Sunday, August 03, 2008

Up To

Haven't posted in a few...

Haven't wanted to really. I'm in throws of Jane Eyre's life, so to drag myself away to think creatively would be leaving Jane Eyre in a lurch. Cannot lurch Jane Eyre. I'm loving it and, once again, am kicking myself for not reading any classics when I was younger.

My dear in-laws came and picked up the busy boys on Thursday to keep them for a bit. It has been very nice to visit and hang out with the hubs. He finished Greek 1on Friday and starts Greek 2 tomorrow. Greek 2 is incredibly intense since it only lasts for two weeks. I'm pretty confident (he's not so quick in his confidence) that he made an A in Greek 1. So, this weekend he's doing less studying and more hanging out. We went to see Hancock on Friday afternoon. I wanted to see Momma Mia and he wanted to see The Dark Knight (me too, but not in the movie theatre-must be able to run away at scary parts), SO- compromise hit on Hancock. It was good. I like Will Smith. Saturday morning we went running and then headed over to the Reservoir (big lake) so that he could play disc gold with some friends, and I hung out near the shore with said friends' wives. It was fun. We came home and relaxed for a bit and then went to dinner at our friends' townhouse (the ones who went to the lake). We had a great time and I had the best brownies I've ever eaten (read- 1pound of butter and nearly 2 pounds of chocolate-YES, very good).

There is a big mix of different kind of people at RTS. I would say (though I haven't researched it) that there is a pretty good mix of single people, young marrieds, and older marrieds with children. We're one of the older ones who've been married a while with children. I get this a lot: "Wow, you don't LOOK like you should be married for 9 years." Um, thanks? Or: "You look great for being 33 years old." Again, thanks. This is new to me. I've never been one of the older girls before. Always been in the "Young Marrieds" class. New situation. Hm. I don't like getting old. Yes, human, I know.

I started my new job on Friday. Meetings, meetings, meetings. We had an "assembly" in the high school assembly hall with different speakers to motivate (or lull us to sleep) and they announced EVERY NEW EMPLOYEE IN THE ENTIRE DISTRICT. One by one. And we stood up. One by one. Followed by applause. For each one. Ahem. Yawn. It lasted nearly two hours. And all the teachers were surprised because last year it lasted for nearly FOUR hours. Are you serious? Anyhoo, my music teacher who I work with bought me lunch and we settled back in after lunch for more (yawn) meetings and a brief synopsis of what we would do next week to prepare for the students. I like Mrs. Stark (music teacher). She's spunky and she reminds me of my Grandma Ruby, who is also spunky.

So, I'm a working gal now. Seems weird. And a little scary. I know I've said that before. Bear with me as I get used to it.

Time to get ready for church... I joined the choir last week and I'm excited to sing with them this morning. Woo hoo.


God's Girl said...

Hey Kim! Congrats on the job. Are you excited?

What are you going to be doing? I think I missed that in an earlier post. Are you a teacher?

I didn't know you were a singer? That's cool.

Enjoy worship at church today.

Marsha said...

I'm so glad you are all settled in over there in ol' MS. It really didn't take you anytime at all to settle in. And I know you will do great with your new workin' woman role. It will be a positive experience for the whole fam.

And now, all you home school gals can shoot me and call me a liberal heretic! ;)

Kim said...

Jessica, I am not a teacher, but merely a lowly teacher's assistant. I hope to become certified so that I can get paid more.

Marsha, you are a liberal heretic.

heather said...

Working 9 to 5 something something barley getting by something something. Have fun enjoy those meetings kids will show up soon.

Anonymous said...

welcome to the working world, working girl! i can still recall what it's like to have a job out of home! glad to hear from you again.

KT said...

Your story about sitting there waiting for everyone to be introduced reminds me of how I feel at my daughters school events. Why, oh why do we have to sit through a bunch of kids singing we don't know or care about? Aargh! Can't they have freshman choir night from 6-6:30, sophomores from 6:45-7:15 and so on??? Congrats on joining the working world and enjoy!

Missy said...

I love that your blogs always end with what you have to go do. Do we all do that?
Anyways, I am glad that you and Quinn had time together this weekend. Hancock was a funny and good movie...but you HAVE to see Mama Mia! And Dark Knight for that matter, but I understand your need to see it at home, although the theater experience was amazing.
And now I have offically commented too long!

Amy said...

Well, well, well, I recall a sweet young thang saying to me one afternoon "gosh, Amy, you don't look 30!" I remember us being one of 2 families in college with kids, but we were the oldest! You will be drained of all of your wife and homemaking skills. HA HA HA

Paige M said...

Look at y'all...running around acting like y'all are childless again. Sitting by a lake, dinner at a friend's house, and a MOVIE that isn't produced by dare you.