Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Today has been a good day with my family. We watched the children play in the sprinkler (in lieu of baths, of course) after we had gone for a walk in the neighborhood. This morning we went to Providence Presbyterian which is two, (count 'em) 2 minutes away from the house. It's too soon to know where we will decide to attend except that my hubby LOVES Redeemer Pres, which is about 25 minutes away. I like Redeemer too, except that it's 25 minutes away. Redeemer is unique in the fact that it is one of those rare, racially diverse churches. It has a beautiful harmony about it and the pastor is eloquent and relevant. Providence was conservative (a lot of liturgy and choral music) and the people were very friendly. And it was TWO MINUTES AWAY from our house. I actually remembered that I had forgotten to turn on my oven this morning during Sunday School and so I excused myself and drove home, turned on the oven, and drove back and was seated by my husband exactly 10 minutes later. Impressive, no? When we got home from church, the smell of roasted chicken wafted under our noses. After lunch, we all laid down and I fell asleep for nearly two hours. That NEVER happens. It was nice.

I did have some tears today. First, I miss my church. I miss Burt and Steve. I miss my friends. I miss the music at Community. I guess nobody has a violin, cello, guitars, conga drums, and mandolin in their church music. Secondly, after my nap, I kept thinking that I just wanted to walk up to my Maja's or Anita's and see what they were doing and perhaps have a cup of coffee over some lovely conversation. I almost drove over to the married housing townhouses to just see what people were doing, but thought that might look a little desperate. Well, I AM desperate to have some bosom friends. And to have a church that we attend. I've kind of prepared myself to know that the summer (maybe longer) will be spent visiting churches and deciding where to attend.

My house is quiet now. I'm listening to the Shins and am contemplating laundry. Perhaps I will sleep on the contemplation of laundry. I must, MUST get grades done for Corin. I need to register both of the older boys for school soon. Back to the grind.


Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Lazy Sunday? Naps? Quiet house? I want that! All of that!!! I desperately need a weekend.

Rachel said...

i know how it feels to long for the fellowship and community of home. being away sucks, doesn't it?

cheesy comment for the week: home is where the heart is. we can be together in our dreams.

the more i think about juno, the more excited i become.

i's loves yous.

Paige M said...

We miss you, too! We were listening to some crazy country song yesterday (one you would love!) He was singing about the south and said something about Mississippi. Landy said, "Ahhh, speaking of Mississippi...I sure miss Miss Kim."

And almost EVERY time we pass James Talor Road, which is usually at least twice a day, Carson says, "There's Miss Kim's house." and then he laughs and says, "I'm just kidding, that's just the Cwayton's poo house."

Which makes me very sad.... we miss y'all!

Glad you had a great day with your family. You need to try to make the two hour nap thing part of your Sunday routine. I bet Quinn will need the rest!

Melissa said...

You are missed here too. Your personality is just too strong not to notice when it's away, and that's a compliment, my friend!

You'll get there with the friends. Just have some patience. Easier said than done, right.

Burt said...

y'all are missed much more than you miss us!

Leah said...

I can totally understand your situation. We just moved to Tennessee and still haven't settled on a church to attend... and I'm also frustrated because I haven't found my "bosom buddies" either. I'll pray for both of us, for the right church and the right friends.