Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I turn 33. Quinn left a couple of minutes ago to go to Jackson, MS for a job interview and to look at houses. He will return late tonight. We went out last night for my birthday to Macaroni Grill at the Summit in Mountain Brook and then we walked around the summit. Actually, he asked me if I wanted to go to some shops, which is when I shot my eyes at him and said, "uh, sure". So we walked and I talked to him about stores, clothes, and shoes, which I'm sure he found completely enthralling. He nodded and smiled at appropriate moments. I saw an %80 off sign at Liz Claiborne shoes so went in there to take a look and the following conversation occured:

Quinn: "So, what are those naked shoes you were talking about?"

me: "huh?"

Quinn: "You know, those naked shoes you were talking about in your blog."

me: "Do you mean 'nude'?"

Quinn: "Yeah, same thing. Well, it means the same thing."

me: Nope. "It's a color, not a state of being."

Quinn: "Oh. What are they?"

So I show him. It was very sweet of him to offer the gesture of shopping for shoes. He hates shopping. HATES IT. He's fond of the term "I'd rather be drug out to the street and shot" when he thinks of shopping. After a while, we walked into the Gap and I found a cute pair of nude flats for $12 and he told me I should get them. It was very unlike Quinn, who would usually say something like, "Do you really need ANOTHER pair of shoes?" That answer, of course, is YES. It's okay if he doesn't get it. And, of course, I can't ask "Do you really NEED another Theology book?", because his answer is also YES. So, we're even, kind of. I have a slightly uncomfortable feeling that his obsession is better than mine.

Today will be a day of getting stuff done. Heather and Paige are both coming over to help me pack (thanks, ladies) and Corin has SAT testing at Crossroads. Even though we'll be busy, it will still be fun and I'm looking forward to it. Paige and Heather are both CRAZY cleaners, so I'm sure we'll have a lot done by this afternoon. Woo hoo! I told Quinn what we were doing today, to which he responded "you better go to the liquor store this morning". I looked at him with confusion. "What? Why?". I'm thinking this would not help me at all. He looked at me. "You can always get good boxes at the liquor store." Ah. I looked at some of the boxes we've already packed and most of them are whiskey boxes and Crown Royal boxes. So, I'm going to trek over to the liquor store this morning, with my three children, and get some boxes. Is ABC Liquor even open in the morning?


JBL said...

Happy Birthday! It's always refreshing to know that you're right behind me. Makes getting old a little easier.

Michelle got some new shoes for your birthday. Second pair in 2 weeks. Is this a conspiracy?

My house is always full of liquor store boxes. We are experienced movers. You can never have too many.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...


Missy said...

Happy Birthday Orchid!
Hope you have a wonderful day of packing and cleaning with the crazy cleaning ladies.
Sorry I am not a crazy cleaning lady...my house needs crazy cleaning ladies too!
Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!! :)

piklpaper said...

happy, happy birthday, kim! hope you have a magnificent day :)

j_webb said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you guys got to go out, sounds relaxing.
You are still THIRTY-THREE. Once you pass 35, you becomes NERDY. Hence, I am NERDY-EIGHT. I told my dad that and he responded "That's better than SICKLY-THREE!" :-)

The folks in Jackson are going to be saying "Are ya'll sure that boy is here for SEMINARY?"
"They sure did have alot of whiskey!" haha
I have asked around about boxes with no luck yet. I will keep asking. Hope Quinn has a good day in Ms.

j_webb said...

P.S. - I guess any shoes could be considered naked shoes if worn as your only clothing. But I doubt many people would remember them.

heather said...

Crazy? I am not crazy. i just like to clean a lot. I mean crazy is such a strong word. I thought you enjoyed my crazy. Happy Birthday to You.

Paladinos9801 said...

Ahhhh packing. Gotta love it! Happy Birthday, by the way! I hope it's a good one!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kim!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Happy Birthday! 33? Are you sure? Cause I really thought your mom said 34 today, because I was thinking, "Oh how funny, we're just days apart in age cause I just turned 34!" Well, 33, 34, whatever, make it a great day!

Abbey said...

Happy Day!!

Have a wonderful time getting all liquored up with your church friends. Oh~ and packing.

Anonymous said...

We used liquor boxes to pack and Quinn's right they work like a charm. But if you saw us move in you would think we were setting up a brothel or something.

Happy birthday again, my friend! Hope you are fabulous!

Rachel Garcia said...

Happy birthday girl.. you are one fabulous woman.

I love the book/shoes thing. Big jorge loves watches.. will buy all kinds.. all prices.. me.. I just want to eat out.


I hope you have fun watching your movie!