Friday, January 11, 2008

1st week back

So glad today is Friday... First week back was a doozy. The kids had gotten pretty used to watching cartoons for two hours in the morning and we stopped cold turkey. Today is test day, which I like because it means a shorter day of school. Corin likes it too; he's a wiz at math and we save math for last so he'll be motivated to finish. I'm seeing Silas really come together with his reading. That's neat. It's pretty cool watching your kid look blankly at the letters in September and then in January see them read a sentence and laugh at how silly something is. His handwriting is improving and he, like Corin, is loving math. Yeah, they get their smarts from me. Um, don't ask me what I made in College math. yikes.

Felix is great at being two. Things:

He sprayed Spray n' Wash in the cats water and I didn't know until today. I did think it was weird that she kept drinking out of the toilet. I was also missing the Windex bottle and it was by the cat food. Sigh.

Last night he poured the rest of the ginger dressing in a bowl and drank it. All.

He's learned to open the refrigerater and likes to bring me stuff and then put it back in the pantry. I recently found a couple of petrified sausage balls from two weeks ago hidden in the pantry.

He has shown interest in going to the potty. Last night he took off his diaper and alternated going tee-tee in the potty upstairs and going tee-tee in the potty downstairs. He would say "Now I go potty up der".

He has an annoying habit of laying on his brothers when they are doing school.

He is talking so much. I love how he calls his brothers "Boo-boo and Si-si". "Where Boo-boo go, Momma?" "I eat bekfast with Si-si, okay Momma?"

Speaking of breakfast, every morning we have the same frustrating conversation.
Felix: "Momma, I want bekfast."
Me: "What do you want?"
Felix: "I want dis bekfast." He's not pointing at anything.
Me: "Do you want Cheerios or oatmeal?"
Felix: "No, I want bekfast."
Me: "We have Cheerios and oatmeal. Do you want Cheerios or oatmeal?"
Felix: "No, I want bekfast."
Me (sigh): "How about Cheerios?" I'm already pouring them in the bowl.
Felix: "No!" Stamp! "I want bekfast!"
Me: "Look, Boo-boo is having Cheerios."
Felix: "Okay. I eat Cheeyos with Boo-boo, Momma?"
Me: "yes."

He's full of sweetness and cuteness. And chubbiness. I'm so blessed to have three such sweet, beautiful boys!

Sidenote... I want to change the look of my blog a little and I'm curious about designing something. Any tips?


Amy said...

I am with ya, glad its Friday! Mine had tears as we started back school, not tears of joy. Don't ya just love the toddler yrs with their really cute talk and funny sayings?! ELijah cracks us up all the time with his funny talk. I wish we had a camera going on him nonstop. Hilarious.
Yay, for Friday!

Anonymous said...

This post about Felix made me laugh outloud! So cute. He really is adorable. Congratualations on Silas reading, that's fab. I love watching Brandon learn things. 3 months ago all he did was eat crayons, now he actualy uses them to color.YAY! O, and I'm glad you liked my blog. It was very sentimental to write.

Missy said...

TGIF!!! We stayed on schedule all week too, but now Logan has the crud, (including pussy eyes), so I am cutting him a break and letting him watch cartoons.
The joy of homeschool is that we can do test on Saturday or Sunday!

Hmmm...spray and wash in the cats water...that sounds yummy!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

That's hillarious about your little one!

Today Ashton was looking in the refrigerator, so all I could see were here feet under the regrigerator door and she was just making these cute little sounds, not words, just sounds. And things started falling out of the refrigerator and she would say, Uh oh" and more sounds effects. It reminded me of that Gremlin movie from when I was a kid. Remember the cute little noises they made? I wanted to scream at the mess she was making, but it was so cute I couldn't help but laugh. And she came out holding the juice. "Juice mom?" Actually, "Ju, mo?"

My little gremlin!

Crissy said...

You failed to mention his endless stores of stamina... "I bubba gums, Mamma." said 50 times in a 5 minute period.

Rachel said...

i can't even tell ya'll how much i wish i could be there. even on school days.

michelle said...

you are such a good story teller. I wish you could come over and make me laugh all day intead of working. poopy.

Woodman said...

the conversation between you and Felix CRACKS ME UP! Thats priceless!!!