Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Thank you blog friends and family who wished me birthday greetings.

Thank you to my husband who got me my own computer stuff for when we move (he'll take the laptop to class). Who knew I'd ever want my own computer?

Thanks, Ma, for a gift certificate to LandsEnd. Woo hoo! I'll be heading over to the Overstocks in just a sec.

Thank you to all my wonderful, lovely, generous friends who helped make my birthday such a lovely day. Right now I feel like a child at the end of her birthday who is sad that it is over.

Thank you Missy for surprising me today with your super-sweet, awesome, homemade ice cream cake. And casseroles! You are my Petunia and you are the best.

Thank you Paige, Heather, and Missy for helping me pack today. And for my sweet gifts. We got a lot done. I'm proud and relieved to see all the stuff that was packed away today.

"Dan in Real Life" is an awesome movie. I want to get the sound track. Thank you, Laura Morgan, for not allowing me to be alone on my birthday evening. I would've been miserable. And she knew it. Thanks to Boo, Kim P, Ginger, Laura, Jenny, Whitney, Heather, Maja, and Katrina for coming to watch it with me. And bringing yummilicious snacks. It was a blast!

Thank you to Maja for hand embroidering me a gorgeous jewelry bag with a drawstring pouch. Um, wow. Thanks Heather and Boo (and Lana) for giving me jewelry to go in my new, hand embroidered jewelry pouch that Maja made for me. Today. No, really. She started it this morning. Amazing woman.

I'm anxious to hear about my hubby's trip to Mississippi to see how everything went. His job interview was with UPS, which would be a great parttime thing for him to do while we're at seminary.

Oh, I'm so full of food! Tomorrow I'll be running a wee bit faster. Sleepy girl needs sleepy. Oh, after I go to LandsEnd Overstocks, Ma!

What a lovely day!


Missy said...

Do my eyes decieve me? Did you really blog at midnight last night?
Wow! It must have been all that yumilicious stuff from yesterday huh?!
Glad you had a good bday.
I had fun packing your stuff...the yummy drink you made redeemed the packing!

Anonymous said...

A lot of the seminary guys here work at UPS. It sounds like a great job!

Anonymous said...

Ma? - what were you born on the prairie?

anonymous mom - blog lurker

Brenda said...

I am so glad you had a great day - you are a woman "truly blessed" with a loving husband, beautiful children and wonderful friends.

love you, mom

Peyton said...

Hey read my 2nd most recent blog. I mentioned Dan in Real Life. I own it. and I own the soundtrack. I havent quit listening to it since I got it. My friend let me borrow it so i could put it on my ipod. Its amazing. The soundtrack is the greatest soundtrack ever made. Do get it.