Friday, April 25, 2008


Today, today, today. Busy, busy, busy. Doctor's appointment yesterday was fine. Somehow I always forget that Dr. Radbill is super-excited all the time. Whenever we've been pregnant (which, I'm not now, btw), Quinn always hummed a little circus song and walked around pretending to bang cymbals together after Dr. Radbill left the room. Strange line of work for extreme happiness, but I'm glad because he always sets my nerves at ease. The scale wasn't so bad (I guess all of my OCDness worked, ha!) and I was in and out pretty quickly. I found out that my issues were probably related to stress (what????) and that everything looked fine.

Man, my house is a mess. Again. Maybe it's just the boxes. I'm going to defer to the boxes. Pretty much until we move.

I'm having some trouble with making links. And with pictures. It shows all the script instead of just underlining the link or showing the pictures on my draft page. Can anyone help me out?

Must go bake.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I can offer no help with the technical issues. I can however get one less thing out of your hair. If you want us to come by and pick up the toddler just let me know. I'm glad you had a good Doctor's visit and there are no serious issues. Hope you have fun baking, deary!

Amy said...

Kim! Do NOT EVER wait that long again to go to the doctor!! Ya know I went every yr and then I found out about the dreaded "C" word. SO, glad you went! It is much easier to live with the weight than to live with the "c". (Now descending from my soap box) Have a nice day :)

Amy said...

Oh, and it is a law that you don't clean up your house once you start packing boxes for a move. It is quite impossible and really takes one stress off of you not to have to clean for awhile. (You may want to keep cleaning the bathroom do have 4 boys!)

j_webb said...

Ha! The visual image of Quinn marching around a 10 x 10 waiting room with pretend cymbals was worth the read. Im still grinning.