Monday, June 02, 2008

A New Project (obsess much?)

The time is currently 7:52 on my microwave and the house is quiet, except for the whir of the washing machine (always). Why is my house quiet, you may ask? Because everyone, except for me, is asleep. Quinn went down at about 7:00 (with just a wee bit of help from the old Benadryll) and the boys went down about 7:30. So now I'm awake. By myself. Oh, what, WHAT shall I do? I will not peel wallpaper. I do not want the cursing to wake up the children. I will not mop, even though the floor is a bit sticky from popsicles (I gave in). Nope. It's Blog-o-rama time.

Today, because I do not have enough to obsess about, I started a food journal on Nutrimirror. I was mildly curious about my calorie intake per day so I instantly became overwhelmed with curiosity and decided I would start a food journal blog. I googled "food journal" to get some ideas and saw this free site where you can enter what you have eaten and it tallies up your calories and so on. So, no new blog (how boring is a food journal anyway). Quinn is skeptical of it (I tend to go WAY overboard with something like that) and is kind of watching me with his eyebrows raised. What he doesn't know (don't tell him- Babe shut your eyes) is that I ALREADY obsess about food. Typing it on a website is, uh, a good way for, um, me to, hmmm..., educate (YES!) myself on making better choices (oh yeah, that sounds great) in my food intake. Who's against education? NOT ME.

So, here are a couple of reasons why I wanted to do a food journal:

A long time ago I decided to not drink Coke and Dr. Pepper anymore because of their high calories and zero nutritional value. I will have one very occasionally, but it has to be regarded as "dessert" in my brain. The same goes with Mochaccinos from Starbucks, sweet tea, and really pretty much any drink that has calories. I usually drink water instead. Sounds great, right? Yeah. Great. On the flip side, because I do not KNOW the caloric value of a huge piece of chocolate cake, then I don't worry about it. And eat a lot of it. The same was true with homemade cheesecake until I found out it has 1200 (!!!!!!!!) calories per slice. Talk about ruining it for me. I will not eat a huge bowl of ice cream (because it's not good to do that), but instead will eat a big scoop of ice cream in a coffee cup (packed down) with hot fudge, marshmallow, and caramel toppings drizzled all over it (Oooh, that sounds delish right now) because that is supposed to be better (again, in my head it is better). I eat a lovely bowl of GoLean Crunch in the morning because it has lots of protein and fiber to keep me full longer, but will eat handfuls of dry cereal because it's just THERE. I'll make a nice salad with carrots, baby spinach leaves, chicken, and tomatoes for lunch and then eat the rest of what the children don't finish because it's not FINISHED.

All these to say, I was MILDLY curious what my caloric intake was and I will watch it over the next few weeks to see if, just by paying attention to what I'm doing, I will make better choices in what I eat. And, I'm looking for a new way to drive my husband crazy. Bingo.


laytonfamily said...

Have fun! After baby #2 turned 5 months and I wasn't losing 1lb (and working out) so I decided to count. Since I was nursing I told myself 2,500 calories were perfectly okay - after I got done counting, I was at 4,000+! Serving size was my #1 offense and juice was a close second! Good for you for drinking water!
Please let "us" know how it goes!
p.s - even wallpaper needs a break from wallpaper!

Crissy said...

Portion size is my number one problem. I think I eat like a man. Good grief!

Marsha said...

Hmm, do I see an episode of OCD on the horizon?

Anonymous said...

O, I did a food journal after I had Brandon and after 3 days I finally picked it up and gave it a read. I was so disgusted with myself I threw it away. Mmmmm...I'm still laughing at your OCDness to food. I still think that a salad with little to know dressing, glass of ice water and a huge slab of chocolate cake is a balenced meal.