Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thoughts Brewing

I visited Moody Elementary School today. Impressive.

We're going to Mississippi this weekend to visit Reformed Theological Seminary. Nervous.
We even have an assigned itinerary, which includes me meeting a bunch of wives at a Thursday evening Bible study. That's pretty cool that the school thought of me when making the itinerary.

I have laundry piled up to my eyeballs.

I wish that I bought the purple patent-leather Maryjane high heels with matching clutch that I saw last night at Cato. Cute. And $7 a piece. Ginger just looked at me and said "you're not REALLY going to buy that, are you?". poop.

I need to clean, mop, do laundry, and pack tomorrow. Blegh. Oh yeah, and do school. And run.
Sounds like a Benadryll night, otherwise I'll wake up every hour worrying over stuff to do.

I ate approximately a pound of M&M's today. They are addictive. I wish I had more now.

My kids need haircuts. Bad.

Woodman, can Quinn and I stay the night at your house Thursday night? We just need a place to crash.

I certainly have a lot I need to be doing and I sure am blogging. hmmmm... It's just more fun to blog. I have pictures to post. Lazy.

What should I wear to the seminary on Thursday and Friday? Don't roll your eyes, I'm really wondering! And we're visiting a PCA church on Sunday in Jackson. Help me. If only I had the purple patent-leather Maryjane high heels...

Tonight the office comes on TBS at 9. Love it.

I smell a stinky diaper.

I need to potty train my 2 1/2 year old. He is interested sometimes. And sometimes he's not.

My back itches.

I'm wearing Crissy's wedding band I found on a table at the church. It's pretty. Finders, keepers. Actually, Missy found it, but I'm wearing it. Um, wearers, keepers?

I made a new friend today. I hope she and her husband visit our church on Sunday. She seemed eager to meet people and make new friends. She's about eight months pregnant and her name is Dyvonia. If you see her, say hi.

I'm anxious to see what happens after this trip to Mississippi. I guess we'll know soon enough.

ta-ta for now...


Anonymous said...

You seemed sad this morning when I saw you so naturally I've been worried/thinking about you all day. I worry things into the ground, dear, it's in my DNA. My mom, big worrier, and so was her mother. Glad to hear you made a new friend! New friends are great! If I'm at church on Sunday I look out for her.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Maybe it's just me, but I would NOT want to crash at a person's house named "Woodman". In Mississippi.

The first time we came to FL for Cary's interviews (the first interviews), it was with the elders of the church. I've never been in a church that had elders, just deacons. So I was picturing these very old, southern Baptist men, with very rigid rules, Pharisee like ways, glaring at me over their bifocals, and I was a MESS trying to decide how to dress for that meeting. Everything I own screams out WILD WOMAN with BLING! I'm from Dallas, what can I say. We love bling! I put on these 4 inch heals, gold shimmery with a big honkin' blingy jewel on the toe and came out of the bathroom saying, "How do I look?" My husband was MORTIFIED. He was like, "Uhm, can you tone it down, just for tonight babe?"

I don't know what that story had to do with anything. I guess just keep that in mind as you prepare to dress for the reformed seminary place.

I almost met a new friend yesterday at Walmart. She was so cute and normal looking and had two little girls. But I didn't want to sound desperate and stalker like by asking if she wanted to, like, hang out sometime??? I should really work on my 'pick up new friends' lines!

Kim said...

Once I moved to Alabama, I no longer classified Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas as the crazy, redneck states with no normal people. After all, I live here now.

Hey, even New York has some Rednecks! I'm sure of it.

Kristi said...

When did ya'll decide public school? Also, don't even go there about laundry and cleaning. My house is a wreck!!! To top it off we are having our LIFE group over for the Super Bowl. AAAHHHHH! (that me screaming) Love you

Kim said...

Well, we've not completely decided, but since Seminary is next in the big scheme of things, I may have to get a part-time job. So school has been a hot topic around here lately. I went to check out Moody with some friends and was impressed.
When we go to Mississippi, I'm touring the local public school and a private school and asking about job opportunities for me. The seminary (I think) has a pre-school, which may be my option. We'll see. The Lord will provide.

Missy said...

Dear Crissy,
Today I lovingly and painstakingly searched the carpet underneath a table in the YAK looking for your ring. Something just told me to look under that table for something special for you. I found it UNDERNEATH the table.
I wanted to give it to you personally but Kim would not let me. She beat up and threw me to the floor and said give me the ring #@*%. I am very sorry that I am unable to bestow this blessing on you personally. I'm sure you understand.

Ginger said...

Sorry you're dissapointed over the PURPLE patton leather set! It was ghetto-fabulous! You're like me, you need the $15 more...

Do I need to ask why your wearing Crissy's wedding ring?

Devonia sounds like another good Mom & Tot group candidate!

Let us know if you need help with the kiddies...

Kimmi said...

relax, dear friend. your Abba-Daddy has taken care of this already. rest in His loving embrace, and trust Him. i know, easier said than done.

your worth doesn't come from purple shoes, how other people see you, or how you see yourself. you are:

completely loved,
totally forgiven,
completely righteous,
by faith alone.

know it. believe it. trust it. live it!!

Anonymous said...

I'm blue :<(

-anonymous relative lurking

peypey said...

kimbro! your so funny.
i miss you!!! hey, i got a blog, check it out.

Amber said...

hobbits's won't give me my precioussssss!!!!!

hahaha. that's what it made me think of anyway. I.M.O.: Public school can be ok. Frankie went to a great public school in L.A. and we loved the teachers and the students. He wrote a letter to his k-5 teacher telling her he missed her and loved her. aw.

b.t.w., liking the random post. How informative. I wish I could be that uninhibited when I post. Sigh. I am too OCD about posting and everything has to be just so. Love ya girl. I sure will miss you if you go to MS. Like I've got room to talk...

MattD said...

If you go to work..you won't be able to feed your Phantom of the Opera addiction...see Quinn prayer does work!