Saturday, May 10, 2008

Boys will be Boys

We had an awesome day in Jackson yesterday. I do have news about a maybe house, but I've decided I will be superstitious and not jinx things up. There. That's a logical, adult decision. I'll let you know more details if things pan out.

Observations from yesterday:

Jack Sullivan and Dowell Davis are two of the funniest human beings ever. They had a ton of one-liners. I laughed all day.

Dowell Davis occasionally watches Jackass on MTV. He's a grandpa.

The previous observations lead me to believe that boys will be boys. Really, boys don't ever get past 12 years old. I mean, their bodies do, but, nope, not their brains.

Chick Fil-A's newest milkshake is awesome. It's like Jamocha Shake on steroids. And it's only 500 calories! Unfortunately, that kind of ruined it for me, but it was still good.

Men like to drive around and look at stuff.

The original Dreamland Ribs in Tuscaloosa is a dumpy hole-in-the-wall, but the ribs are awesome.

I like that my husband holds hands with me in public.

I need a haircut.


Melissa said...

Yes, Kim darling, boys will never grow up. Aren't they lucky they have us to keep them straigh!!! That has just a sprinkle of sarcasm on it. I want to see you next week. I missed seeing you on Thursday. I'm feeling better so I have no more excuses.

My Dad used to watch Bevis and Butthead.

Missy said...

MMMM...that milk shake is good. Stacy and I split one and I still don't think we drank the whole thing. They are sooo rich.
Corin & Logan didn't finish their whole Cookies and Cream that they shared.

Dreamland...Stacy and I were just talking about that last night. He's never been and I've only been that one time we went with all the kidos.

Men...well, Men!

Glad ya'll had a good day.
Boys are still playing xbox here :)

Cheryl said...

Wayne's favorite quote is, "You can be young only once, but you can be immature forever." He also liked Beavis and Butthead, particularly their super hero segment "Powdered Toast Man" who would urge the guy whom he was flying away from danger to "Hold on to my buttocks!" He still quotes him from time to time.

Cheryl said...

Correction, apparently the esteemed Powdered Toast Man hails from Ren and Stimpy.

Paige M said...

Mr. Jack and Mr. Dowell are funny. I love the dry one liners, and then that big grin Mr. Jack has! Priceless.

Not even gonna try the new milkshake. Yuck. Cold coffee.

I've been to Dreamland once. Yes. Hole in the wall.

Josh makes fun of me for wanting to hold hands in public, but I guess he'll do it to "keep the romance alive" hee hee

I love your long hair. I also love Anne Marie's new bob. ????

Kristi said...

I love when Wayne says "Hold onto my buttocks" I never knew where that came from!! Talking about boys will be boys, Nick has my CLEAN children outside shooting up rockets!! What is he thinking? That is the question I am asking myself all the time. I am so glad you are coming to visit!!!!