Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Super, Amazing, Spectacular

May I now present to you:

Fried Macaroni and Cheese!
Can I get an Amen? I say-a A-ya men-a. I do not know why it is so good. But it is SO good. It actually came with four, but they looked exactly like that. Delectable. Sounds weird. Sounds gross. Sounds like something a kid would make up. My assumptions came crashing to the ground. It is super crunchy on the outside with creamy macaroni and cheese on the inside. It is swimming in a sea of creamy marinara. Can you use the word delectable two times in one paragraph? Probably not. Thank you, Mona! After dinner last night, I need a couple of extra laps around the gym this morning. I'll see you there!


Missy said...

Is that homemade?
That doesn't look like any kind of fried macaroni I've ever seen.
It looks sophisticated!
Not the white trash kind you can get at Sonic.

Cheryl said...

How ironic - just this morning The Today Show had a guest on who was listing the most sinful cities. She declared Birmingham the U.S. city with the most gluttony. They showed video of Dreamland BBQ. The ribs looked delicious!

Randy Webb said...

Wow, how long has it been????

Just happened across your comment on another blog and since I couldn't an email address I thought I would leave an off topic comment to say hello. (it's Randy Webb by the way)

Anyway, I am glad it looks like things are going great for you. I just wanted to say hello. Drop me a line so I have your email address.

On another note, Brian (from "Emily's Cry) & I are doing a concert this summer and I would love to see some old familiar faces there!

Have a great day!

Kim said...

The Fried Mac 'n Cheese was at Cheesecake Factory, but, yes Cheryl, Dreamland is AWESOME. And I love it. And maybe I want some for my birthday.

Julie said...

So, it's official. You're Happy With Myself?, I'm Wine Me, Dine Me (inspired by ...Over the Rhine Me). We must be buddies. I think it's fated. :)

Londyn said...

I've had it at Fridays -- really good!