Friday, June 13, 2008

Kim, aka- the "Networker"

I went to my Aunt Cheryl's last night to watch a movie (Phantom of the Opera-woo hoo!) with her, my cousin, and my cousin-in-law. When I got there, Cheryl asked if I wanted to take a personality test. okee-dokee. Are those things ever really right?

Dead on. I was really quite impressed and a mite offended. Under struggles:

"You may sometimes be prone to talking too much, being disorganized, impulsive, too emotional, too optimistic, or exaggerating. Sometimes you tend to overcommit and overlook key details."

(crickets chirping with perhaps a bit of stifled laughter)

Me???? Prone to talking to much? Exaggerative? Disorganized? Too emotional? I overlook key details?

Yes. Yes. Yep. Yep, again. And, alas, yep. I was actually laughing as I read the struggles because I was wondering when the guy who made the test actually jumped out the computer to shake my hand. I just didn't see him. Under strengths:

"Networkers, like you, are normally strong communicators. You are outgoing, engaging, lively, optimistic, gregarious, persuasive, fun-loving, enthusiastic, and inspiring."

Under "preferred activities":

" Because you function best when given the opportunity to influence, meet, or entertain others, you need variety and opportunities to present your new creative ideas along with a minimum of detail work."

I like "minimum of detail work". They could have said, "loves to make an idiot of herself (I always picture a court jester when someone says I like to entertain others) and call it 'creativity'. Hates to sit and do work". That actually would've been pretty accurate.

Look here to see my results.

If you'd like to take the test for yourself (it's only 16 questions- it took me about 5 minutes), then click here. Read the directions and scroll down the page.


Kimberly said...

Thanks for posting the link to the Personality Test. I just had to take it, and yep - it is right on! I am a Networker as well!

care-in said...

I like you because of the, "outgoing, engaging, lively." I need people like you to get me out of my shell and have fun! I'll be your detail person!

Lurnus Gude said...

Wow, I am a networker, also!! When I read the description, it sounded just like me. Do you think everyone that takes it is a networker, or are we all just alike??

Missy said...

Love these and have already posted it on my blog.
I am an encourager.
(In my best little kitty voice!)
So very good Kimmy Kimmy Kimmy.
Kimmy is a good little networker. How do you feel when you are networking? Does Kimmy love to network? Kimmy makes good cakes, yes she does, yes she does.

OK...I'm done.

Rachel Garcia said...

i think the networkers are the ones that have the blogs because they like to talk so much (im a networker) thanks for the link. i knew it would say that after reading yours.

although I was afraid it was going to say "atilla the hun" because all my descriptive words seems so edgy.

i also love that it said "lose sight of details".. yeah while taking the test.. i was supposed to be sending 10 people and email about a lingerie shower.. oh distracted lady that I am.. ha!

this was more fun.

laytonfamily said...

thanks - haven't seen that one. I'm a motivator!

heather said...

I am a stylish motivator. I like that I motivate with style.

Marsha said...

I'm also a Networker but some of my strengths and weaknesses are a tad different at places.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

I'm stylish. Sigh. Yeah. Tell me something I didn't know.