Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Morning Thoughts While Channel Surfing

Home today from church.

Sick babies. Sick mommy. Zycam is my friend today. I went to bed at 8:00 last night. The children were in bed at 7:15. Slept good. Now, I'm laying in the bed, watching Maroon 5 on A&E while the boys are playing Gamecube. I periodically hear dog-like barking coughs from the baby, who's almost better.

I like Maroon 5. I think I may put them on my playlist. They remind of my last girl beach trip with Anita, Angie, Laura, and Paige. We listened to Maroon 5 and the soundtrack from the movie "Shall We Dance?" predominantly. Paige and I were pregnant with Carson and Felix. That was a good trip. I remember when we watched "Shall We Dance?" that everybody loved the leading man. Doggone it, what's his name? Pretty Woman guy. Huge liberal activist. I think Maroon 5 is distracting me. RICHARD GERE. Anyway, I don't really like him much. I like Gerard Butler.

Did you forget? Though I do like him (Mr. Gere) in Chicago. Great movie. It's a musical, too. I miss going on the beach trips, even though I only went on two. We basically had no plan of attack, no schedule, just a 'do what you want to do-it's your vacation' kind of time. It's so much fun to go to the beach with a group of women. Get a group of women to go anywhere for more than an afternoon or evening and they turn into teenagers or, at best, girls who are in college. Actually, when a group of us celebrated Heather Davis' birthday, we were gone for most of the day (eating, shopping, laughing, singing in the car, and, in general, behaving like we were 18 years old). Here are some of my favorite pictures of that day.

I love having good friends. That was a great day. It's very good for me to do something with a group of women. That cake was divine, too.

Maybe I'll watch Phantom in a bit. It's been since Thursday that I've seen it. I wished I had brought it to Crissy's yesterday because we would've watched it. There's nothing on TV this morning. Drumline's on TBS, infomercials on lots of channels, Trading Spaces on TLC (I do not like that show), boring, boring, boring. I almost want to get out of bed. Almost. Flip. Flip. Flip. Yeah, I think I need to get up.
Well, I do have plenty to do this morning, even though I'm plugged up. Having some old friends over for dinner (won't they be glad when they get a cold from us in three days?) and I promised her a pecan pie. Have a good Sunday.


Anonymous said...

we are home sick today too. i just got done taking a hot shower and doing my nails. might as well do something productive while i'm sick, right? hoping i can be better next week so i can get my kim hill fix. miss you girl.

Cheryl said...

Ditto here...Wayne's down with a cold. We girls stayed up late watching the new, improved Miss America pageant (taped so that we could watch it after the guys went to bed.) After weeks of training all these women to lose the big hair, over the top glamourous ball gowns, and phony smiles - the judges chose a girl who could have been the twin of last year's winner. Whatever!

Cheryl said...

glamorous, g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s, glamorous

Anonymous said...

I saw on the news this morning that Phantom is 20 years old. They showed a lot of people involved with the stage production. I thought of you!!

Missy said...

Couldn't they all be the twin of last years winner???

Sorry ya'll are poopy!
Tis the season Eh?
Stacy has been through 3 boxes of Zycam in 2 weeks.
It does help, but sometimes your just fighting an uphill battle when it comes to winter colds!

How can you not like trading spaces?

Feel better :)

Missy said...

BTW...Adam said Maroon 5's new Cd is very sexual.

Abbey said...

I love me some maroon 5. They sing about the absurd and it makes me so very happy.

Marsha said...

Saturday night Mike and I finally watched POTO...pulled it out of moth balls. I won't let him go to bed until he sang to me. It was a very funny made up song. Guess who wants to buy the sound track while in Birmingham this coming w/e? YES!!! MY HUBBY!! I about fell out of my chair!

Marsha said...

PS So sorry you all are sickies. Hope you feel better soon.

MattD said...

Is Heather asleep in that picture? Not that it would surprise me at all. The woman can fall asleep anywhere...and I mean anywhere..