Monday, June 30, 2008

Today, Today

I got up and ran this morning with Andrea (my in-laws have the boys). I like having someone to run with. It makes the running so much more endurable. I enjoy the accountability and the conversation. She has trained for a marathon, which means she's way faster than me at a three mile jog. AND she rode her bike 5 miles to my house. A-HEM. Super wow. So now I feel exercised and caffeinated (I'm on my second cup of joe).

Today is my job interview and assistant test (????) at the elementary school. You read right. I heard about the job on Wednesday, dropped the application off on Thursday, and they called me Friday about an interview today. They haven't even gotten my reference forms back yet! I did click with the principal on Wednesday and she encouraged me to apply for the position. So, we'll see what happens. I have to admit, I'm quite nervous. I haven't had a job outside the home (except for a nightmarish two month stint at Cracker Barrell in 2004) since before my eldest was born. The job does include free, state benefits and I would have the leisure of being at the school for the boys. And I think I would enjoy the position. I would probably try to see what it would take for me to become certified as a teacher of music. Felix (my almost three-year old) is my concern. He loved Mother's Day Out last year and I think he would love "school" (as he puts it), but I would love for him to stay with a family. I do not know what will happen yet, nor what is even available at this point. I'm still pursuing the whole thing until, as I said before, it is unpursuable.

Quinn starts Greek today and he is a little nervous. Although, it is a little disconcerting that whenever you tell someone (former Greek students at RTS) that you are about to embark on Greek, they respond with wide-eyes and "oooooo". I would love to hear someone say, "That is so great. I love Greek. LOVE IT." I know that is a woman's response, but still. Pray for him as he starts. Greek and Hebrew will be his toughest classes this year and he wants to do well.

Today, TODAY is a big day for both of us. What shall I wear? I heard Quinn mumbling the same thing at 2am this morning about Greek. I'm guessing he'll wear cargo shorts and a t-shirt. Maybe he'll put on a polo or something. I, actually, am about to commence the wardrobe attack. I do LOVE to dress. I'll probably go conservative (didn't I hear you say that you wanted to know what I was wearing?) and do black dress slacks with black stilletos and my pink button down. I'm actually wearing it in the picture on the right. Maybe I'll throw on a black patent-leather belt. You know, for kicks. And just to say, "hey, I'm a little spunky". I think I'll just walk in (Broadway style) and throw up my arms and say, "Ta-dah! I'm here!" Man, I wish I knew how to tap dance. I'm guessing that that would make me look crazy and not "qualified" for the position.

Must commence commencing. Toodles y'all.


laytonfamily said...


Amber said...

sah-weet. hope you get it--your are dynamite! hehe.
I'll be praying--don't worry about the can just wow them with the verbal diarrhea (sp?) instead!

Lurnus Gude said...

I will be praying for you, Kim. Education has been a wonderful career for ole Lurnus, and if it works out for you, I think you will love it! As far as dress goes, dark colors with a splash of purple or pink would be appropriate. I like the high heels idea. Let me know how it goes. Just be yourself. They will love you!!

Missy said...

Please walk in and say Ta Dah!
That would probablly seal the deal in your favor! I mean how many other people would even have the guts to do that?
And you could do a pretend tap dance and they will get the impression that you are fun and willing to do things that you really don't know how to do, and then you would definetly get the job!

Ginger said...

You're in my prayers!

I sent your reference form on Saturday. So, maybe you will make a good impression before they read all the bad stuff I wrote about you...

I cannot wait til you guys come on Sunday!!!!

alli said...

i LOVE everything you put on your blog.

I discussed your loveliness with Karen when she visited. We are so in your fan club.

Ta Da!

Burt said...


care-in said...

I really hope you get the job and maybe pursue music education. I'm not the expert but you may be able to just get the education part since you already have a degree. Teachers here (I'm not sure if it's different for a specialized area) who already have a degree and then decide to do education can do sort of a "quick certification" thingie.

Ask some of the seminary wives about watching felix. Elliya did home daycare and we loved it.