Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday, Monday

I now know why Monday is the least anticipated day of the week. Except for two of my children, who woke up before 5am. Why? Argh. I should've gone running, but didn't. I should be making lunches, but am sipping coffee and wasting time on the computer. Ironing clothes? Nope. I will consistently be five minutes late for work because I choose to not shower until 6:15.

Things for this week:

I really, really, REALLY want to make it a goal to try to keep the house tidy. By last Friday, my house was totally trashed.

We're going to G'mas on Friday for a couple of days. Are Shaun and Virginia going? Please, please?

Because we're going to G'mas, I get to see the Natchez Trace again. Which I love. Seriously, it's one of the best things about Mississippi.

I want to run three times this week. I'm up to nearly 5 miles in less than an hour and I'm encouraged that I'm not dead yet. Also, a 10K doesn't sound that impossible anymore.

I'm playing the piano for our Mrs. in Ministry (seminary wives' Bible Study) meeting on Thursday night, which I am excited about. I enjoy practicing, but really haven't gotten around to it in a while.

So, here's to the week going by super-fast, but next weekend going by super-slow.

It's 5:45. Perhaps I won't be late today. Unless, I can find more things to procrastinate the inevitable shower.


Virginia said...

Yes, we are going! (I think- that's the last that I heard.)

I am much looking forward to it and trying to ignore the voices in my head reminding me how hard it is to travel with 3, 2, and 8 month olds. Ai yi yi.

Hope your week speeds by!

Missy said...

I would like to see that Natchez trail know when I'm invited ;)

Hava a good week!!! If you ask me, procrastinating a shower at 6:30 is not procrastinating at all!

Amy said...

woohoo on the running 5 miles in less than one hour. we do 3 miles in about 35 minutes, because I am getting old. :)

I am jealous about going to G'mas, sounds like alot of fun. I miss those days!

Woodman said...

What is it about showering? Thats the one thing I dread most about mornings too...if I could only skip the shower I would pop out of bed in the morning, no prob!! Knowing I have to take a shower makes me drag getting out of bed...ugh! :)