Monday, July 07, 2008

Wretched Cold

I'm absolutely exhausted, but am feeling that I should touch base with the world. Of course, it must done in a random list format. And, because I'm the biggest wimp alive, I must link everything that I'm doing with my wretched cold.

First, I have a wretched cold. WRETCHED. Sore throat and headache and the whole business. I'm Zycaming like nobody's business.

I'm in Birmingham for the week and it's fabulous. I'm loving hanging out with friends and enjoying the familiarity of being home, even though I have a wretched cold.

My home church is doing our version (snotty Presbyterian voice) of VBS that we call "Camp Cornerstone". I have traditionally helped with the music (the fun, super, exciting cheerleader!!!!!!!!) and this year is no different. I love to do it, despite my wretched cold.

For some insane reason, I passed up a gorgeous pair of brand new Ralph Lauren seersucker pants (with the tags still on!) at the thrift store today. WRETCH-ED cold. Why, oh WHY!!!!!!! Careless and silly girl that I am! $3.99!!!!!!! Oh, how I loved those dear, DEAR pants. They spoke to me and I spat them out as if they didn't matter! And now they're gone, GONE! Who would pass up brand new Ralph Lauren seersucker pants with the tags still on? ME, ME, ME! I need a minute.

I'm still not over the last one. Seriously, I fantasized about outfits with those pants. And cute wedges.... Sigh. Wretched cold has affected my sensibility.

Well, please consider (because of my wretched cold- I love, LOVE a drippy nose and a nasally voice) that this has been considered "line dropped".

It's 10 after 8:00 and I'm going to bed.


E said...

Oh NO! I'm so sorry about your cold... Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Now dear - come and let your mommy take care of you. First let me place comfy pillows and blanket on the couch and beside the couch a small table to hold either a cold drink or hot tea. Would you like a Doris Day, Elvis or a 'Christmas in July' film to watch? Chicken soup for lunch and grandma to play with the kids.

How does that sound? Love you!!

Call your mother :)

Anonymous said...

brandon has cc for us today. please don't leave without telling me bye, i fear i won't get to talk to you much this week!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

So what you're trying to say have a wretched cold? I don't know. Just a guess. Hey, I don't have a wretched cold, but your mom can place comfly pillows around me, start a movie, make me some yummy soup, and let grandma play with my kids. I'll be there for supper Brenda!

Oh and this is newsworthy...remember how when we were at Wendy's that night and I said how I just can't get excited about COLD chicken on a salad? Well, I guess they heard me. I saw the commercial yesterday for WARM chicken on the salads. Yippee!

KT said...

I am soooo sorry you aren't feeling well but I feel even worse about the pants. I've done that before where you pass something up and then you think about it, plan your life around how cute you would have looked in it, decide to go back and it's gone. Aargh! Fell better!

laytonfamily said...

hope you're feeling better, and not overly spoiled by your mother! Now I see why you don't fish, camp, or play soccer! ;p

Rachel said...

at least you didn't drive all the way back out to the thrift store only to find they were gone. i love you.