Sunday, July 27, 2008

P&P, a Haircut, and Leisurely Chit-Chat

I am watching the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. Forgive me, my Pride and Prejudice purists, but I rather like the more concise version of P&P with Kierra Knightly. The BBC version is more like the book, but I like the reality of the newer version better. For instance, I like that every hair is not in place and the lighting seems more pre-electricity. The women seem less made-up and their clothes seem more realistic. And I prefer Kierra Knightly as Lizzie. And Donald Sutherland as Mr. Bennett. Mr. Collins and Mrs. Bennett are equally annoying in both movies. Quinn keeps commenting that the women in the BBC version look like men. "Isn't that a man?" or "Look at that jaw!" Okay, I'm done.

I cut my husband's hair yesterday. Yes, you may EEK!. I did. It did not turn out as badly as I anticipated, however. This is before:

and this is after:

It's not too terribly shabby. The cost of the haircutting kit was cheaper than getting Quinn's and all of the boys haircuts together, and so I'm resigned to the fact that I will be the one providing their trims. And maybe I'll get better.

Some random stuff:
Last night, we had some of Quinn's friends from Greek over, with their wives. We had a wonderful time and stayed up late chatting and laughing. Two of the couples are planning to go to the mission field after they graduate, one couple to Thailand and the other to the Philippines. I love being the hostess and I'm so thankful for this large house, where we can do just that.

This morning, Stokes called Quinn between Sunday School and Worship and told him that he was coming through Clinton, MS for lunch with the youth (from our church in Birmingham) and could we meet them? We left a few minutes early and ran up to our local Mickey D's to catch them before they continued on to Texas (for a youth trip). I nearly cried seeing them and hugged all the girls. They plan to stop by on their way home Friday and spend a little bit of time here before they go on to Birmingham. I miss home, even though I seem to have adjusted well here. Once again, I remind myself that three years is not that long of a time. Though, by that time, I'm guessing I will have developed some very close relationships here and will be sad to leave.

I'm enjoying my Sunday afternoon lounging about and ignoring the great pile of clean, unfolded laundry heaped on a chair in my room. That is for later. When I'm not lounging about.

Enjoy your family. And your Sunday afternoon.


Burt said...

did stokes and the jung peeples sing "our God is an awesome God" for you and quinn?

laytonfamily said...

Nice to hear you saw a bit of "home".
I'm off to purchase Emma - and start another Jane Austen book.
I cut the boys hair in the house too - it never looks perfect, it's boy's hair though!

Virginia said...

Look at you with your mad haircutting skillz! It looks great!

Woodman said...

I've been cutting Scott's hair since we were dating! Never cut hair before..he was just brave enough to let me practice on him! Each time I figure something out and get better and better!! Its lots of fun...maybe not for him so much usually takes me close to an hour! He says his head is sore from all the combing after I'm finally done! ha!

Nikki said...

Ha, well I came home and found your blog after we had dinner, so I guess you could say that we're mutually stalking each other. But hey, what are blogs for?
now we just need to recruit diane and kiki to get them.

Rachel said...

mad haircutting skills.

i'm coming home friday.

i think we should watch 'becoming jane' so it can be your new favorite that you watch over and over again, stripping it of its initial charm, making it just plain annoying. kind of like 'phantom of the opera'.

how's about you make some of that awesome coffee punch and glutton-free fajitas? and maybe, for payment, i'll help clean your house or wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the boys while you go running. sound good?

Amy said...

It does get easier and you learn a little more each time. Before I used clippers on Keith, I would cut myself between the fingers with the scissors. I am also OCD, so I would drive Keith crazy trying to get it just perfect. Now since his hair stays so short, it is soo much easier with the clippers. I am also doing my Dad's buzz. Thankfully,a friend in our church will cut our hair now as a gift to us.

Laura Leigh said...

Emma was ecstatic to see you yesterday. She called me as soon as she got back in the car!

Rachel Garcia said...

Kim, ive been reading your blog but haven't commented on them since I get like five minutes on the computer. but i just wanted you to know that you did a great job on the haircut. i need to be more bold in that area. But big Jorge cuts his own hair (has since high school). But he doesn't want to cut the boys' hair. so that leaves me.
I also think you are doing a great job on your house. i loved the new chair. anyway.. i'll try harder to leave more comments on individual posts. ;-)

Paige M said...

Nice job on the haircut!

Glad you got to see some "home folks"

Tell Quinn that the church's bathroom didn't smell so nice Sunday (it kinda drifted down the hall) YUCK! Word around the church was that things are "falling apart" since Quinn left!

Miss y'all.

care-in said...

Great job on the hair!!