Friday, June 20, 2008


I have a cramp in my left calf. I can feel a little ball of cramp-i-ness in my muscle. I went running and it happened when I was running. I came home and Quinn told me to eat a banana. No banana at my house. So I decided to eat a great big bowl of spinach leaves, blueberries, a scrambled egg (fried in EVOO), and red wine vinaigrette in the hopes that two super foods (spinach and blueberries), stretching, and a big glass of water would help. No dice yet. Maybe soon. Also if you think my salad sounds a little bleah, it was actually pretty good. Salty and sweet. It needed slivered almonds for crunchiness.

I have not blogged about doing the food journal. Suffice to say that I'm sufficiently obsessed. I do recommend it if you feel that you are taking in way too many calories or you feel that your helpings are too large. It makes you think about each morsel you put in your mouth and what you drink. However, I have the tendency to take things too far in the hopes of completely controlling one facet of my life. It's a game that lasts forever. Will I win? What is winning? Sigh.

My nearly three your old kisses ALL THE TIME. I hate to tell him to stop because I have to pry kisses from my eight year old.

I have many pictures to post.

My kitchen is disgusting and I sprayed Scrubbing Bubbles in my bathtubs two hours ago. I have sheetrock dust all over the half bath and ashes everywhere from when I pried the big brass thing off the fireplace two days ago. I need to vacuum, especially upstairs since I hate to drag the vacuum cleaner upstairs. It's too heavy.

I'm listening to Cake. I like Cake.

Tomorrow, we're going to G'ma's to help bring in the corn. It's supposed to be cloudy and I'm glad. I love corn on the cob.

Speaking of storms, I'm loving this brief, dreamy non-humid weather we're having. It's tolerable to stand outside without feeling like you're going to catch on fire.

I miss my sister.

I need to bathe. Dried sweat is not a pleasant aroma. And the baby is kissing my armpit. Gross.

I'm dreaming of painting the living room, my bedroom, and the bathrooms. I want to hang pictures and make this place feel like home. I guess that's why I haven't posted pictures of what we've done. It's not finished. And I'm lazy.

I need to go to the library and check out some books. Thanks to Laura for e-mailing me her booklist. Wouldn't it be great if she had a running booklist on her blog? YES, saith the masses. Hint, hint.

My calf still hurts. So much for super food. I guess I'll cave and take an Advil. I need to get off my duff and get stuff done before we leave tomorrow.

Good night all.


Rachel said...

food journal: is this the poor man's weight watchers?

leg crampage: stick a pillow in between your knees to straighten your back. this always helps me.

corn picking: i wish i were doing it. alas, i have to practice piano.

bathing: always good, though not always high on your priority list.

my love for you: substantial.

Missy said...

Rub alchohol on your leg. I hear this works.
I'm impressed that you had fresh spinach in your house. I love fresh spinach!

laytonfamily said...

"how do you afford your rock and roll life style"? haha - I'm so pulling out my cd!

I live in Orlando - I'M ON FIRE!

heather said...

Kimmi (I am using my low voice the one that is a little scary) you need to focus, and stay on task. Did that help. I hate remodeling it is so messy sheet rock dust is so not fun. One day you'll get there.

Melissa said...

buy an extra vacuum for upstairs...seriously it's worth it so you don't hurt your back lugging up there.

kiss felix for me, i still try to pry them from my baby. i love affectionate babies.

get some aspercreme for the leg cramp. sounds like a nasty charlie horse to me. might not be a bad idea to take multivitamins if you don't already.

it's suppose to rain here this weekend. so much for humidity.

i haven't told you lately that i miss you. well, i do. lots. gotta go, brandon has poo poo. thought you might like that little tid bit as you read your comments.

Leah said...
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Leah said...

I just wanted to write and let you know I love reading your blog. I've been lurking for a while, but thought I would come forward.

BTW, I read the "Stuff White People Like" blog. Hilarious!

Hope your leg feels better.