Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Monday was a pretty normal day and I was looking forward to the evening, when I would meet some friends at Panera Bread for supper and Ladies Night Out. Quinn was supposed to get home at 5 to help with dinner for him and the boys and then take them to soccer practice. I was getting more irritated with him when he was not home at 10 after and I had not taken a shower. He called me a couple minutes later and said he was at the Roebuck house. His phone died as he was telling me the house had been broken into and things were stolen- click. No ladies night out. Oh well, what could they have stolen? There was really nothing of value there.

Later, Quinn called me from Alfa and told me what had happened. They broke in the house through the basement window and had busted the garage door because they couldn't figure out how to open it. They stole all the lawn equipment and tools downstairs and a TV that Heath Hillman had left in our basement for us to store for him. They went upstairs and ransacked the house, spraypainting the walls, mirrors, the piano, a guitar, and the ENTIRE kitchen. They emptied the closets, which had games and boxes of old letters. They made a big mess. They also clipped all of the copper pipes for our plumbing and gas in the basement.

I was very ticked. And afraid. I felt like a helpless child. I cried and was miserable. Quinn came home later and told me how he had gotten to share the gospel with the Alfa guy and how incredible it was. I just looked at him and told him that was great. Yeah, real great. Our house is NEVER going to sell and now it has been robbed, ransacked, and vandalized and he is telling the gospel to people. I slept fitfully that night and woke up early the next morning angry and bitter. I got the children ready to go to friend's houses for the day so that I could help with the cleanup and then I drove over to the house. Of course, during the whole morning and previous evening, I had truth spoken to me. As I am freaking out to Crissy Sharp, Chris (her husband) tells me not to worry, God will be glorified and to just trust Him. Maja Clayton and Quinn loved on me the evening before while I cried. There was a lot of prayer and I could feel it. I was trying to remember all these things while I drove to the house. I pulled in the driveway and walked in the house. One of our neighbors was there and Jeremy Soileau (who is always there when we need him) went to wait outside while Quinn walked with me. I cried as I walked around, mainly because it just looked bad. Some kids had violated my stuff. And it is scary to think of people just breaking into your house when you're not there. Quinn was very sweet to me (he really is topnotch) and Jeremy was great. He is our painter (he's got his own business called Miscellaneous Man) and wrote out an estimate for us for the insurance. We couldn't touch anything really because the insurance guy needed to see it to take pictures so we went to grab a sandwich. While we were out the realtor called and told us to come back to the house. A couple wanted to see it. Quinn did not want the house to be shown but the realtor said they were wanting to possibly make an offer. We went to the house and met the couple, who were newlyweds that had already been preapproved for a loan and had seen the house before. They were really not bothered by the vandalism and laughed with us at some of the spraypainted stuff. (Fish D Hoe was the phrase of the day). They made an offer two hours later. The insurance guy came and didn't bat an eye at any of the mess and is cutting us a check on Wednesday for the two estimates that we had for plumbing, painting, and stolen goods. I started cleaning up after he left, and Quinn and Jeremy started priming the walls and cabinets. Chris and Crissy came over and helped us which was fun. By the end of the day, my bitterness was gone and I was amazed that God would use me (again) to show me his grace. Because of the incident, the new owners will have new appliances in the kitchen, new plumbing, freshly painted kitchen cabinets, new kitchen counters, and new paint on the walls. We had a contract on the house before we went to bed. Praise the Lord.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Resurrection Sunday

We had the most glorious day. An awesome celebration at church (where I cried in front of my 4-5 year old Sunday School class trying to describe to them how sad, then angry, then completely ecstatic Mary Magdelene must have felt on that morning when Jesus had risen; Gracie Sharp just looked at me with wide eyes). After church, we went to the Boykins where we ate, laughed, hunted eggs, and ate some more. TOO MUCH FOOD. Even though it was chilly, the children (23 at one point) played outside and the grownups just hung out, ate dessert, drank wine and sipped delicious coffee. It was wonderful. Great conversation and good company just taste good together. There is something so sweet about companions whose hearts speak to one another. I trust these people with my children, not just to be with them, but to raise them up to be Godly men. I love my church family. I remember the first time Maja Clayton got on to one of my boys for disobeying me when I wasn't watching. I was shocked and definitely taken aback. I just looked at her; I had never seen anything like that in the church. You know, usually we just watch each other's children disobey and then talk about what spoiled brats they are behind their parents' backs. But that's not what we are supposed to do. We are responsible for each other's children; to raise them up in the gospel.

Anyway, it was the best day. Now my family is all watching Planet Earth on the Discovery channel (really cool, by the way). Gonna join 'em. G'night.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt Righteousness

It is Springtime and it is NOT supposed to be 33 degrees in April. Especially for an early morning Easter Egg Hunt at Community Presbyterian Church. The boys had fun. Apparently, they do not have the disdain for the cold weather as their mother. They are actually playing outside right now... without coats.

I have an unreasonable dislike for Easter Eggs. Don't get me wrong. I have glorious memories of Easter as a child. My mother does holidays in a big way and Easter was no different. My sister and I (and sometimes cousins) would dye dozens of boiled eggs the day before Easter. Mom and Dad would hide the Easter baskets on Sunday morning and we would eat chocolate for breakfast. Easter dresses and shiny, new black patent leather shoes ( I still love the smell of new patent leather) were donned and then we were trooped off to church. After church, there was the glorious family lunch with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents everywhere. And then the Easter Egg Hunt. The grownups would count the eggs first (usually between 300 and 400 eggs) and then the children were placed in a room with curtains drawn. That wait was FOREVER. Then the children would find the eggs. It was such a great day. I always did wonder why eggs, ducks, chicks, and bunnies had anything to do with Jesus being raised from the dead, but whatever.

And then I found about Ishtar, the pagan god of fertility. People would pray to Ishtar for their own fertility and he was represnted by chickens and bunnies and whatever else was fertile. Resurrection Day coincided with the Ishtar season and over the years just kinda lumped together. What? WHAT? I was very annoyed and even outraged at this subtle collision with the sacred holiday of Easter. or Resurrection Day. I vowed never, NEVER, to celebrate again the pagan god of Ishtar. Can you picture me standing with my righteous fist in the air and maybe standing on cliff overlooking a sea of Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies? It's beautiful.

And then I had children. At first, it had been relatively easy to avoid doing anything. Corin was little and then Silas was little and they didn't really get it. And then there came an Easter egg hunt before Easter that I would just call egg hunts. And we would hide plastic eggs around the house for weeks after. It was all very deliberate and I had still had my cramping fist in the air with righteousness. Two years ago, when I was pregnant with Felix, we were invited to the Clayton's for Easter and we had a blast. And an Easter egg hunt. And there was lots of chocolate. And a yummy roasted lamb (don't we all love that Maja's family were European immigrants and she has these wonderful European recipes?). Anyway, last year we got the boys Easter presents (no baskets, though) and we went to the Clayton's for Easter fun. This year I have purchased candy to make a basket (Cadberry eggs, yum) to surprise the boys on Easter morning. We will have an egg hunt with the Claytons and the Boykins and the dozens of other people that will be around the houses tomorrow. It will be fun. hmmm, what is my fist doing up in the air?

I have failed in my own righteousness. Again. I do feel guilty, but mostly because others have seen how I have failed. Why was I doing it in the first place? My first intentions were good, but then it turned into how much better I was than everyone else. I struggle so much with my own pride. It frustrates me. Why does my flesh desire to kill me?

Tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday. There is grace and I am in need of it. I am vain and prideful and full of judgement. The gospel is the reason we are here. Encouraging and holding each other accountable to our Maker. Hide a few eggs. They're just eggs. Ishtar never existed anyway. The gospel is what it is all about. I want my children to understand the gospel and why they need it. I want them to tell their children the gospel and why they need it. That is my purpose: to glorify Christ and enjoy Him forever. He is Risen!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lazy for long enough, I suppose.

Why do I procrastinate about blogging? I enjoy blogging. I love to read other people's blogs and laugh (or cry). I don't get it.

Today is kind of a rambler. I'm irritated that it is cold outside... I'm ready for the pool to be open! Yesterday I got back from camping at Stone Mountain, GA. Camping? You might be saying to yourself... Not Kim! Oh yes. I went with Crissy, Kim, and Terri (ladies from church who could sell you fun from an empty paper sack). We did have lots of fun and the whole three days changed my perspective on camping. I would even go again. Of course, you shouldn't ask them about me completely going hysterical during a thunderstorm Tuesday night. Or that I brought my own hairdryer (Terri borrowed it). The boys had such a good time. Silas, who can sail down a hill on a scooter at lightning speed and has learned how to ride a two-wheeler recently got a skinned knee, elbow, and a black, crusty eye from walking. Corin loved the museum and hiking and kept saying how much his Daddy would "love this place"! Felix was content in his "stroll" as he calls it and had to be coaxed (and sometimes forced) out of it to do other things. I ate six roasted marshmellows in one sitting and far too many Oreos for my own good. I woke up this morning with a tummyache and way too many loads of laundry, but it is an excellent memory. Thanks for talking me into it, Crissy!

I wanted to let everyone know about my friend who I blogged about who had trouble getting pregnant. She's eight weeks pregnant again and things are looking good. Her infertility doctor has told her to find a regular OB/GYN. Please pray that things continue as they should. Her name is Kelly.

I'm anxious to have a "blog" party at my house soon. What do ya'll think?