Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Read and An Insecure Moment

I am reading "The Reason for God" by Tim Keller. I am loving it. Oh yeah, I'm still in the introduction and it has made me tear up. Tim Keller is a pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. He's an amazing communicator who was told that starting a church in Manhattan would be "a fool's errand". Now his church has about 5000 attendees (skeptics- it is New York, after all, and believers in Christ alike) and his church has started sister churches. The book (it seems) is written for both skeptics and believers as well. If you've never heard of him, or have heard of him and don't know anything about him, I'm gonna highly recommend his book. I'll let you know how it finishes.

On a completely different note, the walls are closing in on me about moving. For those who have asked, Nope, we don't know (still) about the house. We have sent in a deposit for married housing (which would be fine), but it is a bit unnerving to not know where we're going to live. My heart starts to beat fast and my eyes get wide-eyed when I think that about moving to a new city, where we don't know where we'll go to church, my kids don't know any kids, my husband doesn't have a job (and neither do I), and he'll jump into going to school. Full-time. My life is about to be REALLY different. I'm not comfortable with that. I'm scared. What is next for us? Man, I'm such a drama queen. I know that the Lord will take care of us- He has always provided for our needs. I have a feeling that the next three years, although different than we've ever done before, will be an entirely new adventure. Maybe I'll grow up a bit.

An itty, bitty, chubby man just climbed into my lap (no, not Quinn) and I've got to smooch his cheek.


heather said...

I admire you so much. We all say we trust God and think that we probably do for the most part but you are really doing it. So I know it is scary but you can do it. When are we packing? I need to clean out a closet or something, I need my fix.

JBL said...

The book...I haven't started reading it yet, but I've listened to the sermon series on which it was based. Very compelling. Will begin reading soon.

The move...I wish I had some magic words to say it will be easy. I don't. It probably won't. But it will be good.

By the way, I went to Kindergarten at Broadmoor Baptist, which is right down the road from where you'll be. All these little memory snipets are coming back as you guys prepare to head out.

The Heltons said...

I definitely would not consider you a drama queen about moving and having no idea how it will all work out. I would be scared out of my mind!! I would be freaking out to say the least. We'll be praying for you. Love you!


Missy said...

I'm happy that you will still have your blog! Then we can all still stalk you even though you will have new friends. And since you are Kim Hill it will take you one day tops to have a new set of friends!
If anybody can move to a new place, it is you my dear!

The Heltons said...

Okay, so that was a lot to take in, eh? Tim Keller: I've heard of him from our Cross Pointe friends. Is he apart of the Acts 360 group? I think that's its name.

Anywho, I don't think you're a drama queen, like I'm sure many have reassured you. You're just acting exactly how you should in a moment of panic. I just put in for a promotion and I'm nervous about how it'll shake up our schedule. It's a lot of work to grow up, so maybe we'll do it together. Ha! Not.

JH-Perusual, if you wanna respond, throw it over to our cool blog. Otherwise, talk with you soon, cuz.

Anonymous said...

LOL that last sentence made me crack up! Not that I'm checking your husband out or anything but I never thought of Quinn as chubby! You are so funny, girlfriend.

BTW, did your ears burn this afternoon about 2:30. Ginger and I were talking about you and how disgustingly beautiful your hair is. She's thinking of getting a cut. The hair cut revolution is catching on!

Amy said...

Aahh! Adventure! There's nothing like it! I think life is about to gain a whole new excitement!
And Tim Keller is awesome!

Missy said...

Did you get a haircut?