Friday, June 20, 2008

It's My Duty

Because it is my responsibility to give you information that you do not need, I am here today to recommend to you another hilarious blog. It is called "Stuff White People Like". And I laughed. Alot. Again. Please read here about why white people like bumper stickers. Of course, Crissy Sharp was here with me and we read it together, and it was late. But it's still funny.

The Sharps left this morning. Sigh. We had a wonderful time. Yesterday, we found a small beach for the Ross Barnett Reservoir in Jackson. So fun. And today we're all a little scorched. We did get wallpaper peeling done. Well, Crissy did. She's a little weird about peeling wallpaper.

Last night, Crissy and I attended a Mrs. In Ministry meeting. This is a Bible Study held by seminary student wives. It was great. I'm really looking forward to making friends with ladies in the group. It is my understanding that some of the ladies want to start a book club. I'm all about it. It was also good to be with a group of people who are in my same boat. Everybody knows how hard it is to have your spouse in school full time. I need to learn to be more supportive and intentional with Quinn.

Just so you know, I am weak and selfish. I am narcissistic and sarcastic. I tend to jump immediately to self-pity and bitterness. My husband needs my support when he's discouraged. Please pray for me to be a better wife.


heather said...

I do pray for you and Quinn. I can't being to imagine what you are going through. Speaking of selfish I can only think of how you being going effects me. Miss ya.

KT said...

How funny is that blog? Did you know the book Stuff White People Like is being released?

Rachel said...

at least you know there's Grace that's sufficient, even for you. i add the "even for you" part to remind you that His words speak now as much as they did then. i love being your love child. i love your honesty. i love you and CANNOT wait to see you. praying for you always.

MattD said...

Narcissistic? YOU? NOO...who would have ever thought that?