Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Two blogs before 7 am. That's what I call efficient. Or Obsessive.

Do you love becoming friends with somebody through their blog? I have become friends with Jawan through reading her blog and her random visits to our church. Her husband pastors a church in Columbus, GA, but he used to be the used the youth pastor at our church moons ago. Jawan is crazy with an acute case of verbal diarrhea. I love her.

This is Felix with Maggie, Sarah, and Gracie. He's George Washington. Duh.

Thanks Jawan.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, one of the highlights of my day on Saturday was Jawan coming up to me saying "O, hi! You're Melissa!" I couldn't believe she knew me. Turns out we both stalk each others blog. Who knew it could be so fun! Blogging has added more friends in my life. It's very exciting. It makes me feel special in so many ways. For me, staying at home can get very lonely. Blogging makes me feel like I'm not so alone in the world.

Phamilyof6 said...

Cute pictures. Looks like fun!

Love the little boys wig! :)