Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things I Know

I know I do not have time in the morning to look at all the blogs in the morning. And I do it anyway. I rarely comment anymore, but I like to know they're all read.

I know I should not eat hot fudge sauce, cold, out of the jar. And I do it anyway. Double-dipper. Yep, right now.
Yes, I'm gross.

I know that I should get backpacks ready, get out clothes (and iron them), and prepare lunches the night before. And I'm lazy.

I know that RIGHT NOW, I should be cleaning bathrooms and getting things ready for tomorrow (going on a weekend trip to the 'ham). And I'm blogging.

I know that I should be VERY PATIENT with the children. But they're whining. And I'm annoyed.

I know that I should change the laundry. But I think I'll push 'fluff' instead.

I know (painfully aware) that I should not wear heels to work. But I love them so. And they're not really heels, more like wedges, but they still hurt my feet after walking in them all day. My teacher wears Birkenstocks. Hideous, but they do look so comfortable. Especially at 2:45 in the afternoon.

I know that the Women's Olympic Beach Volleyball Teams do not wear enough clothes. Why do they not know? I want to give them shorts. "Here, love, put these on. There you go."

I know that I do not know the lives of the Olympic Athletes. So, I like to make them up. It's more fun that way. Not real. More fun.

I know the refrigerator will not clean itself. But I wish it would. Please?

I know I must stop now and get on the ball.


alli said...

I went to the library and checked out Pride and Prejudice.

I was encouraged to read a "classic" book, and I chose it. I kept hearing your voice chant "pick this one, not that silly blah blah book."

So, I got it. Thanks for your guidance in the matter.

I like you and your stinky fridge.

And, I agree that volleyball olympic chics need shorts. At least shorts!!

Anonymous said...

Kim, don't be dogging the burkies! I love them, I wore a pair everyday of my pregnant life with Brandon, until he was born, caught a stomach virus and vomited all over them. He pretty much ruined them. I was sad.

I agree about the volleyball team. I feel uncomfortable watching them. Good greif, how many times do we have to watch them "dig".

My child has been whiney today too. I'm limiting TV so it hasn't been easy.

I also double dip. And I don't care who knows.

I know I will see you at Crissy's and be overjoyed. I miss you Kim! I have my hug ready.

Ivey said...

Thanks for the laugh.! It helped after completing a letter to our mayor for my hubby who got TWO tickets in 1 day for parking in a 2 hr zone. UGH! For Pete's sake, he works downtown!

Amy said...

okay, I did not know that I was logged in as Ivey...this is Amy, not Ivey.

KT said...

Seriously, how about some clothes for those girls? But really, it seems that this time around the tops get smaller and smaller and smaller... I've also noticed that the womens swimsuits seem to be cut lower on the back as well. We need to come up with the modesty Olympics.

Missy said...

I KNOW that I will see you tomorrow too. I am not telling the children. They are already so happy to be sleeping at Ty and Maggies house that I'm afraid they would have mini heart attacks if they know your boys will be there too. It's going to be a wild night and I am going to miss most of it :(
Please wait for me to get there!!!!

laytonfamily said...

yes - shorts please on those volleyballers!

I like the fluff cycle

not chocolate fudge sundae sauce, but chocolate cake icing, double - triple, oh just eat the whole thing stef!!!

I thought my blog had gotten boring since I wasn't getting any comments from you! the horror!

Marsha said...

Mike and I are boycotting the women's beach volleyball. The men are wearing baggie shorts, etc. It's ridiculous. Mike's also not comfortable with the men divers in their bikini speedos... especially the syncronized swimmers standing up there in their speedos right next to each other.

MattD said...

Things I Know:

You're addicted to blogging..

Yes, you are gross

No comment on the lazy part...

Yep, definetely addicted

Pop 'em..

Yeah..keep fluffing.. that'll work..*rolling eyes*

Kim is also addicted to SHOES

You're wrong...those poor girls are hot and sweaty and more clothes would make them have a heat stroke..;-)

I also hate cleaning the frig..bleah