Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crazy DOES Come in a Bottle

I ventured to Sam's last night with Felix. We listened to Cake and Citizen Cope all the way there and he was dancing and singing. "Hey Momma, why you tuhn from dat song? It's my favrit." Very cute. I would catch him in the rearview mirror with a serious dance face (white man's overbite) and swaying his arms to the beat. My goodness, I give birth to cute children. Anyway, as you well know, I have a love-hate relationship with Sam's Club (if you do not know, well then, I have a love-hate relationship with Sam's). I've known I've needed to go for nearly three weeks, but have put it off, knowing it was going to be an expensive trip. I am offended that I buy a 36-pack roll of toilet paper, and then, four months later, I run out. Hello, 36 rolls of toilet paper should last forever. I am the only woman who lives in my house, so this should be a reasonable request. The same is true with paper towels, napkins, Q-tips, kitty litter, and cat food. I get very annoyed when we run out. I do not know why, in my mind, I think that dispensable items will not run out. We use them and they are, in fact, dispensable. Perhaps I need counseling. Perhaps I will be crazy when I'm fifty. I do not like running out of stuff. Except for shampoo. I do like to run out of shampoo so that I can smell different shampoos to see what NEW shampoo I would like. Sniff, ah. Sniff, ah. I get excited when the shampoo bottle is almost empty. Woo hoo! Time to smell (I mean buy) more shampoo! I like to spend a good ten minutes on the shampoo aisle. And (don't tell Quinn) the boys have gotten into it. "Momma, let me smell it. Ooh, that smells good. Are you gonna get that one, Momma?" It's a fun mother-son thing to do. For crazy, neurotic people who like to "smell" stuff.

This morning I woke up at 5am. This will be standard procedure starting next week (running at 5 before work), but this morning it was because I have a busy day. I am running at 6:30 (did over 4 miles yesterday, I am SO going to run that 10K), and then rush back to shower and take the boys to register for school. I had nightmares last night that I kept showing up at the school without any of the information I needed. When I'm done with this post, I am going to pile what I need by the front door, so that I won't forget stuff. My in-laws are picking up the boys today for a fun time at G'ma's (we'll meet them tomorrow night) and Linda is going to watch them for me while I work next week. They are super-excited. And school? Well, Silas was also up at dark-thirty ready to go register. Corin is nervous, but has mentioned that he is getting more excited about school. Felix says, "I go school, too, Momma, my teachuh Miss Jean. I go school, too. Wight, Momma?" He was very offended that we went to the school the other day and he did not get to play on the playground. It just wasn't right. He let me know how unjust I was, believe me.

Well, I'm off to complete all of the necessary checklists for the day. Good morning to you all! (cut to Kim flying off into the sky-with a cape). And scene.


Melissa said...

I am with you on the stuff you should never run out of. Perhaps as a kid it just always never seemed to run out and that is why we are so neurotic about it. I have strong opinions about Sam's club as well. But I can get cute cheap clothes from there. Although I never go I am not a "member". Whatever.

Amy said...

My nightmare last night was that I overslept and got up 2 hrs. past time to run with my friend. I then couldn't dial the right phone #, another friend showed up at the door and I still couldn't find the phone # to call my friend and tell her I overslept. aahh! we'll be exhausted by the afternoon!
4 miles!! that is awesome. I am trying to make 3 right now. We just started this week and we are running/walking (only because I need to walk some - because I am 10 yrs older than my friend).
Ivey loves to run out of shampoo and go buy new, she likes to smell new ones too. Robby is totally offended when I buy any kind for him that looks the least bit girly. "Momma, why do you buy Daddy and me girl shampoo?"

Paige M said...

I'm impressed with the 4 miles! I'm also impressed that you can fly off into the sky with your "Super Woman" cape. That's very cool.

Missy said...

Love the and scene. Even though you stole it from me and perhaps Jack, it is still always funny.
So is your neurotic behaviour. It is always fun to read about your crazy TP and shampoo.

I can't believe you start work already! WOW!!! Good luck :)

Kimmi said...

just wanted to let you that I love you!!! I also love your cute babies. Give them smooches for me.