Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So, we're moving to Jackson, MS. In a month from yesterday. Quinn and I packed six boxes last night. We had a good time going through CD's, packing books, and talking without the ever-addictive television being on. It's been nice having cable at the poolhouse, but I'm looking forward to having my six channels again when we move. I just don't watch TV as much when nothing is on my six channels. Back to boxes. I don't like seeing the boxes, though it does feed my instant gratification complex (ooh, empty box-full box). Other than that it is untidy (y'all know how tidy I am), the reality of moving to a new place is now always here. In my living room.
I am excited about Quinn finishing seminary. I am excited that I am his wife and we are venturing on this dealio together. I know that the Lord has called my husband (and me) to do this and I am excited what will happen next. I am not excited about leaving my church and the place (B'ham) I've called home for eleven years. It's hard to imagine what my life will be like without Community Presbyterian Church.


Anonymous said...

I'm excited for you, Quinn and your boys. I remember my uncertainty in moving to NH from FL eight years ago. I discovered God's faithfulness in more ways than I had imagined. You will too. So, when Quinn finishes seminary, you all will come serve a church in New England, no?

Kim said...

New England? I was having trouble with Mississippi and that's four hours away.
Doesn't it get VERY, VERY cold in New England? Forever?

heather said...

I will not face reality until I have to. I love that you worked the word dealio into a sentence. I am so proud.

Missy said...

So whats the dealio? Why you stressin?
Just kidding...I wanted Heather to be proud of me too!

Are you so busy with the move that you haven't even started your Bday countdown?
One week girly!
We must have a grand affair for you :)