Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Quinn, Melinda, Folks, and Andrea

Quinn started his new job yesterday. Today and tomorrow he is required to be there at 2am for training and, to top it off, his first class started yesterday. He says he's doing okay; tonight he'll probably crash early. I told him that I wished he could've started next week, but he said he's glad to get this first part over with.

I had Melinda over for coffee this morning. You may remember the name from this post about our first trip to the school in January. She and her husband had invited us over for dinner on that trip and I really liked her. They made us feel very welcome. Anyhoo, she and I, I think, will be good friends. We chatted about Anne of Green Gables, (in which she felt the same annoyance I did over the last Megan Follows movie. Did she even read the books? Megan Follows, that is), C-section births, Over the Rhine, seminary, and other such things. It was lovely and I plan on seeing her a lot.

Around lunchtime, I packed up some lunch and headed to RTS to meet Quinn. We had lunch with a lot of other families and it was nice to meet some more people. I'm really looking forward to going to the Mrs. in Ministry meetings they have here. When I get back from Florida, I will be all about it.

Andrea asked me today if I went camping. I smiled at her. It's funny to think that I originally thought we were so much alike. Basically we both like to run and bake. And there's where the similiarity ends. I told her I WOULD camp, if there were bathrooms and electricity close by, and preferably in a camper. With air conditioning. She has a great laugh.

Well, that's my life up until 1:00 today. Maybe I'll update you on the rest of my day tonight. Pins and needles.


Melissa said...

You camp like I do. Brian said to me one time "wouldn't it be fun to hike the Appalachian Trail?" Are you kidding me. I felt like bopping him on the forehead like those people do in the V8 commercials.

Missy said...

Does Andrea know about your blog? Maybe you should tell her, and then she can find out about the real Kim Hill!

Need to see some pics of the house and such.

Leah said...

Hi, I found your blog through Kimberly's blog (Fab Finds Under 50) I enjoy reading your posts and you have the cutest boys! Best of luck in your new house!

Paige M said...

I wonder if you are a little scared for your new friends to read your blog. :) Just kidding!

Tell Quinn congrats on the job! Start saving money for your monthly Benadryl supply.

btw...Donna's blog is www.lurnusgode.blogspot.com

("learn us good") :)

laytonfamily said...

Okay princess, camping isn't that tough! Get a blow up mattress and go in the fall when it isn't so hot! You've gone without hot water before! And if not, use the go to line "oh, we're having our tent repaired - maybe next time". ;p

E said...

It sounds like you're really settling in: that's So great!! Moving is always so difficult, but I'm sure your new place will be just wonderful.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Okay you seem to have made more friends in your 2 weeks in MS than I've made in a year and a half in FL.

And I'm with you on the camping thing. My parents had a boat and a MATCHING RV when I was a kid and I still hated to go "Camping" if you could call it that, although it was more like "camping" rockstar style! No thanks. I prefer the house to NOT be on wheels!

Amy said...

That's the way to just dive in and make new friends! Did you serve chocolate cake with the coffee?? Will you bring some to B'ham in July??? (we will be there the week of the 6th :)

Kimberly said...

Kim, I totally support you in your lack of desire to go camping! We are lucky enough to live in the 21st century and we should enjoy all of the comforts of it - cushiony mattresses, AC, warm showers, etc. Good luck making new friends!