Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Up early. Baby "joined" us. Pet my face until I woke up. Thanks, baby.

And I got up. And I see two roaches. This morning. We've tried to fix this problem ourselves. Quinn even got a very professional (looking) squirty thing from Home Depot. Not working. I do not like roaches. I ESPECIALLY do not like more than one random roach. Gross, gross, gross. Felix saw the 1st roach this morning. Ensuing conversation:
Felix: "Mama, der's a roach!"
Me: "Where, Beex?"
Felix: "Up der" He points to the ceiling. Hm. Because I do not like roaches, I try unique ways to rid myself of it. Like throwing a shoe at it. Didn't work. "Mama, you throw a shoe up der?"
No answer from me as I'm trying to hoist myself up on the counter to try another ill-fated tactic. "Mama, I go get Daddy. He bigguh."

Yes, Daddy is bigguh. And the roach got away.
We're calling an exterminator TODAY.


Anonymous said...

Yucky, I hate roaches too. Make the exterminator keep coming back if you continue to see them. Trisha had them in their apartment when they moved back to B'ham. They are hard to get rid of, the little sinners.

Sorry I missed you Sunday. Our little one had the stomach virus. Thought you might understand!

Abbey said...

I love that you throw shoes at roaches. Was it a stiletto?
Next time get out your Windex and saturate him! But make sure to put it on "stream" first. Otherwise you'll just "mist" him. Misting roaches doesn't kill them... just so ya know.

Paige M said...

Josh has been quoting Beex for the past two days. "Mama. Mama? Mama. where is Mama? I need hu. I want hu. Mama? I want hu. Mama. I need hu."

Missy said...

last night i killed two baby roaches in my bathroom. BABY ones, do you know what that means?
I am getting ready to go do some seriously serious cleaning in there.

Maybe Felix has been feeding your roaches popcycles!

Mrs Zebrajet said...

The Holmes family is not suffering so much from roaches, although I see them in my basement quite frequently. We have ANTS!!!! How I hate ants. Just loathe them. Scott's worst nightmare. He would pick any other bug to deal with. So, I have ant traps everywhere in my kitchen. Yeah!!! I sympathize with you. Good luck.

Amy said...

I love reading what Beex says...up der, so cute.
Which Phantom of the Opera do I need to watch?

quinn said...

Felix could easily start his own language. It would be some form of English in which all words end in a distinct "uh" sound. It's bettuh his way. What a cool little guy he is. uh.

Kerri Wardlaw said...

I miss my Beex-uh SO MUCH! Looking forward to squeezing his sweet cheeks in -uh- few weeks.