Saturday, July 19, 2008

Family Date

We had a good time bowling last night. The place we went to was called Indian Lanes and was, shall we say, antiquated. All of the lanes showed much use, and the bowling balls kept getting stuck behind the pins. The manager finally told us to not bowl at the same time as the bowler in the next lane. Ah, okay. The children enjoyed it immensely, however, and did not notice the chipped bowling balls and worn lanes. Felix thought it especially fun to throw down a big, heavy ball as much as he wished. As soon as he would throw it down, he would head back to us, with a big smile on his face, completely ignoring the ball that was s-l-o-w-l-y making its way to the battered pins.
The big boys were much more competitive and did very well in trying not to hit the gutter guards. Quinn and I are excellent bowlers (in our own minds) and enjoyed each our game against one another with relish (he won the first game and I, the second).

We came back to the house for cupcakes and a round of 'Happy Birthday to you' to Felix. Doggone if they didn't have Bob the Builder anything at Walmart, so I just made plain cupcakes with chocolate frosting and cream cheese frosting. De-lish. AND I had black and white birthday candles to match.

All in all, an excellent evening. This has been a good summer, despite the big move. Quinn and I have found a new found liking for one another and have, again, become each other's confidante in all things. I enjoy his company and bug him when he's studying, which he seems to enjoy. Wink. He's doing very well in Greek, despite his pessimism and hasn't made below a 92 on the quizzes. He made a 96 on the big test this past Wednesday. He's halfway done with the class, and I believe he'll start breathing easier after this next week is done at UPS. He starts work the next week in the Admissions office at RTS, which is the best paying job on campus for students. I'll be glad when that begins, for his sake.

This summer has also been good for the boys, just to be with us and for our family to enjoy one another. Corin told us the other day that he's excited about "big school" (which we've been hoping for) and I think it's been easier for him to talk to us about his fears. Silas waits impatiently for school to start. I think, for him, school will be a party everyday (or so he thinks) and he will enjoy being around lots of children ALL THE TIME. We're still trying to decide about Beex. We've found a good school, but I would still prefer a family, one that I hand choose and who are eager for a friendly, affectionate three-year old who is as strong as an ox and has a voracious appetite. Please pray for our decision.

I must attend to the Saturday duties.
After thought: I dearly love this outlet for my thoughts. It is good for my brain and my well-being. Thanks for reading, friends.


Laura Leigh said...

Love the picture of the three boys.

School a party everyday? Bella would put an Amen to that. She's ecstatic. (Did I tell you, when you were here, that she's going to Valley View? I'm sure I did. Well, I'm not sure, or I wouldn't be asking. But I can't imagine that I didn't.)

Best part of this post, though, is the part about you and Quinn. So perfectly communicated. A real picture into one incredibly beautiful way God has used the move for your good. (Remember that Sunday you sang "Help my Unbelief"?)

Love you, friend.

Melissa said...

Glad to hear you guys leaning on each other during such a major change in your lives. Not that I didn't think you would. I love your blog so anytime you feel like writing I'll be around to read it.

care-in said...

We need to take Miss E bowling but Xavier strongly dislikes it. It would be fun though. Felix definitely looks like a little boy now.

I'm glad for Quinn's new job. And good for him in Greek!

Wish we were closer I would totally keep your adorable Beex for you.

care-in said... far are you guys from DFW? Do you know?

Missy said...

Maybe you'll find somebody that owns a grocery store to keep Felix...that child sure can eat!

I'm glad Quinn is doing well in the Greek. You know every word can be traced back to the Greek. And Windex heals all! You should watch that movie again soon. :)

Abbey said...

Your boys are so handsome! School is somewhat of a party all day, except for the schoolwork stuff. That what Ando thinks, anyway.

I may come visit my aunt one weekend soon. I'll call you for coffee?

Kim said...

Care-in, we are approximately 6 hours from DTS. Closer than we thought!

Abbey, of course you may call for coffee. That would be fun. And I just MIGHT sponge you for ideas for decorating.

Missy, I think I'll watch it now.

Kimmi said...

i'm not surprised that quinn is doing well in greek. he's a smart fella. i'm glad beex's birthday bowling was enjoyed by all. (remember that i am still the ultimate bowler! lol) know that you're loved!!

JBL said...

I know Indian Lanes. Glad the roof didn't cave in on you. Does it still have the gigantic bowling pin on top? It's been there since i was a kid. Glad yous is doing well. Missing ya.