town when you could come here?" Of course, they're saying this in their evil sing-song, hypnotic voices and I'm wooed once again. I'll sell out again. I know it. CURSES!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wal-Mart Fairytale

A long time ago, in a land not too far away, there lived a girl. She was an interesting thing, loving to do cartwheels in big fields (but only if the grass wasn't too long- snakes, you know) and randomly sing showtunes. She was the only girl living in her house with her prince and their three darling, innocent boys, of whom she adored.

One evening, while she was fixing a gourmet dinner of corndogs and french fries, her dear prince brought her the mail. "Oh look, darling!" she exclaimed as she read a flier, "there's a Back to School sale going on at Wal-mart starting Sunday." He nodded his approval and she smiled her innocent, sweet smile back at him while she doled out raw carrots on paper plates. "Those are such good prices, "she thought, "I'll be able to get everything I need for such a good price." She danced about the kitchen, cleaning up after the mess she made, and sat down with her family, excited about the prospect of saving her dear family money.

The days rolled by and finally Sunday morning dawned, bright and clear. She yawned and stretched, gazing at the clock that read 5:30am. "I know it is so early, but I must get a jump on things if I am to be the first one to arrive at the big sale!" So our dear heroine jumped out of bed and readied herself for the big sale. "I just can't wait!" She just couldn't wait.

It must be told that she briefly thought on the way to the store, "what if they don't have what I need?" Poor darling. But she dismissed those dismal thoughts and said to herself, "of course they'll have what I need; it's the first day of the sale!" Then she turned on some sunshiny music and sang as she drove into the parking lot of the grand Wal-mart. She walked into the store and hauled out her list of school supplies she needed, did a quick second check, grabbed a grocery cart, and skipped a little as she made her way to the special area designated for the school supplies.

But, dear me, what did she find? All of the school supply bins were empty or nearly empty. "Oh dear!" she thought, "This will never do." She searched the shelves around the school supply bins and found that most of what she needed was not there. "Help! Help!", she cried. "Can't anyone help me?" But, no one came to her aid. She searched high and low and became quite anxious (and maybe a little angry) until she found someone. "Excuse me," she said, not as sweetly as she could've, "but may I speak to a manager." He grouchily replied that he would call someone. So our dear heroine waited and waited until a very gruff, unhappy troll approached her. "Can I help you?", he asked in his gruff voice. She tried not to be frightened, as not to show him her fear, and said, "Kind sir, I came today to your lovely store to partake of your Back to School sale. And all of the things that I came here for are gone!" He looked at her face (charming face) and growled, "didn't know anything about it." And then he turned and went back to his lair. The poor thing! She was certainly unhappy. Her step had lost its bounce and her smile had disappeared! All that time wasted. She was such at a loss, that she didn't know quite what to do. She went and purchased the things she had found, was checked out by a surly, old witch, and then slowly walked back to her awaiting vehicle. She drove home, letting a lone tear slide down her disappointed cheek.

She came home and told her troubles to her waiting prince. He was kind and gave her a much-needed hug and encouraged her. She looked at her receipt and saw that she had been charged more for the items she bought than what was on her flier. Sigh. "I think I'm just going to return everything!", she said to her dearest, "and I think I'm going to call their store and complain!" Oh my! She was certainly not pleased. She did try to call, but was unable to reach anyone, since their lines didn't open until noon on Sundays. Unfortunately, another sigh escaped our poor heroine's lips. She gathered herself together and decided to just sit on things for a bit.

That afternoon, she sent a polite, discouraging e-mail to the store in question. And then she sat, patiently waiting for their response. The last time I saw her, she was holding her breath.

What is the moral of this story? Pick up your Wal-Mart Back to Sale Flier and go somewhere else that will honor Wal-mart's advertised prices.

True story.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kim Taylor_I Can't Leave You

I'm so excited I've seen this! Love her voice, can't wait to get more of it.

Laura Morgan and Rachel Williamson, you will love Kim Taylor.

Family Date

We had a good time bowling last night. The place we went to was called Indian Lanes and was, shall we say, antiquated. All of the lanes showed much use, and the bowling balls kept getting stuck behind the pins. The manager finally told us to not bowl at the same time as the bowler in the next lane. Ah, okay. The children enjoyed it immensely, however, and did not notice the chipped bowling balls and worn lanes. Felix thought it especially fun to throw down a big, heavy ball as much as he wished. As soon as he would throw it down, he would head back to us, with a big smile on his face, completely ignoring the ball that was s-l-o-w-l-y making its way to the battered pins.
The big boys were much more competitive and did very well in trying not to hit the gutter guards. Quinn and I are excellent bowlers (in our own minds) and enjoyed each our game against one another with relish (he won the first game and I, the second).

We came back to the house for cupcakes and a round of 'Happy Birthday to you' to Felix. Doggone if they didn't have Bob the Builder anything at Walmart, so I just made plain cupcakes with chocolate frosting and cream cheese frosting. De-lish. AND I had black and white birthday candles to match.

All in all, an excellent evening. This has been a good summer, despite the big move. Quinn and I have found a new found liking for one another and have, again, become each other's confidante in all things. I enjoy his company and bug him when he's studying, which he seems to enjoy. Wink. He's doing very well in Greek, despite his pessimism and hasn't made below a 92 on the quizzes. He made a 96 on the big test this past Wednesday. He's halfway done with the class, and I believe he'll start breathing easier after this next week is done at UPS. He starts work the next week in the Admissions office at RTS, which is the best paying job on campus for students. I'll be glad when that begins, for his sake.

This summer has also been good for the boys, just to be with us and for our family to enjoy one another. Corin told us the other day that he's excited about "big school" (which we've been hoping for) and I think it's been easier for him to talk to us about his fears. Silas waits impatiently for school to start. I think, for him, school will be a party everyday (or so he thinks) and he will enjoy being around lots of children ALL THE TIME. We're still trying to decide about Beex. We've found a good school, but I would still prefer a family, one that I hand choose and who are eager for a friendly, affectionate three-year old who is as strong as an ox and has a voracious appetite. Please pray for our decision.

I must attend to the Saturday duties.
After thought: I dearly love this outlet for my thoughts. It is good for my brain and my well-being. Thanks for reading, friends.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hack, Eggshell, Tan, and, ah, a Half Marathon?

I'm making coffee. I need coffee. I have felt like a groggy mess this week. My wretched cold last week went away pretty quickly, but I was left with a lingering cough that has prohibited me from running and has had me waking up sounding like I smoke a pack a day. On Monday morning, I had to report to the Education Distract Office to do my fingerprinting and such for the jobby job. I hacked my way through the entire process, feeling much like a contagious disease. There were two other women who were there as well, and I'm SURE they appreciated my hackiness. Excuse me, coffee calls...

Aahhhhh... That's better. Slurrrp. Something interesting I've noticed, I only like fresh, fresh coffee. So, because I have two cups of coffee in the morning, I suck down the first one very quickly, so that I can get my second cup while it is still fresh-ish. Yeah, I think I've destroyed my tastebuds because of this. I burn my tongue everyday.

Today is the day we're celebrating Felix's birthday. He got up at 12:30am to remind me to make cupcakes. He was promptly marched back upstairs to his bed. We have decided to go bowling to celebrate after Greek. And probably get "clushies" (Felix-ism) from Sonic.

I got an eggshell from a boiled egg stuck under my thumbnail yesterday. It hurts worse than you think it should. I also didn't realize how often I use my thumbnail to do stuff.

We've been going to the pool everyday this week. I have a SOLID tan, except that I don't enjoy having a tan anymore. To me, it means lots of freckles and white scars that stand out on my flesh. And more wrinkles. I coat, COAT myself in 40spf sunscreen, wear my hat, sunglasses, and I'm really close to wearing long sleeves and leggings. All black, of course. (snap, snap) However, this is impractical since my three year old has decided he can swim without "cloaties" on (which he can't) and I have to catch him as he jumps in the pool over and over. I have been so surprised (and proud) of Silas and Felix this summer. In June, they were both very afraid of the water (Silas insisted on floaties and Felix insisted on the stairs), but now Silas is swimming the length of the Seminary pool without assistance (or floaties) and is eager to learn the breast stroke, how to dive, and how to float on his back. Felix has, in the last couple of days, wanted to swim without his floaties and jumps in the water with a big smile. Corin has been able to swim like a fish since he was five. He swam 40 laps in the pool with me yesterday. I do enjoy a tan on my children. They look healthy and handsome with their skin brown. They also got the trace Indian blood that Quinn carries and tan easily, without burning. Quinn and I sure do make pretty kids. Just thought I'd throw that in.

I'm hoping to start running again soon. I think (lofty, LOFTY) Andrea and I are going to start training for a 10K first and then, maybe, MAYBE a half marathon. As I've stated before, Andrea is a much better athlete than me (ha. I'm not REALLY an athlete, I just like to run occasionally) and she is encouraging me to step up what I already know. I know that since I've trained (and cun run with ease, well, slowly with ease) a 5K, I know that I just need to learn how to run longer. It IS possible, it just seems like a lot of running. Any tips from you long distance runners? We'll be training at 5am (before I go to work).

I must go and attend the pressing needs of the day... cupcakes and some kind of Bob the Builder top. And maybe wash the sheets. And the bathtubs are a little slimy. And, of course, my OCD need to wash every last piece of dirty laundry in the house. And then smell every clean piece from the dryer as I fold it. Sniifff, ah. Sniiff, ah. Sniiff, ah. Sniiff, ah. You get the picture.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Facebook and Old Friends

I signed up for Facebook a while back, not really wanting to (I enjoy this SO much more), but almost feeling like I had to (though that sounds absurd). I touch it about once a week, do not participate in the "throwing stuff at", or "pieces of flair", or the games that I've been invited to. I've an addictive nature and do not often recognize my limits, so if I do not start any of those things then I'm not tempted by them. I start one, I start all. If you have invited me to any of those things and I have ignored your request, please do not be offended.

A week-ish ago, a man named John Boehm requested becoming my friend. I do not know John Boehm, but recognized his name and the fact that he was from Florida Bible College. I attended FBC immediately after graduating high school and spent most of my time there cutting class to go to the beach or barely scraping by with my grades. However, I made many good friends there and enjoyed my early college "experience" immensely, despite having to wear a dress everyday (pooh to legalism). The school closed with scandal in 1996 and I transferred briefly to another college, and finally made it to Southeastern Bible College, where I eventually graduated. Anyway, I consented to becoming Mr. Boehm's friend and went on my merry way, thinking of old times and old friends from FBC. With my initial joining of Facebook, I made several reconnections with old friends and have been happy to be friends again.

Mr. Boehm must've been very busy hunting up old FBCers, because within the next few days, I have become "friends" (Facebook term) with several more old friends that I have been very happy to be reacquainted with. It has been fun to reminisce with the ghosts of the pasts and remember fondly the days of yore.

I remember walking to class with girlfriends on several (lots and lots) occasions, talking about going to the beach, glancing at each other, then turning around, grabbing a swimsuit and towel (no sunscreen, EVER) and driving to the beach instead of attending class. I remember being a cheerleader (in a very conservative uniform) at our basketball games and doing dramatic skits for chapel. I remember listening to DCTALK very loudly in the dorms (and secular music-strictly prohibited- very softly). I remember smoking a clove cigarette once, (probably when I was supposed to be at class) getting very sick from it, and resolving to never do it again. I still get nauseated when I smell them. I remember great crowds of us in the lobby, playing intruments, singing, laughing, and telling ghost stories (I would cry at the ghost stories because I was so scared) until very late at night. I remember a month long road trip, with very little money and plenty of arguements, with a group of friends. I have great stories from that trip, which currently are crowding my mind, trying to be forefront. I remember Yab Yums and pranks, irresponsibility and unrealized freedom, (I would still call mom to ask her if I could do stuff, to which she replied, "you're in college now, let me know if you're going out of state.")laughter and tears, new revelations and immerging adulthood.

Ah... How fun to indulge in a romp about my memories. I do not wish to relive those times (I cringe with remembrance of very stupid decisions), but only to remember them with fondness, and chat with old friends, laughing over our foolishness. I still cannot believe I'm an adult.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yesterday, I went to the seminary pool (we've been everyday since we got back home Saturday) and met Andrea to let our children swim together. While we were there, we were invited to a birthday party that evening of a little boy who had the same B-day as Beex. It was to be after Quinn had gone to bed, so we decided to go. By the way, try explaining to your newly three-year old and his big brothers that the birthday party was not for him.
me @6:15: "Alright guys, are y'all ready to go?"
boys: "Yea!"
Felix: "It's my buhfday pawty!"
me: "No, babe, it's Cade's birthday party."
Felix: "No, momma. You say it's my buhfday, a'day. You say dat."
me: "It is your birthday, sweetie, but your party will be in a couple of days; today is Cade's birthday, too and he is having a party tonight."
Silas: "Well, we can just say it's Beex's party, too. Right, Momma?"
me: "No, we cannot say that. It's Cade's party and we're his guests."
Corin: "Well, maybe everybody can sing Happy Birthday to Felix together!"
me: "I'm sorry guys, but we cannot do that. That would be rude to ask. But we'll have a party for Felix in a couple of days and do something special."
Felix: "Momma, I have cake at da buhfday party? You say dat?"
Ah, the real reason for any birthday party. me: "Yes, Felix, you can have cake."

So we go to the Seminary townhouses to attend the party for Cade. It's fun and there are lots of children for my kids to play with. I got to know some other moms I hadn't met yet. There are bubbles and balloons (which I hate-the older I get, the more I hate them), a dragon who breathed fire (the daddy with a squirt bottle) and tried to steal the kids "treasures" (a candy ring). The children had a great time playing the games.

After the games, the children headed for the picnic tables (it's an outside party) and the glorious cake (a castle made out of pound cake and icecream sandwiches (oh yeah, it was good). I see Cade's Daddy looking at the punch bowl, with a big square of rainbow sherbert lying in it, while he's holding a 2-liter of Sprite. He looks confused. There are two 2-liters and 2 containers of White Grape Juice. He has tried to ask his wife what to do with the punch, but she's distracted by the cake and doesn't hear him. Being a woman who has poured Sprite in a punch bowl before, I offer to help him. "Here. Open the White Grape Juice and I'll get the Sprite and we'll pour it on top of the sherbert together, slowly." He looks relieved and we commence punch making. And then, when the punch bowl is nearly full, it splits completely in half. Perfectly so. Like it was part of a fraction lesson for children. "What does 1/2 and 1/2 make? One whole punch bowl!" We (Cade's dad-of whom I have failed to get his name- and I) are so stunned that we do not stop pouring the juice and Sprite for about three seconds after it breaks. Being quick thinkers, we just stand there watching it spill on everything. I want to save it, but am awestruck by the mess. Some other people, probably thinking I'm the biggest idiot ever, come to our rescue and save the big hunk of sherbert and somebody else goes to get another punch bowl. There is punch on everything. I snap back to reality and try to help clean up some, but there is really so much you can do with party napkins and, besides, the party is outside, what's the big deal? The party goes on. I, however, have been dealt the "spill it" card and proceed to humiliate myself over and over by spilling drinks. I knocked over a glass of Coke and spilled three cups of punch, one of which landed directly in my lap, so I looked like I had wet myself. This is, of course, happening throughout the merrymaking of cake and presents. One other dad, HIS name was Nick and his wife was Blair (which is my maiden name), raised his eyebrows at me after I spilt the final cup of punch and asked, "is this a habit of yours?"
Apparently, it is.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Beex!

Today my baby is three. "Today I'm fwee!", he says. I can hardly believe my baby is three. It just seems like yesterday when he had his horrible skin allergies and had a hard time sleeping, due to itchiness. He was the most pathetic looking 6 month old, with seeping wounds and pleading little eyes. We didn't find out until he was 7 months old that he had extensive food allergies that caused his eczema. They really didn't start to clear up until he quit nursing, at nine months. Poor thing. Now he's a bouncing, energetic, HUNGRY, little man. "I bigga now" is his response to everything he wants to do by himself. This, of course, includes brushing his teeth, dressing himself, fixing his food, playing the Gamecube (cursed video games), riding his bike (which he hasn't quite got the knack of yet), and driving, by himself, the four-wheeler. He feels unjustly treated if he doesn't get to do all these things by himself. "But I bigga, Momma!" Yes, yes, but that doesn't mean that you get to put three inches of toothpaste on your toothbrush and then proceed to swallow it. Bleah. If he is quiet too long, then I go see if he's brushing his teeth. It seems to be his new obsession that I won't let him do by himself. I am outrageously unfair. It's my job.

We won't actually celebrate his birthday today. Quinn has a big test tomorrow in Greek and so we will celebrate on Friday night. He keeps insisting on a Bob the Builder cake (thanks a lot, Missy), which I cannot possibly do, so I'll probably end up buying a little Bob the Builder figurine thingy and sitting it on a chocolate cake. Voila!

This is last year, at the pool house, celebrating his 2nd birthday. My baby is getting big. He's outgrowing his things faster than I can keep up with and I simply cannot believe he will turn six when we will be done here.
Happy Birthday, Sweet Cheeks Beex!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Flames on the side of my face

I laugh so, SO hard when I watch this clip from the movie Clue. Love it. I'm also getting a wee bit afraid of Josh (hat guy) and his threats for revenge, so I'm trying to distract him. See (ha, ha)... Look Josh! Madeline Kahn is SO funny. Funny? Don't, um, you... uh, think so, too? Fun-ny.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Glorious Day

It has been lovely being home. My dear husband missed us and has enjoyed us being back. We had a wonderfully lazy day and I'm planning on hitting the bed for the second night in a row at 8:00.

I went to see my sister-in-law and my new baby niece, Macey McKay (of course, Macey Mac will be her nickname- at least for Aunt Kimmy, or even M&M), on the way home yesterday and the boys got to love on her a bit. Felix really, REALLY loved on her, digging her piggies out of her tightly wound blankey so that he could kiss them again and again. He even got to hold her, but was very rough about his kisses. Corin and Silas were gentle and sweet and asking for a baby sister from me. Not quite yet.

Look at that sweet look Silas has as he is holding her. She's a chubby little thing, weighing in at 9lb and 7 oz. I wonder what it's like having a girl...

Never mind that (for now anyway). I have read much of Little Women today and have enjoyed time with my husband and boys. We went, again, to Providence Pres (the one that's two minutes away) and I really enjoyed the service. I attended a women's Sunday School class and have made a couple of new friends. I'm hoping we land there for our time here. OH! I also met a woman named Elizabeth who asked me if I had a blog. I said, "yeeeesss" kind of slow (no one's asked me that before) and she had found my blog from searching for RTS students. She has one, too and is supposed to leave me a link to hers (hint, hint Elizabeth). I'm famous! Yes, yes, you too shall one day be recognized for your blog. Like me. By one person. Ahem.

I just took this picture of Silas with Bella, our cat.
Quinn said she missed us so much while we were gone, following him around and meowing pathetically. She loves to sleep with the boys and she often does her little paw-paw like that on their faces while they sleep. It is so sweet and the boys love her very much. She really is more like a dog than a cat. We've had her since we found out, while pregnant, that our third was a boy. I looked at Quinn and said, "I want a cat. A girl cat." Quinn reluctantly agreed (it's so much easier to just AGREE with the crazy pregnant woman who throws up every day) and a week later we acquired Bella through a friend. She's been the best cat ever.

Both the big boys prayed tonight, thanking God for our time with our friends last week. I'm glad they had such a good time. Corin then prayed for "Daddy to do good in Greek". He needs it. I've never seen him study so much. I'm a wee bit jealous of Greek, with her pretty curves and interesting pronunciations. She's taking up an awful lot of my man's time. It's a good thing he likes me better.

Tomorrow is my final (uh, hopefully) thing to do before I'm officially hired by the school. I have to go in and be finger-printed, drug-tested, and background-checked. Yikes. Things like that always make me nervous. What if some fluke happens and I test positive for Heroin (never have done it), or what if my name pops up on the background check as a former felon (never have been one)? I always think of Miss Peacock from the movie Clue (you've never seen it??????????????? top fave), all flustered, saying, "my life is an open book- I've never done anything wrong!" This, of course, is followed by a nervous drag on a cigarette and Wadsworth (Tim Curry- seriously- you have to see the movie) revealing that she was being blackmailed because she accepted bribes for her husband, a senator in Washington, DC. I need that movie on DVD. I LOVE that movie. I distinctly remember driving my family crazy with that movie when I was a teenager. Anyway, I picture myself sitting there nervously (not taking long, nervous drags on my cigarette) while I wait to be told that I'm clear. Phew. That was close.

I worry too much.

Well, off to bed. Nighty-night you dozens of bloggers who are my loyal readers. Don't let the bed bugs bite.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


For those who spent time at the pool house this week:

There is a small pile of clothes that were left here this week and a host of beach towels that I do not recognize as the pool house's. If you are missing stuff, it could be here. I think there is even a pair of shoes.

And, yes, Missy, Logan's Camp Cornerstone shirt with LL marked in the tag is here in the pile of clothes.

Of course, they are all clean, because of my mild obsession with clean laundry. You may be comforted to know that I personally smell each piece as they come out of the dryer. Is that comforting, or is that just me?

Friday, July 11, 2008


Tomorrow morning I leave.

I miss the hubs. Really miss him.

I get to see my new niece on my way home tomorrow.

I get to drive in the car with children who have awesome gag reflexes (yep, Felix threw up on the way here last Saturday).

It wasn't as hard to say goodbye tonight to the ladies from my church. I'm glad. We're family, so I'll see them again soon.

I'm kind of expecting a minor meltdown from my eldest tomorrow about missing his friends.

I have, what I would've called 10 years ago, a nice tan. Now, I just call it freckles and age spots. Thus, the large hat and enormous sunglasses. I've been in or around the pool everyday this week.

I just got home from eating at Macaroni Grill with a big crew of ladies from Community. It is our annual "Yea! Canp Cornerstone is done, so let's eat out and then laugh too loud in the stores at the Summit!" dinner. It was a blast and we disturbed others in the restaurant. It may be one of my favorite things about Camp Cornerstone. So fun. Lots of loud, LOUD laughing and henning.

I'm pooped. Going to bed.

New Niece

I have a brand new niece! I kidnapped this picture from Woodman's blog, who is also the aunt of this new beauty. She does not have a name yet (big sisters, Karis and Ansley, are calling her Rose), but isn't she just a cute, little chunky monkey? Congrats Kerri and Mitt!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Classic Summer

Not just in this way:

But also in my endeavor to read the classics that I was encouraged to read in Junior High and High School. Because I was a snot-nosed, know-it-all teenager, I did not WANT to read what was recommended to me, but chose to read mostly trash.

I have finished The House of Seven Gables by Nathanial Hawthorne, 'Til We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis (incredible, by the way), and am currently reading Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I have, under recommendation, just finished watching the BBC version of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and am now wanting to attack the book as soon as I get home. Wow. What a great, GREAT story. Now I KNOW why these books are classics. Throw in a little Edgar Allen Poe short story between my books and I'm good to go. If you are looking for a good Edgar Allen Poe book that you may want to read to your older children on those cheery summer nights that you're looking for them to lose sleep, do what I do. Read this:

Okay, so that's super tiny. The book is called, Edgar Allen Poe's Tales of Mystery and Madness. It is illustrated by Gris Grimly and is just so cool. It's an absolute favorite of mine.

I'm having a great time and am going to bed at 11:30 for the second night in a row. After I read a chapter in Little Women, of course. 'Til Tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Upside Down

I have forgotten to mention in the past couple of posts but, I got the job! I found out on Monday around noon, but have forgotten to mention it (um, wretched cold). I am excited, in a confused-but-I-wasn't-looking-for-a-job kind of way. It seems strange that the job practically popped in my lap. I never made a resume, never spent two weeks filling out applications, never coached myself in the mirror that I WAS worth the hire (doesn't everybody do that?).

Perhaps God is providing a way for my family that we weren't expecting. Maybe God was well aware that UPS was going to push my husband to absolute exhaustion physically. We didn't move to Mississippi for my husband to work at UPS. We moved there for him to finish seminary, and to finish quickly (well, three years is quick for a Master of Divinity). Otherwise, I was perfectly happy in Moody, AL.

I'm still a little stunned. I've always stayed at home (and found ways to make money from home) and for the last two years, we've homeschooled. Now, my life is drastically changed. I'm not disappointed. I'm not overwhelmed (well, not yet anyway). I'm not sobbing at every turn (again-NOT YET). Maybe my life isn't drastically changing. I think it's changed little by little over the course of this past year and I've been accepting it in small bites. Perhaps, God has been transforming me into something I couldn't have been a year ago, so that Quinn can do what he's been called to do.

Quinn is turning his notice into UPS tomorrow. He has a job lined up with the seminary that -incidentally- will not be in the middle of the night.

Jehovah-Jirah (The Lord Provides) cares for me.

A Hard Life

This picture basically sums up what I've been doing this week. Going to Camp Cornerstone, coming back to the Pool House, eating lunch, and donning a bathing suit with good friends until early evening. We sit and joke and I freak out about the children every two minutes or so. I've decided I do not want to have my own pool someday. I have nightmares every night about drownings and snakes (I don't know why I have dreams about snakes in the pool). I'm having a MAH-ve-lous time and am pretty much over my cold. Well, the uncomfortable, painful part of my cold anyhow.

I have blog ideas out the yin-yang and so I hope to have something incredibly entertaining posted by the days' end. Life is so busy when you have to lay out by the pool, drinking slushy drinks, and laugh with your friends. It's so very, very hard.

Thanks, Virge, for letting me steal your pic.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Wretched Cold

I'm absolutely exhausted, but am feeling that I should touch base with the world. Of course, it must done in a random list format. And, because I'm the biggest wimp alive, I must link everything that I'm doing with my wretched cold.

First, I have a wretched cold. WRETCHED. Sore throat and headache and the whole business. I'm Zycaming like nobody's business.

I'm in Birmingham for the week and it's fabulous. I'm loving hanging out with friends and enjoying the familiarity of being home, even though I have a wretched cold.

My home church is doing our version (snotty Presbyterian voice) of VBS that we call "Camp Cornerstone". I have traditionally helped with the music (the fun, super, exciting cheerleader!!!!!!!!) and this year is no different. I love to do it, despite my wretched cold.

For some insane reason, I passed up a gorgeous pair of brand new Ralph Lauren seersucker pants (with the tags still on!) at the thrift store today. WRETCH-ED cold. Why, oh WHY!!!!!!! Careless and silly girl that I am! $3.99!!!!!!! Oh, how I loved those dear, DEAR pants. They spoke to me and I spat them out as if they didn't matter! And now they're gone, GONE! Who would pass up brand new Ralph Lauren seersucker pants with the tags still on? ME, ME, ME! I need a minute.

I'm still not over the last one. Seriously, I fantasized about outfits with those pants. And cute wedges.... Sigh. Wretched cold has affected my sensibility.

Well, please consider (because of my wretched cold- I love, LOVE a drippy nose and a nasally voice) that this has been considered "line dropped".

It's 10 after 8:00 and I'm going to bed.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sarcastic on My Speed Dial

I dearly love, love to be on hold with the LOUISIANA State Department of Health because that is where the MISSISSIPPI State Department of Health's website listed it's "help" number to request applications for Chip (Children's Health Insurance Program). I kept thinking, "why does the hold computer voice keep telling me, 'Thank you for calling LaChip in Louisiana', I thought I was calling the Mississippi Chip program. Alas, no.

I also love that the guy laughed when I told him that Mississippi's website had Louisiana's number to call. Isn't that SO funny? 20 minutes on hold for his dear laugh. Thank you so much.

The next thing, in my enlightening series of phone calls, is the Mississippi Department of Health answering machine telling me to call back later. Because they were busy. Oh. Click.

The reason that I'm calling to find out about insurance for my children is that, with the Public School position, MY insurance is free. Not my kids. Or my husband. So we're trying to figure stuff out.

I did get the interview, by the way. It was today at 10am and it went well. I got to meet the music teacher and I'm waiting for the Principal to call me back and let me know if I got the position. She told me I did well on the test. I swallowed the urge to ask for my results. Even though I'm VERY curious.

I did not blog yesterday because of a sudden onslaught of the evil "BLADDER INFECTION". There is a reason that in those AZO commercials that the girl screams in pain and frustration. Thank goodness for my dear doctors at OBGYN South, who heard my pleas for relief and called in an antibiotic. I am a complete hypocrite about antibiotics when it comes to my absolute discomfort. I can (and will) endure a cold and sinus infection with courage and resolution to NOT get an antibiotic, so that my body will fight the infection itself. I will usually not get the children an antibiotic for illness, unless the doctor is absolutely for it. He does not like to prescribe antibiotics, unless there is a real need. However, there are some things I will not endure because of the sheer discomfort. And I will scream for antiobiotics until someone gives it to me. The same is true with childbirth. I am a complete weakling with pain. Why will I endure a cold and a nasty cough, but will not endure troubles in the female genre? Don't know. I feel better today because an antibiotic. Smile.

I'm packing and getting things ready a trip to G'ma's, followed by a weeklong trip to Birmingham. Woo hoo!

Must Go.