Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hodge Podge

Well, I'm looking at MT. TOO MUCH LAUNDRY. It is clean and plopped on my "folding bench" where all my laundry sits for too long every week. I'm learning not to see it. It is starting to lap over to the couch. I think it's coming alive. ALIVE! My house is a wreck. I'm a one track mind, baby. Concentrating on Saturday (see previous post) means everything else gets neglected. Wait, I had three kids yesterday; did I leave one somewhere? Of course, I'm just kidding. I think.

Corin had a soccer game last night and his team won! AND he scored a goal! AND I missed it! Yep, I missed the whole game. Why? Well, because I didn't find out about the game until 6:30 and both the other children were still taking baths and Quinn called me from practice telling me that Corin had a game in 30 minutes and he needed his uniform pronto! Oh, pooh! So I put the other (wet) ones in their jammies and tore through MT. TOO MUCH LAUNDRY to find Corin's uniform and then tore over to the field to get Corin his uniform JUST in time for the game. The other two were still wetheaded from their baths (and clean, btw), so we went home. I hate that I missed him score. He has been skittish on the field; not wanting to be aggressive about the ball, so this is a big deal!

Yesterday, I went to Accessory City, at Patton Creek to get some prizes for my class on Saturday. This is a great store! Super cute jewelry for cheap, CHEAP! They have a 3 for $5 jewelry wall, a 2 for $10 jewelry wall, scarves 3 for $10, sunglasses 2 for $10, lots and lots of bags, shoes, hairclips, kidstuff, WOW! I recommend it. I think you can shop online, too. On that same line, I added a new link yesterday. Fab Finds for under $50 has a lot of great finds online. I also like how she (Kimberly) puts things together.

Today is Wednesday, which means day of insanity. Must get started right away. Maybe I'll have a chance to ignore my laundry for a little longer. Yeah, probably so.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are giving away prizes in your class...that always makes it fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about it! But what is MT?

Missy said...

Save me a prize!

Missy said...

Oh, and YEAH for Corin! It's exciting to see the fruits of their labors!