Wednesday, June 18, 2008


1 Momma happily cleaning in the house.

1 Momma decides to pull out dry clothes of dryer and give them a fold.

1 Momma, horrified, discovers clothes are covered in black something.

1 Momma, getting angrier as clothes are pulled out of dryer, calls boys to ask them who put crayons in their pocket.

3 boys deny crayon in pocket, scared of Momma's face.

1 Momma looks in dismay at pile of RUINED clothes, except for a lone black shirt.

1 Momma cleans the dryer, hoping that the sheets that are in washer don't get ruined in dryer.

What do all these equal? 1 exceedingly annoyed momma who will be behind in all the chores because of Googling how to crayon out of clothes, including a brand new pair of shorts that are Quinn's. Pooh.


heather said...

Oh My!!! My cat dried a kitten once. Does that make you feel better?

j_webb said...

I always heard WD-40 worked for that. Here's what a few agreed works:
Step1: put paper towels or soft cloth underneath the stain
Step2: spray both sides of the stain with WD-40 and let sit for 5 minutes
Step3: apply dish soap, work into stain. wash in hottest water recommended for fabric repeat if needed, wash as usual.

Another recommends:
Wipe with a damp Mr Clean Magic Eraser sponge. It took the stains right out! This sponge also works well on crayon and dirty fingerprint stains on the wall!
Or another person recommends freezing the clothing then picking the crayon off. HA! right...I'd try the WD-40 or magic eraser... good luck!

Rachel said...

i want to come help you get crayons out of your clothes. i also want to see the sharps and know all (maybe not all) of your secrets. and also, i love you, in case i haven't told you in a while.

laytonfamily said...

oh black, we'll have to try that next time because the red crayon was just not colorful enough! thankfully it was the kid's play clothes and towels. Good luck!

heather said...

Sorry what I meant was me aunt dried a kitten once.

Paige M said...

I was trying to figure out how a cat dried a kitten......

You know the solution to the washing machine problem? Just stop washing clothes. It works for me.

piklpaper said...

not cool. incredibly not cool at all. i'm so sorry!

Melissa said...

i did it twice with cherry chapstick. i thought my mom was going to disown me.

Missy said...

Remember when Lana got the finger nail polish all over her new comforter? Is that how you feel today?

I have a solution. Burn all of the clothes. Problem solved.