Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sarcastic on My Speed Dial

I dearly love, love to be on hold with the LOUISIANA State Department of Health because that is where the MISSISSIPPI State Department of Health's website listed it's "help" number to request applications for Chip (Children's Health Insurance Program). I kept thinking, "why does the hold computer voice keep telling me, 'Thank you for calling LaChip in Louisiana', I thought I was calling the Mississippi Chip program. Alas, no.

I also love that the guy laughed when I told him that Mississippi's website had Louisiana's number to call. Isn't that SO funny? 20 minutes on hold for his dear laugh. Thank you so much.

The next thing, in my enlightening series of phone calls, is the Mississippi Department of Health answering machine telling me to call back later. Because they were busy. Oh. Click.

The reason that I'm calling to find out about insurance for my children is that, with the Public School position, MY insurance is free. Not my kids. Or my husband. So we're trying to figure stuff out.

I did get the interview, by the way. It was today at 10am and it went well. I got to meet the music teacher and I'm waiting for the Principal to call me back and let me know if I got the position. She told me I did well on the test. I swallowed the urge to ask for my results. Even though I'm VERY curious.

I did not blog yesterday because of a sudden onslaught of the evil "BLADDER INFECTION". There is a reason that in those AZO commercials that the girl screams in pain and frustration. Thank goodness for my dear doctors at OBGYN South, who heard my pleas for relief and called in an antibiotic. I am a complete hypocrite about antibiotics when it comes to my absolute discomfort. I can (and will) endure a cold and sinus infection with courage and resolution to NOT get an antibiotic, so that my body will fight the infection itself. I will usually not get the children an antibiotic for illness, unless the doctor is absolutely for it. He does not like to prescribe antibiotics, unless there is a real need. However, there are some things I will not endure because of the sheer discomfort. And I will scream for antiobiotics until someone gives it to me. The same is true with childbirth. I am a complete weakling with pain. Why will I endure a cold and a nasty cough, but will not endure troubles in the female genre? Don't know. I feel better today because an antibiotic. Smile.

I'm packing and getting things ready a trip to G'ma's, followed by a weeklong trip to Birmingham. Woo hoo!

Must Go.


Julie Niesen said...

I have pretty high pain tolerance, but I refuse to ignore a UTI/bladder infection. I call it flamethrower pee. I keep Azo/Uristat on hand at all times and have a standing script for antibiotics at the pharmacy. I don't mess around, yo.

Missy said...

UGG! So sorry about the pee pee problem. No fun at all.
Glad you are better.
Drink plenty of cranberry juice and water. Sorry,just felt like I should add that in because you live in MS now and maybe didn't know that. ;)

Can't wait till next week!!!!!

Marsha said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, but sorry you are in crazy Mississippi!

Boo said...

You never fail to make me smile and laugh! Can't wait to see you...btw, I'm a HUGE whimp when it comes to pain. - Boo

Anonymous said...

Glad you are better! Remember straight cranberry works best-not cocktail. It is a little tart but will do the job of temporary pain relief. Will see you on Tuesday! Can't wait! Mona

KT said...

I am so hooked on your blog. You manage to be witty, insightful, open and honest all at once. Love it!

Crissy said...

Just left you a message. Call when you can.