Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, Missy

This is the most gorgeous picture of Missy and I that I could find. Isn't it lovely? Happy, uh, 29th (ahem) Birthday to a sister friend who I've known since I was eighteen years old.

We've been through it, huh?

I love you and I'm glad we'll be friends 'til we're old ladies.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!!! Great picture. Looks like you need to follow some of your own fashion advice!

Missy said...

Why couldn't you post a picture of us when we where 18 and tan?
Oh well, this is really more us in spirit I guess.
Thanks Kimberly!
We have been through it, but as Michael W Smith says, "A friends a friend forever!"
Aren't you happy that now that song is rolling through your head full force?

I love you 2 :)

michelle said...

Well, I guess this is supposed to be a "bad" picture but unfortunately I think I think I have that outfit Missy is wearing. I love the picture :) That makes me miss college days. Maybe I'll post a picture of mine and Missy's OtR poster ;)

Abbey said...

This is too cute!! I loveit.

Rachel said...

hahahaha! i still remember the time i visited you ladies in the dorms and ya'll did some sort of a game show or something. any idea what i'm talking about?

Kristi said...

Nice real nice! My girls alway ask why don't you dress as fancy as Aunt Kimmy? Now I can show them this picture and say, " this is what she really looks like!"
Happy Birthday 29th Missy, yo are the same age as me!