Monday, July 14, 2008

Flames on the side of my face

I laugh so, SO hard when I watch this clip from the movie Clue. Love it. I'm also getting a wee bit afraid of Josh (hat guy) and his threats for revenge, so I'm trying to distract him. See (ha, ha)... Look Josh! Madeline Kahn is SO funny. Funny? Don't, um, you... uh, think so, too? Fun-ny.


Anonymous said...

we must watch this together kim!!! thank you for the laugh. i almost youtubed it right after i wrote that last comment.

my other favorite is wadsworth, the way he says no.

"I am, your singing telegram!" BANG!

Kimmi said...

I LOVE CLUE!!! i'm pretty sure i have alienated friends and family over the years, obsessing over that movie. lol