Sunday, April 20, 2008

Preach it!

My hubby preached his very first sermon today. You know I was proud. I cannot wait to see what He will learn in seminary and see how the Lord will use him after. Quinn has the ability to speak clearly, without being condescending. He is wise and he loves the Lord. He is humble, kind, loving, and speaks with grace. I admire him greatly. You're my hero, babe!


Burt said...

it was a great passage for him to preach from because i think he's gonna be one of those that God will continue to use to turn the world upside down

JBL said...

Yep. He did a great job. I love that God uses Quinn to teach the people around him. Selfishly, I love that God uses him to teach me even from a distance. I'm always paying attention to what he's saying. God has gifted him as a communicator.

We enjoyed the service too. It was nice to relax and be ministered to. We loved meeting some of the people we hear (and read) about. And I have to admit it was pretty awesome that Si welded himself to me during the service. I miss those guys.

The food was delish too. I didn't even need dinner I was so stuffed. I'm a little bummed we didn't doggy bag a slice o' cheesecake though. Thanks for the day!

j_webb said...

I admire him too. He has a way about him that is easy and wise beyond his years. Not to mention a way of putting things into perspective with the gospel.
What can I say,.. I like hearing the guy talk! I'm sad he's leaving! I know God will use him in large ways. One thing Anne Marie said once about Quinn that I had never thought of was what a good listener he is. A practice long forgot by most! Thanks Quinn.

Marsha said...

What a loving, supportive wife you are! I see Proverbs 31 all over it!

Jawan said...

Quinn did an excellent job Sunday morning. I want to hear him preach more! Mitch and I both thought he was very clear in his message. We had such a good time with you all while there visiting.

By the way, the cheesecake Sunday afternoon was sublime. Thanks for offering and calling me down the hill to come get me some. Did you get my two emails full of pictures of Si (and one of Felix)? I would have emailed you this comment but I was fearful you weren't getting my messages.