Saturday, April 26, 2008

Roaming Thoughts

I made coffee that's too weak this morning. Too lazy to remake more.

The house is very quiet. Quinn took the boys camping. Except for Beex who wanted to sleep with me. I consented and slept with feet in my face all night.

I can make a really good S'mores. Toasting the sandwich over the fire on fork tongs to melt the chocolate is essential.

Again, wanting a haircut. Short and choppy.

I would love to find a pair of nude stilleto heels. I've been looking for them everywhere. Tried to look for them online but got discouraged. Do not Google Nude/Camel Stilletos. I think I screamed out loud. Quinn said, "Type Shoes! Just type shoes!".

I haven't been to the thrift store since Tuesday. I think I'm having withdrawals.

Birmingham was named as the most indulgent city this week on the Today Show. Really? I'd like to know how they did their research. Just not seeing it.

My birthday is this week and I will turn 33. I'm getting crow's feet and I have a dimple on my face that used to not be there. Oh, and more weird facial hair. Fabulous.

Three weeks and two days until we move.

Gotta get "bekfast" for the sweet cheeks Beex.


Phamilyof6 said...

Dimples are adorable!

Do NOT cut your hair. It is gorgeous. You and Kristi have like the most beautiful, perfect hair! NOT FAIR!!!

What city are you moving too?

I love thrift stores too!

Nude Stilletos - never heard of such a thing. How would you walk in Stilletos? :) I can see you carrying a baby around with stilletos. Funny thoughts!

Brenda said...

Nude stilleto heels ... - ...would that not be like "glass slippers"?

Yes - you are a princess...and glass slippers would be appropriate for you.

Aren't all girls princess'?

Amy said...

So, ARE you gonna get your hair cut? My friend Keisha just got a really cute choppy cut for the summer, looks great!

Uh, don't google "passion of christ" or "sex and the supremacy of christ" either :( ...

Speaking of weird facial hair, I dreamed the other night that I had to start shaving like Keith...NOT a sweet dream!! woke up relieved

Thanks for the laugh!

Missy said...

As well as the spanking device called "The Wacker"!

I think the crows feet just mean we have laughed a lot...yes? No?

Londyn said...

Too funny - I am just like you when it comes to coffee and have making another pot if I mess up the first one!

Try for nude heels. You can select the color and heel height you want and then seach off those specifics.

Abbey said...

Oh that made me laugh about the "shoe googling"... and the comments are hysterical! Haven't we all done that? I was trying to find my elentary school friend "Josh Booty" online, who was playing LSU football at the time. I wouldn't recommend looking him up either.
Oh, I found a booty alright! But it wasn't his.

Paige M said...

Oh to be 33 again. You are just a kid. hee hee :)

Kristi said...

That is the funniest, weirdest, random blog I have read yet!!! Kim, you are not getting old. If you are that means I am. AND I AM NOT GETTTING OLD. People told me 30 was just a number and if I felt that was old wait until you turn 40!!!! Let me know how that one feels. I do not plan to hit that number. I am on count down. I am not 31 but only 29 now!! Love you and miss you a lot.
P.S. We canceled our trip to MI.

Anonymous said...

I was cracking up at the thought of you shoe shopping and cringing at the thought of what you must have seen! You inspired me to do a posting on "Nude Heels" and while Stiletto Heels are hard to find in that color I did find some cute peep toe styles and more. Come check it out:!

laytonfamily said...

I've been enjoying your blog - I found you thru Heather, Texas Aggie in FL.

Christy said...

I totally believe the Today's Show's findings! Totally!