Sunday, July 13, 2008

Glorious Day

It has been lovely being home. My dear husband missed us and has enjoyed us being back. We had a wonderfully lazy day and I'm planning on hitting the bed for the second night in a row at 8:00.

I went to see my sister-in-law and my new baby niece, Macey McKay (of course, Macey Mac will be her nickname- at least for Aunt Kimmy, or even M&M), on the way home yesterday and the boys got to love on her a bit. Felix really, REALLY loved on her, digging her piggies out of her tightly wound blankey so that he could kiss them again and again. He even got to hold her, but was very rough about his kisses. Corin and Silas were gentle and sweet and asking for a baby sister from me. Not quite yet.

Look at that sweet look Silas has as he is holding her. She's a chubby little thing, weighing in at 9lb and 7 oz. I wonder what it's like having a girl...

Never mind that (for now anyway). I have read much of Little Women today and have enjoyed time with my husband and boys. We went, again, to Providence Pres (the one that's two minutes away) and I really enjoyed the service. I attended a women's Sunday School class and have made a couple of new friends. I'm hoping we land there for our time here. OH! I also met a woman named Elizabeth who asked me if I had a blog. I said, "yeeeesss" kind of slow (no one's asked me that before) and she had found my blog from searching for RTS students. She has one, too and is supposed to leave me a link to hers (hint, hint Elizabeth). I'm famous! Yes, yes, you too shall one day be recognized for your blog. Like me. By one person. Ahem.

I just took this picture of Silas with Bella, our cat.
Quinn said she missed us so much while we were gone, following him around and meowing pathetically. She loves to sleep with the boys and she often does her little paw-paw like that on their faces while they sleep. It is so sweet and the boys love her very much. She really is more like a dog than a cat. We've had her since we found out, while pregnant, that our third was a boy. I looked at Quinn and said, "I want a cat. A girl cat." Quinn reluctantly agreed (it's so much easier to just AGREE with the crazy pregnant woman who throws up every day) and a week later we acquired Bella through a friend. She's been the best cat ever.

Both the big boys prayed tonight, thanking God for our time with our friends last week. I'm glad they had such a good time. Corin then prayed for "Daddy to do good in Greek". He needs it. I've never seen him study so much. I'm a wee bit jealous of Greek, with her pretty curves and interesting pronunciations. She's taking up an awful lot of my man's time. It's a good thing he likes me better.

Tomorrow is my final (uh, hopefully) thing to do before I'm officially hired by the school. I have to go in and be finger-printed, drug-tested, and background-checked. Yikes. Things like that always make me nervous. What if some fluke happens and I test positive for Heroin (never have done it), or what if my name pops up on the background check as a former felon (never have been one)? I always think of Miss Peacock from the movie Clue (you've never seen it??????????????? top fave), all flustered, saying, "my life is an open book- I've never done anything wrong!" This, of course, is followed by a nervous drag on a cigarette and Wadsworth (Tim Curry- seriously- you have to see the movie) revealing that she was being blackmailed because she accepted bribes for her husband, a senator in Washington, DC. I need that movie on DVD. I LOVE that movie. I distinctly remember driving my family crazy with that movie when I was a teenager. Anyway, I picture myself sitting there nervously (not taking long, nervous drags on my cigarette) while I wait to be told that I'm clear. Phew. That was close.

I worry too much.

Well, off to bed. Nighty-night you dozens of bloggers who are my loyal readers. Don't let the bed bugs bite.


Anonymous said...

I don't get over here as often as I use to since I now use Google Reader to keep me updated on all the latest blog postings, however, I just wanted to chime in and let you know I am still a faithful reader. I enjoy reading about your family and the craziness that sometimes goes along with it! Also, you are such a great writer - very humerous and intelligent!

Missy said...

I love the name Macey McKay.
Very southern girl cutsie and my what a big old baby!

I'm just not even going to comment on the cat.

As for the little girl are a great Aunt to lots and lots of little girlies out there!

Good luck tomorrow. Don't eat any poppy seeds. ;)

laytonfamily said...

Weird, my hubby told me last weekend he's never seen it and I swore to rent it, but forgot. I'm going to get it tomorrow!

GREAT movie - I laughed the entire time. "was that his final word on the matter", "being killed is pretty final woulnd't you say"?

Virginia said...

I'm glad you clarified that you hadn't ever done heroin, I was worried there for a sec. ;)


Anonymous said...

O, I love Clue! Madeleine Kohn is one of my all time favorite comedians. "I hated her so much...that...the flames...on the side of my face...short, heaving...heaving breasts!" And to hear her give the line is great. Brian and I quote the movie all the time. I think I've seen it about 20 times.

"Men are like Kleenex, soft, strong, and disposable."

Gotta love Mrs. White all dressed in black.

"There's just one thing I don't undertand? "
"One thing?!"

I could go on for days.

Amy said...

Elijah's cat looks just like your kitty! I think Calicos are the sweetest. Elijah wants his kitty to sleep with him but she sheds way too much for this OCD mom.

care-in said...

I like the name Macey Mac!

I think those three boys need a little sister to love on!