Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Beex!

Today my baby is three. "Today I'm fwee!", he says. I can hardly believe my baby is three. It just seems like yesterday when he had his horrible skin allergies and had a hard time sleeping, due to itchiness. He was the most pathetic looking 6 month old, with seeping wounds and pleading little eyes. We didn't find out until he was 7 months old that he had extensive food allergies that caused his eczema. They really didn't start to clear up until he quit nursing, at nine months. Poor thing. Now he's a bouncing, energetic, HUNGRY, little man. "I bigga now" is his response to everything he wants to do by himself. This, of course, includes brushing his teeth, dressing himself, fixing his food, playing the Gamecube (cursed video games), riding his bike (which he hasn't quite got the knack of yet), and driving, by himself, the four-wheeler. He feels unjustly treated if he doesn't get to do all these things by himself. "But I bigga, Momma!" Yes, yes, but that doesn't mean that you get to put three inches of toothpaste on your toothbrush and then proceed to swallow it. Bleah. If he is quiet too long, then I go see if he's brushing his teeth. It seems to be his new obsession that I won't let him do by himself. I am outrageously unfair. It's my job.

We won't actually celebrate his birthday today. Quinn has a big test tomorrow in Greek and so we will celebrate on Friday night. He keeps insisting on a Bob the Builder cake (thanks a lot, Missy), which I cannot possibly do, so I'll probably end up buying a little Bob the Builder figurine thingy and sitting it on a chocolate cake. Voila!

This is last year, at the pool house, celebrating his 2nd birthday. My baby is getting big. He's outgrowing his things faster than I can keep up with and I simply cannot believe he will turn six when we will be done here.
Happy Birthday, Sweet Cheeks Beex!


Marsha said...

Happy Birthday, Big Guy!!

Love your new look, Kimmy!

j_webb said...

They grow up too fast indeed.
What a cutie he is too! Takes after his mama luckily. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthay, precious Felix! I wish I could be with you and give your cheeks a little squeezy. I will always remember your fantastic hairdo as a little baby. Enjoy that cake, my friend!!!

Amy said...

Those are some REALLY sweet cheeks with chocolate ice cream smothering them. He is so cute! Happy Birthday Felix!

Kimmi said...


Ginger said...

Ansy says "Happy Birthday Beex!" Hope you have lots of fun Beexaroo! We love you!!!

Missy said...

Now that won't be hard to just put a little Bob right on top of a cake. See, I helped you...I gave you a vision for the day!
Yeah me, living through your 3 year old. :)

Happy day Felix!